How to make a forced action concrete mixer with your own

³No one construction can not do without a solution, and to prepare it, you need a concrete mixer. This unit allows you to mix different mixes in the required amount.

Concrete Mixer Device Diagram

Scheme of the device concrete mixer.

It’s hard to work without a concrete mixer

Known models of mortar mixers are divided into two main types: mechanical and electrical devices. Mechanical or forced action models work at the expense of mechanical energy. They receive it from rotation of the handle by the worker. The handle actuates a rotating shaft. The speed of preparation of the solution and its quality is directly dependent on the intensity of rotation of the shaft. Devices that operate from an electrical power supply system, work on the same principle, due to the rotation of the drum. Electric energy alone makes it work.

The main difference of the forced-action concrete mixer is that in the process of mixing the solution its drum does not move. The mixing process is carried out thanks to the rotating blades, which are installed inside the drum. The device of compulsory action allows to prepare mixtures of various types that can be used for the production of blocks for the foundation, cinder blocks and other materials.

Forced type concrete mixer circuit

Scheme of forced type concrete mixer.

A forced-type concrete mixer allows you to automate all construction work, which is based on mixtures of various materials.

Such a machine can produce from 0.1 to 0.45 m³ of mortar in a matter of minutes, which has a more uniform texture than that prepared using other types of apparatuses or manually.

The amount of solution depends on the volume of the drum.

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Preparatory work

If necessary, each developer can make a home-made concrete mixer. There is nothing difficult in this car, it is based on two elements - capacity and motor. For its manufacture, you can use any available materials that can always be found on the farm.

Inside the tank there is a drum and blades that are mounted on the shaft. They provide mixing components of the building mixture.

The drum remains stationary. To load a homemade concrete mixer, on top of the tank arranged hatch. The finished solution is removed from the discharge compartment, which is located at the bottom of the tank. Automatic operation of the machine provides an electric motor.

To assemble a forced-action concrete mixer with your own hands, you will need the following materials and tools:

Tools for making concrete mixers

Tools for making concrete mixers.

  1. Barrel or other container.
  2. Drive shaft.
  3. 2 bearings.
  4. Electric motor
  5. Blades.
  6. Metal corners.
  7. Welding machine.
  8. Drill.
  9. Bulgarian.
  10. Spanners.
  11. Pliers.

The container for mixing can be a regular metal or plastic barrel. The choice should be stopped on the tank, the volume of which is not less than 200 liters. A metal pipe or rod can be a material for the manufacture of the drive shaft. The remaining parts of the future concrete mixer can be constructed from the reinforcing residues, corners and scraps of the channel. The main part is the electric motor. It is best to use a drive that can provide a rotation speed of at least 1500 revolutions per minute with a minimum power of 2200 watts.

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Stages of installation of the unit

It is necessary to begin assembling a device for mixing forced-mix mortars with the preparation of holes for the subsequent installation of the shaft. They are cut from below and above the tank. Through these holes, it will be possible to firmly fasten the container with bolts.

To equip the loading hatch at a forced-action concrete mixer, you need to cut a rectangle 300x250 mm in size on the side of the tank. For better sealing the edges of the loading door are covered with soft rubber.

The lid should fit snugly to the hatch. Hinges and bolts are used for the connection. You can also fix it with metal corners and coupling bolts or card loops.

The following do-it-yourself actions on assembling the apparatus for mixing building mixtures - installing the crosspiece inside the tank. For this will be needed metal corners or channel. Prepared elements need to be welded to the shaft. It is mandatory to leave a gap of at least 10-20 mm between the blades and the walls of the container. This will allow mixing of the solutions more evenly.

Self-made concrete mixer should stand on a solid support. For its manufacture are used metal corners, which are welded into two triangles. In the middle should be welded jumper.

Two pieces of metal corners - attach welding near the holes prepared for the shaft. Precisely to them it is necessary to weld triangular constructions. On top of the corners attach half-rings, the diameter of which is slightly larger than that of the shaft. To do this, you can use a thick washer that is cut in half.

At the final stage, a rod must be welded if it is planned to carry out mixing manually. For mechanical mixing, you need an engine that is mounted on a special stand and is connected directly to the shaft. The device of the forced type, made by own hands, is ready for work.

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