How to make a cover for an ax with your own hands

A cover for an ax with your own hands can be made, especially if you often travel to nature or hunting. The cover will not only prevent damage to a number of lying things, but also eliminate the need to carry the tool in your hands. Covers have another purpose, in addition to the above, it is to protect the tool blade from blunting.

Patterns and details of the cover for the ax

Patterns and details of the cover for the ax.

Making a cover from an old portfolio

The components of the cover can be made from the old portfolio. Their dimensions should be equal to the size of the available tool.

To begin with, it is necessary to prepare a pattern, which can be depicted on soft paper, and then - on the material that will be used during the work.

On the back of the case should be made two narrow holes that need to be placed along, this is necessary in order to pass through the belt through them. On the seamy and front sides of the handbag, you need to sew fasteners, and then sheathe them with strips of colored leather, you need to cut them along a narrow pattern.

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Making a cover of a strip of leather

Materials required for work

For work you will need: a piece of PVC, a building dryer, gloves, laminate trimming, foam rubber press stuffed on the boards.

If you do not want to engage in work involving a machine or a needle and thread, then you can prepare a paper pattern that will allow you to understand how to cut the width of the skin. Below will be presented instructions for making a cover directly from the skin. The material can be borrowed, for example, from the bootleg.

For the work you need to prepare:

  • skin;
  • Velcro for fabric;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • pattern paper;
  • pencil.

In the manufacture of strips, it is necessary to give it a shape that is not completely smooth, but trapezoidal, since the design of the ax requires it. Initially, the strip must be placed under the ax, so that an isosceles triangle of leather is on the right, and the rest of the bag is directed upwards and to the right. Thus, the end of the long part of the strip should be parallel to the blade.

After the long end you need to start and lay on the ax, bending the triangle in front of the blade. The strip should turn around the blade in such a way several times, until one end remains free, it is necessary to get rid of the excess. In the right places should be strengthened Velcro, pre-treated connecting surfaces with glue.

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PVC cover making

The process of making a cover of PVC

Using a hair dryer, bend the edge of the butt, and then give it the desired shape.

Due to the fact that PVC-based thermoplastic gutter is easy to form under the influence of hot air, a handbag can be made from it. To work should prepare:

  • PVC cut;
  • building hair dryer;
  • laminate trimming;
  • gloves.

The first step is to align the chute using a hair dryer. The blank must be bent 1/3. Until the material has cooled, you should press down the fold with boards. Now it is necessary to place the blade into the internal space of the workpiece, this is necessary in order to mold the product. For this you need to make heating with a hair dryer, pressing down by means of a press.

After the workpiece has acquired the necessary configuration, you can trim. Next, you have to bend the edge of the butt with the use of a hair dryer. Now you can make a sling, reinforced on two eyelets. To do this, prepare 2 holes on the cover. It is necessary to make a hole by means of a punch in the upper part of the sling, then the grommet and vice are used in the course, which will allow to mount in the upper part of the cover. In the next step, a second hole is made to fix the bottom of the sling.

With any of the above covers, the ax will be protected and will not cause damage to the skin of the person in the process of carrying.

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