How to make a construction vacuum cleaner with your own

How to make a construction vacuum cleaner with your own hands? In modern conditions it is very difficult to do without a vacuum cleaner, and in fact our ancestors somehow could live without it. It seems to us a disaster if our assistant suddenly broke down.

Construction Vacuum Cleaner

The device construction vacuum cleaner.

There are not only household vacuum cleaners, but also construction (industrial), low-voltage, knapsack, hip, gasoline.

Most often, an industrial vacuum cleaner is used when working on machines or for cleaning construction premises. After the end of the repair, the customer always wants to see the room in a perfectly clean condition. Therefore, before putting the object must be put in order.

The vacuum cleaner will become the irreplaceable assistant in it. After all, only he will be able to collect all the small particles of debris, wooden and metal shavings, fragments of glass, sand, water, oil. Just need to remember that such a device is not a cheap pleasure, so before you buy it, be sure to check with the sellers all the details and features of its design.

Construction Vacuum Cleaner

The construction vacuum cleaner is needed to clean the construction site from concrete dust, sawdust, chips, splinters and other construction debris.

The use of a more powerful device guarantees a very long service. There is only one drawback - its weight is quite decent, so the model should be chosen on wheels.

Garbage collection tank should be made of strong material, many are made of stainless metal, impregnated with antibacterial layer.

The main feature of this type of model is that it must be a filter and an automatic alarm when the trash can is filled.

And if the work is expected to be long, then you need to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner with a cooling system, with the help of it you will save energy and the appliance will not overheat. You should also not forget about the noise level and the warranty period. And also about spare bags for collecting garbage. If they are not included, be sure to ask where they can be purchased.

How to make an industrial vacuum cleaner with your own hands

One of the types of such a device with your own hands can be made on the basis of the Ural PN-600 model.

Materials and tools:

  • "Ural PN-600";
  • Bulgarian;
  • pipe length of 20 cm and a diameter of 4 cm;
  • plastic bucket (it is possible from under the paint), which has a tight lid and must have a handle;
  • Scotch;
  • insulating tape;
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • glue;
  • bandage.
Construction Vacuum Cleaner Tools

Tools for the manufacture of construction vacuum cleaner.

First you need to modify the garbage container of the vacuum cleaner. To do this, take a screwdriver, unscrew the wheels from the bottom and seal the holes with adhesive tape.

With a screwdriver, unscrew the nameplate and tape the hole with tape. Next Bulgarian will need, with it, remove the rivets and latches, but do not forget to remove the clips from the springs before this step. And install a plug, rewound tape.

In the bottom you will need to drill a hole about 43 mm in size.

4 mm thick gaskets are cut out of the seal. Begin to form the apparatus.

In a converted garbage bin fold the gasket, the lid of the bucket and the centering pipe. They take a drill, make the first holes with a two-millimeter drill and fix the cover with self-tapping screws (4.2 x 10 mm in size).

Now you need to make a hole outside for the suction nozzle, for this it is planned approximately at an angle of 10-15 degrees. And scissors for metal begin to cut a hole.

Attach the pipe and secure with screws. So that everything was tight and perfect, they take an ordinary bandage and saturate it with glue "Titan" or "Dragon", wrapped around the pipe.

If you are not using a vacuum cleaner, always cover it with a cover or rag so that it does not become covered in dust.

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The second version of the manufacture of the device

Assembly scheme of the construction vacuum cleaner

Assembly scheme of the construction vacuum cleaner.

The second type of such apparatus is the “Cyclone” filter, made with the help of a home vacuum cleaner.

Materials and tools:

  • household vacuum cleaner;
  • an ordinary oil filter (for better filtration of fine dust to occur);
  • a bucket with a capacity of 20 liters, the lid should fit very tight;
  • corners of software 90 and 45 degrees with a diameter of 40 mm;
  • a meter of a plastic tube with a diameter of 45 mm (the corrugation tube with a length of 2 m and a diameter of 40 mm is very well known to everyone).

Proceed to the assembly of the unit.

First, take the bucket lid and cut a hole in it with a diameter of 90 degrees, and then insert a corner of the same diameter.

Then do directly out of the cyclone. When a corner is inserted into the cover, all gaps are covered with glue with a construction gun.

In the side wall of the bucket make a slot with scissors and insert a corner of 45 degrees, all the gaps are also covered with glue with a construction gun.

Proceed directly to the assembly itself. To connect the corrugation to the corner, you will need to cut a piece of pipe with a diameter of 40 mm. If all materials are purchased as per the list, then the corrugation should sit very tightly, so you will not need to seal it with glue.

You may encounter a problem when the corrugation will not fit into the entrance tube, so if you have such a problem, you can use the corrugation from the sink siphon in the kitchen.

Filtering circuit construction vacuum cleaner

Filtering circuit construction vacuum cleaner.

The narrow end of the corrugations fit perfectly into a forty-millimeter tube. And the other end easily sat in the hole of the vacuum cleaner.

To filter served more than one day and not one month, you can wear a nylon stocking on it.

The device is ready. Now, when tested, everything should turn out well. Fine dust as well as coarse debris will be ideally collected. The main thing is to ensure that the home assistant is always perfectly clean.

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Features homemade vacuum cleaner

In order to assemble such an apparatus, it is imperative to have an engine on hand, its revolutions must be at least 6,000.

Always available material can be found at home. These devices will fit the engine from the old vacuum cleaner, washing machine, refrigerator compressor. Some use the engines of kitchen machines, but you need to remember that they have properties to burn out, because they are not adapted to high loads.

With a motor figured out, now the device must be made to work. To do this, you need to install a sealed container, as well as a fan.

For the case as a basis, you can use a plastic or metal bucket, at the bottom of which a hole is made for air intake. There is no way to do without a container, because all the garbage has to go somewhere.

Use several types of containers: normal, a container of water, a cyclone chamber. The most popular in your house will be a container with water or a cyclone chamber.

These two types are suitable for cleaning dust. It is necessary to remember the main thing: you must take a corrugation especially for vacuum cleaners, it is better, of course, to use from the old apparatus. Just if you take another, there will be a lot of noise.

The home-made craftsmen tested by experiments that about 95% of the dust gets into the home-made device. The most important criterion of such a unit, of course, remains a powerful engine, the more powerful it is, the better.

The greater the power, the heavier the garbage it can absorb. But not only power is important, there is another factor, such as the degree of discharge. This means how much it reduces the pressure inside. The more this indicator, the better.

The volume of a tank or inner container is better to take a medium one, since large containers are not always practical and effective. Well, filtering is also an important point, but with a self-made invention, you will not take this point into account.

If you still want to buy a construction vacuum cleaner, and not to make yourself, then pay your attention to its body, it should be metal, but it is allowed and plastic. Always in the kit comes a set of nozzles, there should be a very large number of them, if they are there, it means that the device has a lot of functions.

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