How to make a concrete mixer with a manual or electric drive

It is impossible to start building a private house without all the necessary materials and tools. Everything should be carefully prepared in advance. Since the construction of houses always begin with the laying of the foundation, it is required to prepare a concrete composition. This can be done manually, but it is easier if you have a home-made hand-held concrete mixer on hand.

Gravity Concrete Mixer Diagram

Figure 1. Diagram of a gravity mixer.

If the device is purchased, the money can be spent only because of the need to simultaneously use the new equipment. When the foundation is ready, the concrete mixer purchased will no longer be needed. It is much more profitable to make a concrete mixer yourself. It is easy to make, so if you want, you can always do all the work.

How to make a concrete mixer with your own hands

In fig. 1 you can see a simple gravitational mixer model. It allows you to even knead dry solutions for screed. The presence of the pipe-axis will allow to dissect the contents of the tank during its overflow, which is connected with the provision of the process of forced mixing.

This manual concrete mixer can be made by an ordinary amateur master in 1.5-2 hours. Since milk cans are expensive, it is best to use a worn-out digestion, in which all fistulas or cracks are sealed. Then you need to fasten the cover as follows:

Electric Concrete Mixer Device

Figure 2. The device of a concrete mixer with an electric drive.

  • thread a stick or a piece of pipe through the handle;
  • pull it tight to both handles of the container (tub) using a rope or a rubber cord.

The latter can be taken from the devices, allowing to strengthen the load to the car upper trunk. To strengthen the cooking, you can use welding. The design does not involve the use of bearings or couplings made from scraps of pipe. For support, it is necessary to cut out U-shaped grooves in the stands of the bed so that the axis can lie in them. Rotation of the structure will occur with squeaks, but the solution will be kneaded properly.

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How to make a homemade manual concrete mixer

The device of a manual concrete mixer also implies the use of a barrel. At first glance, it will seem that a hand-held device will require great physical strength to make a concrete solution. In the end, everything will depend on the degree of congestion of the mechanism. However, even a woman can cope with such a device.

It is possible to make a self-made concrete mixer with the manual drive, having executed a number of stages of works. The following tools and materials are prepared:

Forced type concrete mixer

Figure 3. Option forced type concrete mixer.

  1. Reservoir (metal barrel).
  2. Corner (50x50).
  3. Drive levers (2 pcs.).
  4. Shaft.
  5. Bearing housings.
  6. Flanges.
  7. Bolts and nuts.
  8. Blades.
  9. Hatch (cover).

Having selected a suitable tank, that is, a metal barrel, the lid of which is welded on one side, special holes are drilled under the shaft from both ends of the tank. Instead of corners, you can use a thick rod. On the side of the top of the barrel should make a hole of a rectangular shape, cutting it to the size of 25x30 cm. For the resulting hatch make a special cover, strengthening it on the hinges. It can be closed using bolts with nuts.

The blades consisting of plates should be welded to the inside of the drum. The role of the shaft can perform a steel bar with a diameter of 40-50 mm. The resulting unit is easy to manage. It is driven into the ground at the site, as shown in Fig. 2. Next, load all the ingredients in the container.

Having closed the hatch, everything starts to mix well. It should be done from 10 to 15 full shaft revolutions. This is enough for complete mixing of the solution. Unload the composition as follows:

  1. Unscrew the bolts on the hatch.
  2. Turn the barrel down.
  3. Throw the ready solution into a special tank (bucket or car).

The resulting concrete solution will not be inferior to industrial samples of ready-made concrete, and a small amount of turns will compensate for the speed of its kneading.

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Tools and materials for creating a concrete mixer with a motor

Tools for making concrete mixers

Tools for making concrete mixers.

Concrete is obtained by mixing a number of components in the required proportions. You can make it by taking water, sand, cement and gravel. The concrete mixer will help you to mix the ingredients faster. It is possible to apply concrete, laying the base, making a coupler for a floor.

Since a concrete mixer is needed to prepare a concrete solution, it is necessary to know how to make it correctly, what tools and materials you may need for this. The concrete mixer has a conventional design that includes the following parts:

  1. Capacity for kneading components.
  2. Axis rotating capacity.
  3. Motor.
  4. Basis for the tank.
  5. Paddles stirring the solution.

When creating a concrete mixer there is no need to understand the complex devices and many different parts. As a container, you can use a simple barrel. Starting to do the mixer, prepare the following tools and materials:

  1. Barrel (200 liters).
  2. Drill.
  3. Gas engine.
  4. Bolt fixing with nuts.
  5. The corner is construction.
  6. Screwdrivers in the set.
  7. Hacksaw.
Concrete Mixer Drive Diagram

Driving the mixer.

A metal barrel prepared in advance must have a volume that is not less than 200 liters. The bottom of the tank should not be removable, it is better to weld it with the use of a welding machine, since it may accidentally move away from the body during the rotation of the concrete mixer. You can make a frame using a metal corner. Due to the engine torque is set to the whole mechanism. You can install a gasoline engine whose power is 1300 watts. The motor from the drill mixer will also work.

The top cover of the barrel should be securely fastened. Starting to make a concrete mixer, it is necessary to determine the type of the device, since they are stationary or mobile.

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Manufacturing process

Having prepared all the tools with materials, they proceed to the assembly of the structure. Pre-create a reliable base for the tank. In this case, you will definitely need a sufficiently reliable and durable metal corner, since it must hold a barrel with considerable weight due to the presence of concrete solution in it. For this purpose, use of welding, which allows you to fasten the structural elements with each other. This can be done with the use of large bolts.

It is important that the container is located at an angle when it is mounted, which will be 35 ° from the vertical axis.

Drive do manual or electric. Then screw the gearbox where you want to install the engine with a tank for mixing the solution. It is attached to the finished base frame, then go to the engine mount. The tank or barrel should be installed after all work.

The barrel is usually fixed on the gearbox, that is, a large pulley. Where the location of the small pulley is marked, it is necessary to install the gear. The engine must be very firmly and securely mounted on a special bracket, since it plays an important role, being an integral part of the concrete mixer.

To move the device to the bottom of the housing bracket mounted reinforcing handle. In this case, you can also use welding, rather than large bolts. Next, go to the device inside the barrel special blades for mixing the mixture. The result should be a device like in fig. 3

The three constructions of home-made concrete mixers described above, which are easy to make with your own hands for a short time, will allow you to prepare a sufficiently high-quality mortar for a foundation for a house or a shed. A concrete mixer can be made with a manual or electric drive. A homemade mixer will have the advantage of allowing to produce concrete mixes of high quality, making a quick batch.

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