How to insert a drill into the punch

The puncher is a popular tool, irreplaceable in life, without which any repair practically does not do. Before you start working with a punch, you need to insert a drill into it so that the tool does not damage. The more skill a punch master has, the more perfect the result will be.

Diagram of the drill device

Diagram of the device drill.

How to prepare a drill for installation in the cartridge punch?

Before you insert the drill into the punch, you should prepare in advance not only the nozzle with a perforator, but also a special lubricant and clamping cartridge. There are many types of punchers, but also a large number of types of drills. The use of one or another type of tooling will depend on the work to be performed before fixing the drill. Drilling can be done on wood or concrete, which affects the choice of nozzles.

Tooling equipment can be not only a drill, but also a crown or chisel. Any nozzle is designed to perform a specific operation. All nozzles have a general characteristic relating to the shape of the shank, which allows you to securely fix the tooling in the cartridge.

Diagram of the external part of the punch

Diagram of the external part of the punch.

It is possible to insert a drill or other nozzle only into a working device, observing all the rules and safety precautions. Before you insert the drill into the punch, you should carefully inspect the inventory to make sure that it is operational and ready to go.

To this end, you will need to insert the plug into the outlet by selecting the mode by the knob, which must be installed in the leftmost position. This means that the tool will work in a non-combat mode. Then press the start button. When the puncher begins to produce a sound that will be smooth, without failures, then you can get to work.

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Security measures when installing the drill

Important! If the punch is checked in a timely manner for health, then it is possible to exclude the device’s malfunction and possible injuries.

Observing safety precautions when changing the nozzle of the device or working with it, do not touch the rotating elements, as the result can be very sad. Installation of the drill for this reason should be carried out in the cartridge unplugged from the outlet of the device.

Diagram of the device chuck

Diagram of the device clamping cartridge.

If this is necessary, then you should purchase a chuck in advance suitable for the model of tool available. If you do not have experience in choosing this part, then the punch is best to take to the store so that you can easily and accurately navigate when buying a chuck.

For a complete set of modern models of devices the following types of cartridges are provided:

  1. Keyless.
  2. Key.

The last option is a traditional one, when the drill clamp on a tree occurs at the expense of a key. This type of attachment of the nozzle seems to be very reliable, but it is not as convenient as the method using fast-clamping chucks. With them you can fix the drill without the use of additional devices. You just need to choose the option that is more appropriate to follow the steps of the instructions for installing the drill in the future.

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Which drill to replace?

In order to perform the work correctly, before fixing the drill one should choose its type, since different nozzles are distinguished. The right choice will allow you to competently cope with drilling.

Varieties of cartridges for perforators

Varieties of cartridges for perforators.

Be sure to pay attention to the color of the drill, which indicates a particular method of processing nozzles. If the nozzle is black, it means that the drill has been treated with superheated steam, and this does not affect the quality of work performed. However, there is a perception that if the drill is black, it is stronger. If the drill has a shade of golden or brown, it is subjected to tempering so that internal stress can be relieved. The drills, which have a bright golden color, were subjected to treatment with nitrile titanium, that is, they represent a durable and expensive tooling.

When purchasing a drill to install it in a perforator, it is important to pay special attention to all the characteristics of the nozzle specified in the instructions. These include the brand nozzles, as well as the material from which the tooling is made. If there is a strong heating of the drill during operation, then it should be concluded that it is dull or poorly sharpened.

When replacing a worn-out drill inserted into a chuck with a new one, it is necessary to find out which type the chuck has: key or quick-clamping. Therefore, the methods of removing the old equipment may differ. Key cartridges are least subject to various damage, as they are mechanical.

Types of drills

Types of drills.

If the device has a keyless chuck, the tool must be switched to the reverse mode before changing the tool. Next, you should fix the lower coupling, making it with one hand, and the other should unscrew the top.

If the cartridge is a single-lift, then its nozzle is replaced when performing actions with one hand. This is due to the fact that such cartridges have perforators equipped with an automatic blocking of the shaft.

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Stages of installation of the drill in the punch

If the drill cannot be removed from the chuck to replace the old nozzle, you should know how to do it carefully so as not to break the punch chuck. To do this, the free part of the nozzle must be clamped in a vice. With the help of a hammer, the cams of the keyless chuck should be tapped through a wooden mounting piece so that the tail of the drill appears. With a very tightly stuck drill should remove the cartridge to put it in gasoline. If the cartridge is the key, then it drips a little automotive oil.

For the tool to work properly, it must be treated with a suitable lubricant, which must be firm, waterproof. It should prevent moisture from falling on metal surfaces, which should not be due to the possibility of corrosion. From the tube of grease should squeeze a little composition into a special hole in the cartridge, where the nozzle should be inserted.

Then you must perform the following steps:

  1. Install the device on the floor or another hard plane.
  2. The head of the tool from the back is pulled down.
  3. Install the cartridge.
  4. The head from the bottom is returned to its normal position.

When all actions are completed, insert the drill into the chuck.

The nozzle is clamped with the rotation of the cartridge to the stop in its upper part in the clockwise direction.

Next, check the fixation of the nozzle.

If the nozzle starts to dangle, then tighten the chuck more tightly. When all the elements are finally fixed, the device is connected to the power supply network. When the start button is pressed several times, the lubricant spreads over all elements of the structure.

Starting work, you should set the desired mode. When the device runs idle for a minute, then after that check the operation of the gearbox. This will eliminate excessive noise, vibration or knocking. It is important that there is no smell or smoke that resembles burning insulation.

From the correct observance of all security measures will depend on the life of the punch. Careful handling of the device requires periodic testing by an experienced master. If the drill is jammed, it is also better to take the help of a specialist.

When working with a perforator for concrete, it is not necessary to save on lubrication, timely contacting the service center. It is important to remember about possible injuries that the tool can inflict if improperly handled, especially if you use a punch that has a strong blow.

To clean the drill from dirt and construction dust, use a vacuum cleaner. Using a perforator, it is necessary to take into account the rest mode, as the tool becomes very hot during operation, even if it is set at low speed.

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