How to independently perform strobing punch

Stitching the walls with a perforator is the most convenient and fastest way to get grooves for conducting electrical wiring or other communications in the house.

Wall Churning Scheme

Scheme of wall chroming.

Making stroking

When conducting new wiring, it is not recommended to use old channels, since wiring is difficult to remove and this channel for new wiring may be narrow. Modern construction provides for other standards for the placement of switches and sockets, so it is best to perform wall chipping and make new wiring channels.

Puncher device scheme

Diagram of the device punch.

A strobe is a furrow that is cut or gouged into a wall or ceiling for a given width and depth. Most often, wall stroking is performed using a perforator, a grinder, or a wall chaser; you cannot use a simple drill in this case.

In order to perform the construction, it is necessary to know how to properly perform this work and what tool, and also need to be guided in legal information. This work is done with the help of a power tool, since it is very difficult to make a strobe manually, it requires a lot of physical effort and time.

In order to understand the question of how to make a strobe, you need to decide what tool you will work with. In any case, first on the surface of the walls and ceiling do the markup.

The depth of the grooves should be at least 2-3 cm without taking into account the thickness of the cable, the diameter of the cable itself must also be added to this size. For example, if the diameter of the cable used is 1 cm, then the depth of the gate should be within 3-4 cm.

Such parameters of the groove are necessary before it is possible to properly lay the cable, protect it from possible damage, and also to protect a person from electromagnetic radiation and electric shock.

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Features of the punch

To perform the work you will need:

  • perforator;
  • ordinary drill;
  • peak or paddle;
  • crown.

In order to perform the wall chipping in a small area, it is enough to use a perforator, for this it is not necessary to purchase a wall chaser or grinder.

The principle of operation of the percussion hammer mechanism

The principle of operation of the percussion hammer mechanism.

The technology of performing strobe for conducting wiring and installing sockets using a perforator will differ from the sequence of these works using a wall chaser or grinder.

First, the equipment is set to the drilling mode and with the help of a drill according to the finished scheme, shallow holes are made every 2-3 cm. After that, the tool must be switched to the slotting mode and with the help of a blade it is necessary to remove the partitions remaining between the holes made.

In addition to what you need to know how to make a cable strobe, you will also need to make space for sockets, switches and junction boxes. In these cases, the groove should be rectangular or round.

It is necessary to know the depth of the box used and, using a perforator according to the scheme already described, make a hole for it in a round shape. In order to make it easier to make this work and the hole turned out beautiful, you can use special crowns with a taper. Such a crown is inserted into a drill or perforator, and with its help, make a hole in the desired location. To remove the bored ring, a paddle is placed on the perforator and is operated in the impact mode.

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Features of the work

It is not always and everywhere possible to perform wall chipping. In most cases, the execution of the wall framing is prohibited. If we talk about the external load-bearing walls, then their thickness is large, and the made strobe will slightly reduce their strength, but with the internal load-bearing partitions of the situation it is more difficult.

Diagram of the concrete wall chroming

Scheme of shtrobleniya concrete wall for wiring.

If you were allowed to perform the shaving of bearing walls, then you need to remember the following: the depth of the furrow is no more than 2 cm, and they should be placed only vertically. It is not recommended to work with a puncher on the bearing walls, as even with careful work, in this case microcracks are formed, which reduces the strength of the structure.

If you live in apartment buildings, then the ceiling ceiling is prohibited. When performing horizontal grooves, it is necessary to retreat from the ceiling and from the floor to a distance of 20-40 cm. The furrows must be vertical and horizontal, they cannot be diagonally executed. From the window and from the doors, the vertical groove should be no closer than 10 cm.

This work is associated with the formation of a large amount of dust, and small particles of material can also break off, so it is necessary to work only in protective glasses.

Strobenie walls, no matter what tool you will perform it, creates a lot of noise and inconvenience to neighbors. It is recommended to perform the specified work from 10 to 17 hours and only on weekdays, on weekends and after 17 hours it is better not to do this work.

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