How to choose the right spray gun

If you decide to change the color scheme in the house or repaint the car with your own hands, then you cannot do without such tools as a spray gun. With the help of rollers and brushes it is impossible to achieve the quality of color, which is possible when using the spray gun. In addition, the use of this tool will accelerate the repair process itself.

The scheme of the device with the filter spray

Scheme of the device with the filter spray.

Before you begin to purchase, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with how to choose a spray gun. Currently there is a very large range of different spray guns. To make a mistake when choosing a model is very easy. To avoid this, you need to learn a little about its device, find out what types of spray guns exist and what their features are. Selecting a spray gun for professional use is necessary, be sure to read the advice of professionals.

Spray gun device

To choose the right gun, you first need to consider how much tank you need and how it should be located. They are divided into spray guns with a lower and upper location of the tank. If it is necessary to spray a very thick paint, then you should purchase a tool with a lower location of the tank, as this will be sprayed using compressed air. The airbrush with the top arrangement of a tank is considered universal, it can be used for various types of paint. The budget model is usually equipped with a tank, designed for a volume of 25-60 liters. More expensive models are equipped with tanks up to 500 liters.

The scheme of an electric airbrush with a hose

The scheme of an electric spray gun with a hose.

When choosing a tool should pay attention to its body. The body must be made of a material that is resistant to corrosion and wear. The most popular models are made of high-quality aluminum with nickel-plated coating on top.

To ensure efficient and safe use of the tool, it is very important that the connecting elements of the structure are completely sealed. This can be achieved through the use of special gaskets, which will act as a seal. Teflon sealing gaskets are considered to be the highest quality ones for a long time.

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Types of spray guns and their features

For painting walls using compressed air most often used pneumatic spray guns. Paint and air in such tools are fed into the apparatus through special entrances and mixed in the air chamber to obtain a painting torch. The performance of this tool is quite high: when spraying paints - 400 sq. M / h, varnishes - 50 sq. M / h.

According to the method of paint supply, paint sprayers are divided into:

  • spray guns with suction feed;
  • spray gun with gravity feed;
  • spray guns under pressure.
Diagram of the device pneumatic spray gun

Diagram of the device pneumatic spray gun.

In electric spray guns, the pressure for supplying paint is created using an oscillating diaphragm, which is driven by a crank mechanism. Such a tool can work from a standard 220 V socket. An electric spray gun will not require you to purchase additional tools for painting. With it, you can apply paints, solutions, protective mixtures based on water. The performance of such a tool is about 240-270 sq / h. The weight of the instrument ranges from 15 to 26 kg (depending on the model). Electric spray gun is best suited for home use.

Spray guns with a manual drive have a special tank with a pump and a suction hose equipped with a filter. During operation of the pump, the paint enters the reservoir, forms the necessary pressure in it, and then enters the nozzle. The performance of such a tool is up to 200 sq.m / h.

Electric paint sprayers can be manual and outdoor. Hand tools are the most affordable, and therefore the most common. It is easy to use, compact, but has its own drawbacks: relatively uneconomical paint consumption and low spray quality.

Scheme of the device spray gun

Scheme of the device spray gun.

Floor units have high technical characteristics that are inherent in a professional tool. They are completed with a powerful and heavy motor, a productive pump, and an expanded set of various adjustments. A large margin of safety allows using the tool for commercial purposes - when painting large volumes. The control is carried out only by a gun that is attached to the hose.

Choosing a paint sprayer, you need to know that there are also combined models that are equipped with pressure switches that regulate pressure. This allows you to use all the positive aspects of both low and high pressure. The combined airbrush is more convenient, versatile and economical, but has a higher cost.

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How to choose a spray gun: tips and tricks

When buying a paint sprayer, you need to pay attention to the complete set of tools, which can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. The unit itself can be bundled with a fitting, filter for ink mixture, a key for servicing the device, various filters, gaskets, a brush for cleaning, a support bracket, a lubricant, instructions for use and a warranty card.

It is better to give preference to global manufacturers of spray guns, which occupy a leading position in the production of high-quality models. The most high quality, long service life, ease of use are spray guns firms Bosch, Walcom, Wagner and Sata.

The table of the main malfunctions of spray guns

Table of the main malfunctions spray guns.

It is often not easy to pick up a spray gun, because all new models appear on the market that do not have enough feedback on usage. However, all new models have a very important advantage - they are much lighter than their predecessors, which means that they significantly simplify the wizard’s work, as he has to keep the tool in his hands for a long time.

The price of an electric tool must fully comply with the technical characteristics of the product, its ease of operation, appearance. When buying a tool, it is necessary for the consultant to fully describe the data - why do you need a spray gun, how much work you intend to do, how much intensively you want to use the tool. You need to purchase goods only in reliable stores that have been working on the market for several years and guarantee the quality of the products sold.

The most important indicators when choosing a tool for home use:

  • compactness of the tool;
  • ease of storage and transportation;
  • profitability;
  • low cost;
  • the ability to control paint consumption.

Costly models are often equipped with such additional elements: wheels for easy movement during operation, electronic control of air flow, SprayControl system (allowing more economical use of paint), quick cleaning system, possibility of applying paint in hard-to-reach places, possibility of lengthening the handle, etc.

If you buy a tool exclusively for home use, for example, for painting walls annually, then there is no need for additional functions.

If you plan to use it daily in work, then such characteristics will help to significantly save paint consumption and facilitate your work.

A matched tool should save you costs, not increase repair costs. In order to choose the right spray guns, you need to take into account where you want to paint.

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