How to choose the right construction vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners make it easy to cope with concrete dust, steel shavings or sawdust, that is, waste that appears on the construction site. However, before purchasing such a device, it is important to know how to choose a construction vacuum cleaner. The main differences between an industrial vacuum cleaner and a conventional model are high performance and the ability to use the unit for a long time without interrupting to rest.

Construction Vacuum Cleaner

The device construction vacuum cleaner.

The basis of such structures shockproof housing made of durable steel, covered with protective paint. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the nature and amount of pollution should be taken into account.

The choice of the vacuum cleaner by appointment

Scheme of the Vortex chamber of an industrial vacuum cleaner

The scheme of the Vortex chamber of an industrial vacuum cleaner.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, decide how much work is supposed to be done with it, as well as what types of garbage to be removed from the site. Manufacturers indicate in the instructions classes, which include vacuum cleaners. If the model is of class L, then it can be used to remove garbage that has a low level of danger. If you need to remove wood and concrete dust, then you should prefer a vacuum cleaner, the class of which is defined by the letter M. Such models are designed to eliminate dust of the average degree of danger, the degree of transmission can be equal to 0.1%. To work with asbestos and carcinogenic dust, which has pathogens, you need to purchase the installation of the H-class, the transmittance level is equal to 0.005%. ATEX class models are capable of working with explosive dust.

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Choosing a vacuum cleaner on the engine

The vacuum cleaner is powered by a motor that determines the performance of the installation.

The power model of a household vacuum cleaner varies within 300 watts, while the power of an industrial apparatus exceeds 1.5 kW.

Types of construction vacuum cleaners

Types of construction vacuum cleaners.

You can purchase a model, the engine of which provides a “smooth start” at the beginning of work. There are also universal installations operating on the basis of a pair of motors at once, the power of each of which is equal to 1200 watts. This improvement has led to a doubling of performance.

An important feature of the motor can be considered the speed of rotation of the turbine. If it is high, then this indicates optimal functioning of the device. In some models, this figure can reach 30 thousand revolutions per minute.

If for work you need a construction vacuum cleaner that will cope with the removal of liquids, then you need to choose a model that has a high-quality insulated engine equipped with air cooling. This is necessary so that the current-carrying components are protected from the effects of water.

Before purchasing, it is necessary to turn on the vacuum cleaner to find out how silently it works, as this indicates the reliability and modernity of the model.

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Selection of a vacuum cleaner on the basis of filtering

Air ducts in the industrial vacuum cleaner circuit

Air ducts in the scheme of an industrial vacuum cleaner.

You can choose an installation that can have one of the existing filtering principles.

The first type assumes the presence of a bag intended for the collection of particles of dust and debris. The basis of such collections may be paper or cloth, which needs periodic drying. Fabric bags have a purpose in assembling large items, whereas if you need to remove dust, allergens or odors, you should prefer paper bags that are recycled as they are filled. The last version of the bags should not be used to assemble sharp elements.

The second type of filtration is called a “cyclone”, with it the garbage carried away by centrifugal force enters the built-in container. If you need to clean the area where there may be liquid and wet garbage, then you should choose a model with just such a filtration system.

The third type is vacuum cleaners, which have an aqua filter in their design. Such devices work due to the sprayed stream of air, which is injected through a container with foamed water, while there remains a large fraction of dust. Small items enter the separator for trapping. This technology acts as the most versatile, as it is based on a multi-stage filtration system. However, acquiring such a vacuum cleaner, you must be prepared for the fact that its work requires the use of significant amounts of clean water, and this is difficult to ensure in a building site.

You can choose a vacuum cleaner, based on different filtration methods, among them - bags, nylon dust collectors, polyurethane to eliminate water. In order for the operation of the vacuum cleaner to be effective and in order not to overpay for various functions that are unnecessary for a specific construction site, you need to choose a filtering system kit.

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The layout of the construction of a vacuum cleaner

When choosing a construction vacuum cleaner, you need to determine how much of the trash to work. If there are many items on the site for disposal, then it is necessary to choose a model whose container volume reaches 60 liters. However, it is not always advisable to purchase a vacuum cleaner with such a large volume of container, since it will be very difficult to transport it around the site when filling. In addition, the weight of the device itself will also be impressive. This indicates that during transportation it can cause a lot of trouble, not only in terms of weight, but also in size. So, it is worth considering a model whose container volume is 9.6 liters, while the weight is equivalent to 5.4 kg.

It is not always necessary to trust the manufacturer in matters of ergonomics. Some models have an irrational arrangement of the corrugated filter in relation to the body, the shape of which is cylindrical. It is recommended to choose the installation, the filter of which is located in the upper part of the device. This will be the best solution; alternatively, flat-cassette cassettes can be preferred.

Due to the fact that the base of the industrial unit is not plastic, but stainless steel, brass or aluminum, it is recommended to avoid careless handling of the installation, as a sharp blow to the surface can cause damage to floor coverings or jambs, as well as walls. Some manufacturers care about the preservation of flooring, supplying the case with rotary piano wheels, which can be installed on less massive models, weighing no more than 10 kg. Whereas for the movement of frame trucks manufacturers can use rubberized wheels.

Schematic diagram of the vacuum cleaner

Schematic diagram of the vacuum cleaner.

Due to the fact that in some cases the garbage carried to the vacuum cleaner has a very significant weight, the model must be equipped with a foot brake. This will indicate the reliability and functionality of the site.

When choosing a construction vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention not only to its versatility and performance, but also to ease of use. To do this, try to take it by the handle, which may be more convenient due to its design. Thus, the handle can be retractable, located not only on top, but also on the side.

If you want to use a vacuum cleaner, which will have to work with dust in large quantities, then the model must assume the possibility of being connected to auxiliary tools. Such integration can be achieved through various adapters, the end of which fits to the nozzles of the installation.

If you want to become the owner of a high-tech vacuum cleaner, then you should choose a model that is able to provide communication between the two units in automatic mode. This may be necessary for those craftsmen who use grinding machines that require the immediate removal of debris. As soon as the grinder is turned off, the vacuum cleaner will continue to work for some time.

Using a vacuum cleaner designed to eliminate water may be even more convenient. To this end, manufacturers supply some models with nozzles through which the liquid discharges. As additional points, it should be noted that the case may have sockets for equipment and a long power cord.

Some installations require additional purchase of some accessories.

Features of the industrial vacuum cleaner:

  • considerable weight;
  • large container volume;
  • high price;
  • manufacturability;
  • possibility of long non-stop use.

If you can not tilt the choice in the direction of a single model, you first need to pay attention to the type of pollution with which to work. After you need to decide on the performance of the installation and the duration of non-stop work, you should choose a filtration system. You need to find out if you have to buy something and what is the basic equipment of the model. This will determine whether the price is commensurate with what you are offered. No matter how technologically advanced the model may be, it can fail. This indicates the need to purchase spare parts and consumables. Ask how available they are, whether the company provides after-sales service. Do not neglect the fame of the manufacturer.

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