How to choose a vibrating plate

If you intend to perform on the site work on landscaping or leveling the soil, you should purchase a vibrating plate. It will help in the process of preparing the surface before and after laying the tile. Such equipment is indispensable for preparatory work of the foundation before laying asphalt pavements, and this is not the whole list of what a vibrator is capable of. Before you choose a vibrating plate, you need to know the basic parameters that are worth paying attention to before purchasing.

Vibrating plate layout

Vibrating plate scheme.

The use of such equipment should be comfortable and easy, which is why the compactness of the machine body is important, it will guarantee maneuverability.

The choice of vibromachine on external signs

Before you choose a vibrating plate, you will have to consider that it will have to be used, subjecting it to considerable loads. It is necessary to choose an apparatus, the body of which is made of cast iron, but it is worth knowing that not every cast iron meets the qualities of strength. If casting is performed without compliance with the technical requirements, the body will not be distinguished by reliability. The quality of such characteristics may indicate the price, so you should not buy a model, the cost of which is unreasonably low.

Principle of work of the vibrating plate

The principle of operation of the plate.

The second sign of quality is a well-known manufacturer that provides a long warranty. The manufacturer will not constrain themselves with long-term obligations of warranty service to the consumer, if he is not sure about the quality of his equipment. Poor quality equipment can damage the company's reputation, so self-respecting factories do not neglect it.

Pay attention to the geometry of the working surface, which during work must be cleaned on its own, this will exclude sticking of the soil.

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Vibrating plate selection for filling

If you are faced with the question of which vibrating plate is preferred, you need to ensure that the vibrating node is properly reinforced to the plate itself. Sometimes it can be determined by simply visually inspecting the case.

In the store, ask how well the seals are protected, since these elements should not be exposed to dust and dirt, because they will work under high and long-lasting loads.

One of the important characteristics is the engine, which can be petrol, diesel or electric. The first type of engines often has the Honda brand and is considered the highest quality. Electric models have a lower cost than the others, but you must be prepared for the model to have limitations in power and freedom of movement, the latter of which is limited by the length of the power cord.

Characteristics of vibrating plates reverse course

Characteristics of vibrating plates reverse course.

If you need a tool that is able to provide high reliability and long service life with low fuel consumption during operation, you need to choose a diesel model, but its cost will be much higher than the rest.

The most common today gasoline vibrators. This can be explained by the excellent value for money. It is easy to use them, they do not cause problems during maintenance and repair. Masters prefer them because they are able to perform a wide range of works.

Before you choose an installation, you need to determine what types of work are supposed to be carried out with it, because for some of them you will need to purchase additional accessories. So, when working on asphalt, there is a need to use a water tank and irrigation system. This is due to the fact that in the absence of these components, the hot coating will adhere to the base. Whereas if you intend to work with tiles or paving stones, it will be necessary to use a rug for the apparatus, which will eliminate the appearance of scratches and chips on the surface of the material being compacted. If you plan to work on the construction site without outside help, you will need to purchase folding wheels for the vibrating machine, which will allow easy transportation.

It is possible to choose a vibrating plate correctly only if we take into account its weight, since each model with a certain weight performs its own spectrum of work.

Vibrating plate self-moving

Self-moving vibrating plate: a - with reversing mechanism, b - with tilting vibration exciter.

Light machines, for example, whose weight is limited to 75 kg, are designed for landscape works. Similar installations are not capable to damage fragile edges of a tile. For laying asphalt, they are not applicable, as they have a small weight. Universal installations have a weight limited to 75-90 kg, they can also be used for landscaping, as well as patching asphalt. It will turn out to compact sand and gravel up to 25 cm using universal purpose slabs. If you need to work on a wider range, you should purchase a moderate slab, the weight of which is limited to 140 kg. It is capable of compacting the foundations of roads, backfilling and foundations of foundations in layers. Such installations are most often used when working with sand and gravel.

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Machine selection by vibration force and work surface area

Choosing a machine for vibration work, pay attention to the power of vibrations. The greater this indicator, the greater will be the level of compaction. If you cannot make a choice between two plates with the same weight, then it is better to choose the one that has a greater vibration force. If it is necessary to choose an apparatus that is supposed to be used when working with paving slabs, the vibration force should not exceed 1000 kN, which is equivalent to 1 ton.

Well, if with a weight equal to 80 kg, the installation has a vibration force not exceeding 1000 kN, such an apparatus works as an indentation.

Be sure to pay attention to the area of ​​the working surface, you can define it yourself still in the store, multiplying the length of the base by the width. It is necessary to choose the slab that has a smaller area. But manufacturers have to work hard to combine considerable weight with a small area. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can purchase a slab with an increased work surface area and considerable weight. The effectiveness of such an installation will be as small.

At the base, large in area, and a significant power of the vibration force, the plate will not serve for a long time. This is because vibration is more destructive for a large area of ​​the working surface.

The parameters that are worth paying attention to when choosing a plate:

  • the mass of the device;
  • vibration force level;
  • power and type of engine;
  • work surface area.

If you summarize all the knowledge, you need to consider that with more weight and vibration, as well as a smaller area of ​​the working base, the sealing effect will be more impressive. This does not indicate that the vibrating plate is the best, because the vibration acts as the main enemy of the whole mechanism.

You should not be tempted by low cost, as this indicates the use of cheap and damp steels, which will cause a low service life. The use of such vibrators on asphalt is unjustified, because The working base is not distinguished by the correctness of the geometric dimensions that will cause the appearance of waves on the surface of the coating. A cheap stove will not cope with the onslaught of coarse gravel, which will soon become the cause of its breakdown. Low price should not figure when choosing if you intend to work on gravel.

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