How to choose a reliable punch

How to choose a punch? After all, this is the thing that is simply indispensable in the arsenal of every repair lover with his own hands. It also happens that the old unit fails for some reason. Accordingly, the question arises about the purchase of new technology.


Any repair in the house or apartment did not do without use of the puncher.

Every day the construction market is expanding more and more new and new modifications. But, regardless of the model, there are certain nuances that will help you choose a punch. Standard equipment can operate in three modes: drill, chisel and combine these two options.

Punch and selection criteria

Pay attention to the following:

Typical punch device

Typical punch device

  1. Engine power. This parameter will affect the operation of the punch itself. The amount of working electricity, the speed of the working moment and its force will depend on it. Accordingly, the more powerful the device, the more powerful you can use such a drill. The value of this parameter will help to choose the work style and the working materials themselves.
  2. Fastening drill. If such a technique is exactly a perforator, and not a combined apparatus with a drill, then the drill will be a more fortified configuration. The SDS cartridge is the model that is applicable to the punch. It provides reliable fixation, which protects against accidental scrolling during operation. Moreover, this design, despite its fastening system, does not affect the process of replacing the drill, that is, it is quite easily implemented. SDS-Plus and SDS-Max are two types of cartridges that are by far the most in demand.
  3. Speed ​​modes. If you turn your attention to more simplified versions of the punch, then they will not have more than one working speed. But the more modified drills will be equipped with several speed options. Their number can vary from 2 to 5, depending on the brand. Each speed can be adjusted, which allows you to control the rotation and impact of the punch. This feature helps to protect the operator while working at high speeds with complex materials. At the same time, working at small revolutions, it is possible to perform more “jewelery” work.
  4. Turnovers idling. This parameter indicates the performance of the technique. It can have a value from 225 to 5000 revolutions per minute, despite the fact that the drill will not be charged.
  5. Speed ​​hits. The first purpose of the punch - punching holes. It is this parameter indicates how complex and solid materials under the force to overcome the unit. This figure can vary from 200 to 7500 beats per minute.
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Extra options

Detailed punch scheme

Detailed puncher scheme.

  1. Impact energy This parameter is completely different from the previous one. Energy is measured in joules. The value of the impact force indicates the materials with which the punch can work. It can start from 0.23 J and end with 30 J. If the equipment is purchased for household needs, it is better if this figure is within 1.5-3 J. This is the optimal power for doing household work. Here I would like to indicate the nuance that the higher this parameter, the more it will facilitate the drilling process, especially with regard to the bearing concrete walls.
  2. Torque. The maximum value of this parameter indicates how much easier it will be for the operator to cope with the workload. Modern perforators-drills have this figure starting from 3 N * m and ending with 200 N * m.
  3. Maximum section. It is immediately worth noting that the size of the diameter directly affects the punch load. Therefore, it is recommended, depending on the working material, to select an appropriate drill. For wood, brick, metal, stone and concrete, the drilling diameter is selected separately.
  4. Network cable. To date, drills often equipped with a cable. Its length can be 2-6 m. On the one hand, a long cable helps to expand the sphere of movement of the instrument, but on the other - it creates a more emergency situation. About him you can stumble and, accordingly, get injured. A short cable, although it limits the work space, is safer in terms of this issue. In addition, if necessary, you can use an extension cord. Of course, the best option would be to take a punch with a cable of medium length, for example 3 m. This should be quite enough for household needs.
  5. Safety coupling. If in the process of work the drill is jammed, then it is best that the equipment is equipped with a safety clutch, since at this moment it disconnects the motor shaft and cartridge. In the absence of such an element, the force of rotation of the drill at the moment of jamming will be transferred to the operator’s hand, and this is already fraught with consequences in the form of dislocation or even fracture.

In addition, a very important point is whether the coupling is native or it has already been purchased separately. The second option does not always bring the expected result, so it will be better to buy a drill with an already equipped coupling.

All these points will help you choose the right punch for home use.

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How to choose a punch with additional equipment?

Depending on the scope of use of the perforator-drill, the need for additional equipment may be necessary.

Types of nozzles for punch

Types of nozzles for punch.

  1. Container. Most modern perforators already come with a case, which greatly facilitates not only the storage of the device, but also its transportation. Its inner side may have special compartments that will help preserve parts (drills, drills for a drill, etc.).
  2. Chuck with quick clamp. With it, the drill in the drill quickly fastens, with no need to resort to the clamping key.
  3. Additional brushes. According to statistics, the most frequent replacement parts are brushes. This becomes the reason that manufacturers supplement their equipment with spare elements so that at the most crucial moment the owner of the perforator is not distracted by searching for and buying them. If the time does not take care of replacing unsuitable brushes, then the punch can fail.
  4. Grease For the perforator to work correctly, all metal and moving parts of the equipment must be in a lubricated state. Therefore, a jar of grease can often be found in the configuration. In addition, it is used for the Boers, as it helps to reduce friction inside the cartridge. Such lubrication will help avoid the moment of jamming.
  5. Dust collector. Those who have ever worked with a perforator know how much debris and dust is formed in the process of drilling or chiseling. This leads to certain difficulties in the work. Therefore, it is better to choose such equipment with a dust collector, where all the small debris gets, including dust during the work process.
  6. Additional handle. This addition is not met in all perforators, but it contributes to more convenient operation of the device.
  7. Drilling depth control. If you have to work with "gentle" material, then this adjustment will help to perform the work more accurately.

Choosing this or that addition, you should be ready that it can not only facilitate the work, but also significantly affect the price of the unit. But you need to look at it in each case individually.

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Major manufacturers

Technical characteristics of punchers with a different internal volume

Technical characteristics of punchers with a different internal volume.

How to choose a drill firm? First of all, you should focus on personal preferences. If you have already faced with the technology of a manufacturer, then after that there are certain impressions. Therefore, it can be one of the prerequisites of choice.

If there are no personal wishes, then you can pay attention to the current favorites: Einhell, Bosch, AEG, Storm, Craft. You can also look at domestic counterparts, which are in no way inferior in terms of technical characteristics, but cost a little less.

It should be remembered that the more well-known manufacturer, the higher the price of the product.

The cost depends largely on where to purchase a punch. For example, a highly specialized store will have one price, but the same Internet site may have a different one. In the first case, it is possible to inspect and hold the unit in your hand, that is, try on. In the second version, you will have to buy it blindly, which is often accompanied by disgruntled reviews. In addition, making a purchase in the store, it is possible to ask the seller to provide documents that indicate the quality of products, as well as receive a guarantee on your product. There are no such opportunities in the online store. And the last plus of “live” purchases is the opportunity to take a puncher by installments, because such equipment is worth a lot of money, especially of a professional class.

Of course, there are Chinese models, but we have assumed that China does not know how to produce high-quality products. There is a deal of truth in it. Therefore, if there is a desire to save, then the savings should be literate, otherwise then you have to fork out for repairs or even purchase a new device. In many respects the wrong operation of the tool is reflected in the breakdowns. If we neglect these moments, the punch-drill will not last for a long time, especially if it is used for other purposes or subjected to excessive loads that are not intended for it.

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