How to choose a drill with a punch

Drills and perforators are tools without which it is impossible to imagine any construction, or repair work at home or in production. They are used by professionals, amateur craftsmen, simply owners of apartments and houses. Most ignorant people do not see any difference between these tools. How to choose a drill and punch, so you do not regret this choice? To make the right choice, you need to know some of their functional and design features.

Punching job

A perforator, unlike a conventional drill, can drill concrete and other durable materials without problems.

What you need to know about perforators?

Perforators are:

  • single mode (only drilled);
  • dual mode (drilled with simultaneous strokes);
  • three-mode (have the function of chiselling).

By weight, they are divided into:

  • lungs (weighing 2-4 kg);
  • medium (up to 5 kg);
  • heavy (from 5 kg).
Puncher device scheme

Diagram of the device punch.

Lightweight rock drills are capable of drilling stone, brick, concrete, and other durable materials.

Medium weight class tools are designed for processing concrete, reinforced with metal mesh.

Heavy tools perform the functions of a small jackhammer.

Functions that punch can perform:

  • drilling wood and concrete;
  • fastening of fasteners (bolts, screws and screws);
  • spalling;
  • tamper;
  • rod clogging;
  • wall breaking.
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Distinctive features of the drill and punch

The main difference between these tools - the principle of their action. Drill is different in that when working on it you need to exert some physical pressure. From the force of pressure depends largely on the performance of the drill. Pressing the punch often leads to breakage. Electromagnetic or pneumatic mechanism, which is built into the perforator, can fail. That he is the source of the impact force of the tool. It is considered that when working with a punch, you need an effort of about 3 times less than when working with a drill.

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Rules for working with perforator

Technical characteristics of perforators

Technical characteristics of punchers with a different internal volume.

When working with a punch, you must follow a few rules:

  1. It is forbidden to click on the tool. This leads to the destruction of working attachments.
  2. After making the next hole, the drill requires cleaning.
  3. The perforator gearbox must be constantly filled with grease.
  4. Do not overheat the tool.
  5. It is necessary to protect the device from various mechanical damage.
  6. It is better to purchase a punch in an aluminum housing.
  7. Work should be in thick rubber gloves. They reduce the dangerous vibrations created during operation.
  8. It is not recommended to use the tool often as a jackhammer.

In most cases, the drill is able to perform the functions of a drill, and the drill can replace the drill. What to choose for work? If the work is related to the processing of concrete, it is better to use a punch. To work with wood and steel, you can choose a drill. But it is better to have both tools in the home workshop and use them for their intended purpose. Then these devices for many years will remain in working condition.

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Additional functions of the puncher

Additional functions of the puncher

Overview of perforator features.

Many models of drills are equipped with additional features that should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing a tool, such as:

  1. Adjustable rotation speed.
  2. Power.
  3. Ability to turn off the shock function.
  4. Switch stopper

Thanks to the mechanism for controlling the speed of rotation of the working shaft, it becomes possible to set the optimum speed. This makes work much easier.

Engine power has a great influence on the weight of the entire product. The more power, the harder the punch. But this indicator does not affect the quality of the device. A rotary hammer with a more powerful engine does not always have better properties than other tools. High power of the electric motor is needed in the case when it is necessary to work with thick drills and at high speed.

Turning off the shock function allows you to use a punch instead of a conventional drill.

The stopper of the switch allows you to turn ordinary work into a more comfortable and convenient. This is achieved due to the fact that there is no need to constantly press on the trigger button, making your fingers and hands less tired.

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Accessories for punch

The scheme of the device components perforator

Diagram of the device components of the punch.

A puncher purchased from the store is recommended to be immediately completed with a set of various drill bits. Sometimes a specific base set is included with the product. It is usually quite enough to perform the work of the household plan.

Spare brushes will be needed if the tool is working daily. Professional masters usually work with such intensity. To work in the home there is enough set, which is included in the sale. The availability of a spare set of brushes must be checked when choosing a tool.

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Some advantages of perforators

The puncher differs from the drill and has such advantages as:

Punch vibration damping

Vibration damping perforator.

  • High quality and durability:
  • fairly high speed;
  • ability to work on any materials;
  • reliable and simple fixing of working nozzles.

The puncher is an expensive tool belonging to the category of professional equipment. Therefore, its cost is justified by durability and quality. Drill can not work at such speeds that develops punch. It is indispensable when working on concrete, brick, wooden surfaces. But it is better when the master has both tools.

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Features of work with a drill

Drill - the main tool of the home master. Its main purpose is to drill holes. She may be:

  • classic;
  • battery;
  • screwdriver;
  • mixer;
  • corner;
  • shock.
Drilling a hole with an electric drill

To drill the hole, the drill must have a speed adjustment to enable low revs.

The classical drill is intended for drilling of openings in some materials which are not distinguished by special durability. Works from an electric network. It has a motor of sufficient power to perform work on wood.

A variant of this tool is a cordless drill. It is used in places where there are no sources of stationary power supply. Ideal when working outside. Rechargeable replaceable batteries provide power to the drill for a long time.

Drill-screwdriver can drill holes and wrap screws and screws. This tool has a low engine power and small size. Great thing when doing the assembly of furniture and household appliances. Equipped with a reverse mechanism.

The drill mixer, besides the main functions, can mix various solutions and mixes. The set includes a special nozzle for mixing.

The angle drill is used when working in places with limited space. The tool has a remarkable feature - the ability to drill at an angle of 90 °. The reducer of a drill has the L-shaped form.

Impact drill has increased engine power. It is able to pierce concrete and brick due to the reciprocating movements of the working shaft, what reminds a perforator. Inside the case there is a ratchet mechanism, which gives axial movement to the working shaft.

Drill Chuck Diagram

Scheme drill chuck.

All drills and drills are divided into professional and domestic. Household tools are cheaper, have less weight. They require interruptions. Professional models can work daily and for many hours in a row. They are produced by highly skilled workers in European enterprises. Credible manufacturing enterprises put a label indicating the plant on the instrument body. When choosing a tool you need to pay attention to:

  • engine power;
  • rotational speed;
  • speed control;
  • maximum hole diameter.

The power of these units is 300-1500 watts. For processing plastic and wood enough 500 watts. For drilling holes of large diameter, a power of 1000 W or more is required.

The higher the number of revolutions, the greater the productivity of the tool. Household tools develop 2500-3000 rpm.

The torsion clutch allows you to adjust the number of revolutions of the working shaft for drilling and screwing in screws.

The maximum size of holes that a tool can make is indicated in the technical documentation. Exceeding this size may result in breakage of expensive equipment.

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World Top Manufacturers

Makita hammer drill

Makita hammer drill device.

In the trading networks of our country you can find drills and drills of several world-famous companies:

  1. Bosch is a company that deservedly occupies a leading position in the market for such products. Products of the company are endowed with a large number of functions, are distinguished by simplicity and ease of use, have rather compact dimensions. Professional models of this company are produced in Germany and Switzerland, household - in Poland and China. Professional models have a blue case, household - green. The letter "d" informs about the presence of the slotting mode. The presence of the reverse warns the letter "r". The presence of a replaceable cartridge in the kit will tell the letter "f". Model PBH 3000-2 FBE is a rather interesting development. The gearbox has 2 rotational speeds. The kit includes a replaceable cartridge for attaching a working tool with different shanks. The engine has a power of 780 watts. Warranty - 2 years. Speed ​​of rotation of a shaft is 800-1500 rpm. In some versions, it is increased to 3000 rpm.
  2. No less popular models of the Japanese brand Hitachi. All products concern concerns premium class. She is able to satisfy the needs of professionals and amateurs.
  3. German instruments brand Meister relatively recently appeared on the Russian market. The tool is very reliable, able to compete with well-known models. Differs traditional German quality.
  4. The Japanese company Makita produces a large range of high quality products. Here you can find compact products for woodwork, heavy - for processing concrete and other durable materials. Model HR 2450 is particularly popular. The tool does not belong to the professional class, but is highly reliable. The model is equipped with an engine capacity of 780 watts. The recommended maximum drilling diameter is 24 mm. It has 3 modes of operation, which allows you to peel tile from the wall, lay in the wall grooves for wires and pipes. Warranty - 1 year.
  5. Black Puncher & Decker brand KD970KA is a model that has 2 modes of operation. A great option for homework. The whole set is laid in a convenient case. Engine power - 750 watts. The warranty period is 2 years.

Masters-professionals do not recommend purchasing multi-functional tools, which include various nozzles such as a plane, a circular saw and a grinding machine. Multifunctionality significantly affects the overall decline in the quality of the unit. Each tool is designed to perform its functions: drill - drill, screwdriver - tighten screws and screws, hammer drill - hammer walls.

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Batteries for drills and drills

Cordless Hammer

The cordless punch is convenient when working in places where it is difficult to conduct electricity.

For power supply of similar products various batteries are used. To choose them correctly, it does not hurt to know some of their features.

They are:

  • lithium ion (Li-Ion);
  • nickel cadmium (NiCd);
  • nickel-magnesium (NiMg).

Lithium-ion power sources are installed on most tools. They are lightweight and have a long service life.

Nickel-cadmium battery can work in the cold. It weighs more than any other battery.

The greater the battery capacity, the longer it can work without recharging. Charging time can be from half an hour to 6-7 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to have a replaceable battery.

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Chuck functions

Diagram of the device chuck

Diagram of the device clamping cartridge.

Keyless chuck does not require much effort to fix the drill.

In the cam chuck the drill is fastened with a special key.

The modern SDS collet chuck allows you to quickly replace the drill bit by turning the chuck sideways.

For a tool with a weight that does not exceed 4 kg, the SDS-plus cartridge is better suited. It is able to firmly attach nozzles with a diameter of up to 30 mm. This is quite enough for domestic work.

For heavy models of drills need SDS-max cartridges. With their help, you can fix the tool and pierce a hole up to 52 mm in diameter.

In Bosch models, the SDS-top cartridge is often used. For drilling holes with a diameter of 16-25 mm, this is the ideal choice.

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Tool care tips

  1. Do not try to drill a lot of holes at once. Take short breaks to clean the drill.
  2. The puncher does not like excessive pressure on him during work.
  3. It is necessary to periodically remove dust and dirt from the body and add high-quality lubricant to the gearbox.
  4. For each specific type of tasks performed, an accurate selection of equipment is needed.
  5. Do not overheat the instrument, protect it from impact.
  6. Wear thick rubber gloves to reduce body vibrations.
  7. Do not abuse the use of a punch as a jackhammer.
  8. The maximum diameter of the working nozzles for SDS-Plus cartridges is up to 14 mm, for SDS-Max it is 32 mm.

In the home workshop it is good to have a drill with a perforator and a screwdriver.

And it is better to purchase this entire arsenal. Without them, in our time it is difficult to imagine repair or construction work. Tools, especially perforators, cost a lot of money. In order to purchase them and subsequently not regret their actions, it is necessary to know some of the main characteristics of these devices. After their selection and acquisition will remain to comply with the rules of work and care for the tools, then they will serve smoothly for many years.

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