How to choose a construction dryer for work

The construction hair dryer is used for many works where heating to a certain temperature is required under strictly controlled conditions. The form of such a hairdryer can take any. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of various models. But how to choose a building hair dryer among such a multitude? You should pay attention to the functionality, technical parameters, the presence of tips and a complete set of the desired model.. Given such factors, you can purchase exactly the equipment that is optimally suited to perform a specific range of work.

Construction dryer

When choosing a building hair dryer, it is recommended to pay attention to its technical characteristics, which can determine the quality of the tool.

Possibilities of the construction hair dryer

Before you choose a building dryer, you need to pay attention to for what purpose it will be used. The equipment has a rich functionality that includes the following:

Scheme of building hair dryer

Scheme of the construction hair dryer.

  • Pressing, i.e. hot landing products;
  • melting compositions for work;
  • cutting ordinary or curly;
  • defrost the pipeline, gutter and other structures;
  • blowing, drying, acceleration of bonding;
  • installation with heat shrinkable insulation materials;
  • melting, warming up, cutting materials such as roofing felt;
  • pipe welding;
  • soldering, deformation of polymers and other materials.
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Choosing a hair dryer for work, you need to pay attention to what will be its technical characteristics. The principle of operation of the equipment is usually the same, the designs of hair dryers do not differ much from each other, although their equipment may be different. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to what technical characteristics will be used for work:

Scheme of power regulator in a building fen

Scheme of power regulator in the building fen.

  1. The maximum temperature of the air jet. Limit temperatures for the device are 600-650 ° C. Special models allow heating up to 750-800 ° C. If it is required to perform simple works, then a high level of heating is not required. Suitable equipment is not too complicated and expensive.
  2. Equipment power - this indicator determines the temperature and equipment capabilities. It must be remembered that the higher the temperature, the greater the power will be at the dryer. But it also increases power consumption. For example, a value of 500-2200 W is already a solid total power, the consumption here is high. If there is no need for intensive work with high heating, then it is not recommended to take devices with such power. They will only unnecessarily consume electricity, and this will adversely affect the cost of work.
  3. The presence of a temperature controller. This function allows you to work effectively with different materials, the chemical composition of which is different, requires completely different influences from each other.
  4. The presence of the function of cold airflow. Supply of cold air can be carried out after turning off the heating coil. Some models have a special nozzle for this purpose, but their cost is usually more. However, if we build complex structures that require supply of air jets of different temperatures with cooling, then this function is simply necessary, saving on equipment is not recommended.
  5. The ability to support the desired temperature, ie, stabilization of the selected temperature. For the performance of this function is responsible for a group of sensors, which serve as regulators. They allow you to adjust the power and temperature of the jet, the voltage of the supplied current and other parameters. This makes it possible to optimize the work, make it better and more economical.
  6. Air filtration. During operation, dust is generated when air is applied. It needs to be cleaned up, for which filtering is used.
  7. Control indication. To perform a number of professional works, it is necessary to control certain parameters. For this purpose, a special indication is used, which gives a signal of an increase or decrease in the temperature level.
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Nozzles and a complete set of the construction hair dryer

Complete set of the construction hair dryer

Complete set of the construction hair dryer.

To choose the right construction hair dryer, you need to pay attention to the configuration and performance of the equipment. There are many options, manufacturers offer a variety of models. Pay attention to the shape of the device. This may be a cylindrical shape or a pistol. The handle is most often performed in the second form factor. For example, “Makita” usually uses just such an option. The special clip perfectly protects your hands from splashes of molten material. Direct layout may not be as convenient, but it allows you to penetrate the most inaccessible places due to its cylindrical shape. It is important to work with pipes into which equipment must freely penetrate.

Some designs may change shape. The direct model can be L-shaped. When choosing, consider the possibility of parking the instrument. This is required when hard work is done, both hands are involved. For example, you need to take a break for a couple of minutes to reinforce another workpiece. In this case, the hair dryer must be placed on the surface so as not to damage the spiral or ceramics inside. It is not always possible to install the device immediately, as the surface of the table or workbench can be damaged by high temperatures, even if the equipment is turned off. It is not recommended to put the hair dryer on its side, especially when it is on, as there is a possibility of damage to nearby objects. For this, a special metal bracket is provided, it is easily extended, and the hairdryer is placed in the required position. Turn off the equipment is not necessary, since it can not damage anything.

On the case there may be other supports and hooks that are required to increase the comfort of using a building hair dryer. All this is not necessary, but it is highly desirable to ensure the quality and convenience of the job.

Attention when choosing a tool should be paid to whether there is protection against burns. Most often, hair dryers are made of plastic. Metal for such equipment is dangerous, it is very hot, can cause burns. To avoid this situation, manufacturers use special plastic. But the polymer for the body must be of high quality and resistant to heat. The nozzle is made of metal, but for it there must be a protective cover.

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What is included?

The kit usually also includes nozzles. This is especially important, since the building dryer can be used to perform various works, which means that the nozzles must have a different design and shape. They are able to form the air flow in different ways, nozzles and nozzles can have a different location from each other. For example, for soldering pipes, for sealing various products, special nozzles of round shape are used, they are focusing.

The flat shape of the nozzles allows you to cope with various deformations, it will help to remove varnish, paint, veneer.

Nozzles for the building hair dryer

Attachments are of the following types: focusing, flat, welded mirror, reflex and gear.

If it is necessary to perform controlled deformation of polymer pipes, then it is best to select reflex nozzles that have rounded frontal taps. This allows the pipe to be heated from 2 sides. Special tips for pressing, cutting nozzles, tips for figured or straight cutting are used. There are special nozzles for cleaning the window frames so as not to overheat the glass.

In addition to the nozzles, scrapers, rods, handles, rollers are used for the construction hair dryer. All elements can be used for special types of work. Therefore, before buying a hair dryer, you must immediately determine what work will need to be done in order to be able to purchase all the additional elements or decide on the design features and equipment.

The choice of building hair dryer depends on many circumstances, but you need to take into account the parameters that will help make the purchase quick and easy. Manufacturers offer today a variety of models of construction heating equipment, so you should decide for what work the equipment will be used. Of importance is the shape of the case, the technical parameters, the presence of nozzles and other auxiliary equipment for expanding the functionality.

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