How is the replacement of bearing concrete mixer

Without concrete mixers of various sizes and designs, including without concrete mixers, it is difficult to imagine a modern construction site. These installations are widely used in individual construction, in the construction of country houses, garages and in various other cases. While the unit is working properly - everything is fine. But there comes a time when the agitator starts to start with difficulty, the motor starts not to buzz, but to strain in a strained way.

Concrete Mixer Device

Concrete mixer device.

Bearing replacement on a concrete mixer

Is it time to buy a new unit? Not always. In most cases, it is only necessary to replace a pair of bearings mounted on the concrete mixer shaft along with a pulley. Image No. 1 shows a new bearing and a pair of old men who have served their day. Very often it happens to be the bearing 203, according to the designation in the international classification - 6203. For its replacement it is necessary:


Image 1. A concrete-baked bearing is a common cause of concrete mixer breakdowns.

  • remove the protective box;
  • remove the engine;
  • remove the pear;
  • disconnect the pinion;
  • on the gear side, squeeze the special retaining ring;
  • then use a puller to remove the bearing (image number 2).

In the absence of a special puller, it will be necessary to prop up the frame of the concrete mixer with improvised means. In the end, the shaft with the bearings will be in the hands. By any means, each bearing must be removed to clean and rinse the places under them, then put new ones. With a puller, the whole process is quick and easy.

The bearing changes to a new one, the shaft of the concrete mixer is lubricated with lithol. When installing a bearing, you can press it in with a pipe of a suitable diameter, hammering the inside of the new bearing with a hammer, you can again use the puller.

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Replacement of the bearing on the crown mixer

Bearings on different installations can stand different. The most popular products from polyamide, which is also called coprolone. This material is able to replace bearings made of steel, bronze. Polyamide products can be processed by drilling, grinding, turning, milling.

It is very good to change the bearing, the knot of which is located on the drum from the outside. In this case, you just need to remove the plastic cover and the retaining ring. All work is done outside the installation. At the location of the bearing installation unit from the inside it will be necessary to work there. The bearing in this case is not so easy to replace. All its fastenings are frozen in the concrete mass.

The process of removing the old bearing

Image 2. Old bearing removed using a puller.

Concrete Mixer - Installation is not very cheap. It should work and bring profit to the owners. Weak links in its complex structure should not be. One of these links - bearings. It is necessary to constantly monitor their condition and take measures for their timely replacement. They experience heavy loads with improper loading of the container and with the same improper unloading of the working mixture from the drum during its rotation. Particles of abrasive materials that make up almost all concrete mixtures, significantly accelerate the wear and destruction of bearings.

You can consider more several models for the replacement of worn and worn out bearings. Polish mixer Altrad MK-130 is distinguished by its orange color. The bearing unit of this model is installed in the lowest part of the working drum. You can change the bearing only from the inside of the drum. To do this, remove all the bolts that secure the bottom plate, then knock out the bearing. It is not always possible to do this, as the hardened concrete turns into a solid crust and destroys the metal of the drum. Bolts can not always be wrapped in its original place. All Altrad models have the same disadvantage.

Croatian LIMEX 125LS is designed so that the replacement of the bearing can occur without difficulty, since the bearing assembly is installed on the lower part of the working drum, but on its outer side. It remains only to remove the cover and the ring, the locking bearing in the socket. These models of orange color are in great demand of buyers. This is mainly due to the fact that they always have spare parts.

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Bearings from leading manufacturers

Some companies offer high-quality bearings with a special washer that protects against the penetration of abrasive particles and dirt. They are able to withstand heavy loads and ensure the performance of the mixer. These companies include:

  • CIFA;
  • Liebherr;
  • Schwing;
  • Stetter;
  • Imer;
  • CBO;
  • Tigarbo;
  • Putzmeister;
  • Oshkosh;
  • Mack;
  • Isuzu;
  • CACM;
  • Elson;
  • Trusk;
  • Howo;
  • DongFeng;
  • Shaanxi;
  • Tuymazinsky plant of concrete mixers.

Marking Dimensions Weight (kg):

  • 800730 FAG 100x160x61 / 66 4.50;
  • 809280 FAG 100x165x52 / 65 5.00;
  • 540626AA FAG 100x150x50 / 62 4.00;
  • 801215A FAG 100x160x61 / 66 4.50;
  • BS2B 248180 SKF 100x165x52 / 65 5.00;
  • PLC58-6 ZKL 100x150x50 / 62 4.00;
  • 801806 FAG 110x180x74 / 82 8.00;
  • 579905AA FAG 110x180x69 / 82 8.00;
  • 579905A FAG 110x180x74 / 82 8.00;
  • 534176 FAG 110x180x69 / 82 8.00;
  • 11449 SKF / FAG 100x180x82 / 69 10.00;
  • 804312A FAG 120x215x58 / 80 10.00;
  • 809281 FAG 120x215x76 / 98 14.00;
  • PLC110 / 190 ZKL 110x190x82 / 86 9.00;
  • PLC59-5 ZKL 100x180x82 / 69 10.00;
  • 400365 FAG 100x160x61 / 66 4.50;
  • 801216A FAG 100x180x82 / 69 10.00;
  • PLC59-10 ZKL 100x180x82 / 69 8.00;
  • 2P2206 NTN 110x180x82 / 69 8.00;
  • 23222 SKF / FAG 110x200x69.8 9.90;
  • PLC510-23 ZKL 120x215x76 / 98 14.00;
  • 804182 FAG 110x180x82 / 69 8.00;
  • 2513D11 FAG 200x300x118 50.00;
  • 8H312 FAG 110x190x82 / 86 12.00;
  • 803750 B FAG 105x160x140 10.00;
  • 549176 FAG 185x220x118;
  • 722361018 SKF 200x300x118;
  • 520906 FAG 100x180x69 / 82.

Changing a bearing on a concrete mixer is not always easy and simple. But it is a necessary replacement, which will extend the life of expensive equipment.

Installation should work properly and make a profit.

All work on the replacement of the bearing can be done independently.

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