How is painting spray gun

During the repair work one has to face painting work. To paint with a brush and roller is quite laborious, which is associated with some difficulties. It takes a lot of time for such work. Today, paint spray painting is increasingly used. This method greatly simplifies the process of painting the ceiling.

Electrostatic Spray Gun Scheme

The scheme of electrostatic paint sprayer.

The advantages of the spray gun

Using the spray gun has its advantages:

  • high productivity due to the high speed of work;
  • the paint layer is very thin and even;
  • the painted surface dries quickly;
  • no problem in applying paint in hard to reach places;
  • paint does not flow;
  • You can work without getting stains on clothes;
  • the airbrush can be used for putting paints, varnishes and hard putties;
  • consumption of materials is much lower than when working with a roller and brush.
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The main types of apparatus and the choice of spray gun

The construction market offers a large selection of spray guns for every taste and budget. Hand tools designed to work with water-based paint are simple and cheap. They may resemble a fishing rod with a pump. The pump creates pressure in the working tank, and paint is sprayed through the rod. In an hour, with the help of such a unit, you can paint over 200 m² of area.

Spray gun adjustment circuit

Scheme adjustment torch spray gun.

Most spray guns are powered from a 220 V electrical network. Pneumatic devices are found. They are considered to be professional installations working with any formulations and mixtures. The composition of the tank is supplied to the painted surface with compressed air.

When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the material from which the body of the device is made. It is better to choose an aluminum body with a nickel anti-corrosion coating. Plastic models have a very short service life. Good quality characterized by stainless steel and brass.

The next part that needs attention is the gaskets. Many paints and varnishes contain a solvent, so it is better to choose Teflon gaskets.

The paint tank can be located at the bottom or top of the machine. The place of its location is not the principal point. It is necessary to pay attention to the tank material. Nylon allows you to monitor the level of paint, as it has some transparency. But the metal container is much easier to wash. For a household, it is reasonable to buy a simple and cheap device.

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Paint with spray gun

Stages of painting:

The scheme of use of the spray gun

The scheme of use of the spray gun.

  1. Preparatory stage.
  2. Directly applying paint to the surface.
  3. Drying

Any painting begins with the preparation. In this case, you need to carefully prepare the paint. If it is water-based, a little water is added to it, the whole mixture is thoroughly mixed with a construction mixer. You can interfere with her hands, as it does not irritate the skin. If necessary, the composition is added color to give a certain tone. When adding color, one should take into account that the paint in a liquid form has a brighter color than after drying.

In the paint may be small clots. They can block the spray nozzle. Therefore, it is recommended to filter well mixed paint. As a filter, you can use a piece of cloth that does not have a hydrophobic impregnation.

When painting with a spray gun in the air, a large cloud of sprayed composition is formed. This mixture is able to gradually sit down on various objects, including settling in the respiratory organs. Therefore, the use of goggles, gauze bandage, respirator will protect you from trouble. If painting takes place indoors, then all the furniture must be removed from it. Items that can not be removed, should be closed with a film. Polyethylene can be further secured with adhesive tape.

Keep the sprayer head at a distance of 30-50 cm from the painted surface. The jet is directed perpendicular to the painted surface. The entire area to be painted must be mentally divided into squares approximately equal to the length of the arm. Each square is sequentially processed by the transverse and longitudinal movements of the spray gun. Coloring is recommended in 3 layers. Each subsequent layer is applied after drying the previous one. The place of staining should be fairly well lit.

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Possible errors during painting

Errors occur in violation of the painting technology:

Spray gun setting scheme

Spray gun setting scheme.

  1. The paint is going to drops.
  2. The layer turned out to be thick and began to flake off.
  3. Hillocks and grains are visible on the surface.

The appearance of drops is possible with an insufficient speed of movement of the nozzle of the apparatus. Excess fresh paint is collected with a sponge and a new coat is applied.

Flaking places need to be sanded and pierced, primed and painted over.

Grains, large and small tubercles are a sign of contaminated paint. To eliminate this defect you need to sandpaper the entire surface. Paint over the cleaned surface with clean filtered paint.

Properly painted surface should be flat and smooth, without streaks and other traces of work.

Spray paint walls and ceilings in the home, furniture, fences, other objects and objects. This machine is also used when painting cars, while painting car parts. When performing such works, a miniature spray gun is often used, which is called an airbrush. After painting with an airbrush in the hands of a good master, the car gets a unique appearance.

The scheme of the trajectory of staining with an airbrush

The scheme of the trajectory of staining with an airbrush.

From the usual paint spray gun airbrush differs by the size of the gun and the diameter of the nozzle. The device has the ability to adjust the air supply and paint, the size of the torch. The imprint of the torch must have a round shape. If its shape is like a crescent, you need to wash the nozzle or replace it. The shape of the eight is formed with increased air pressure and insufficient supply of paint.

When painting a car, the device is kept perpendicular to the plane of the car part at a distance of 15-20 cm. The paint is applied in parallel strips. Each subsequent strip overlaps the previous one by 50%. Need training for the proper performance of all operations. Exercise is best on vertical newspapers.

The airbrush - the device for putting paint on various surfaces.

This apparatus also includes its miniature version - the airbrush. All of them are used at home, on the street, in car repair shops. Using the spray gun and airbrush is quite simple, if you examine the device and its characteristics, practice a little. Painting using any type of spray gun takes several times less time than working with a brush and roller. The surface is of excellent quality, saving a lot of paints and varnishes.

For one-time use, it is enough to purchase a cheap device, the price of which is approximately 800-1000 rubles. You can use the services of rental points that operate in some large shopping centers.

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