How is homemade concrete mixer made of barrels

In any construction, a home-made concrete mixer from a barrel can be useful, especially since its construction does not take much time, but it also allows you to seriously save money. This is a necessary thing for obtaining a concrete solution, since it is very difficult to manufacture concrete by hand.

The scheme of the simplest mixer from the barrel

The scheme of the simplest mixer from the barrel.

Concrete solution may be needed not only in the construction of the foundation, but also in the future, when the house is ready. Homemade concrete mixer can be made in different ways: manual and motorized. The engine can be both petrol and electric.

For the manufacture will need:

  • barrel;
  • frame;
  • motor;
  • gearbox;
  • mobile platform;
  • handle for excavation of concrete.

Best of all, if the capacity of the barrel will be at least 200 liters, since this volume will allow not to load it to obtain the required amount of solution several times. This volume allows for one load to get 7-10 buckets of the finished solution, which is usually enough for construction work of any type.

Installation scheme of concrete mixers from the barrel

The installation scheme of the concrete mixer from the barrel: 1 - a laid-on cover compactor, 2 - a manhole cover with a handle-bracket, 3 - a hatch, 4 - a barrel, 5 - a blade, 6 - an axle yoke, 7 - a support, 8 - a hook to the handle-bracket, 9 - tray under the solution, 10 - gate-axis.

But the cylindrical shape of the barrel is not the most suitable form for mixing concrete in it. In the corners, the components of the solution will inevitably accumulate, not allowing the solution to be mixed sufficiently qualitatively. For good mixing, you will have to spend significantly more time and energy. Therefore, before starting work, it is recommended to round the barrel at least a little, cut along the edges and then weld again, approaching the shape of an egg or pear.

Inside the barrel, for best mixing, weld partitions 10–15 cm high, longitudinal or transverse. To create a unit, a tightly closed barrel is required; if it does not have a lid, this issue must be solved by welding. A solid barrel is better, as there is less chance of falling off the bottom when mixing the solution. If it is impossible to get a solid barrel, it is necessary to brew all the holes that are not used well. When fastening to the base, the barrel should have a 35 ° inclination, and the whole structure should be rigidly fixed to the frame so that there is no breakage during rotation.

Homemade concrete mixer: manual version

The simplest design is a barrel mounted on a shaft, which at the ends will be fixed in two racks, on which they will be rotated. For the mobile version you need to equip the rack frame with wheels, the basis for which can serve as an old car.

Forced type concrete mixer

Option concrete forced type.

In order to secure the shaft, special flanges are welded or screwed onto the lid and bottom of the barrel. The shaft halves are inserted and welded into their holes. The hole, if it was not provided for initially, is cut only after this. The hatch hole is best mounted on the hinges with a metal latch. The lid should fit snugly and not leak during operation; to do this, a strip of soft rubber is glued to its inner edge. On the shaft required to mount the rack with bearings on them.

Since the concrete mixer from the barrel will be installed on the racks, they are buried in the ground, making sure that there is no skew. At least handles are welded. To install the finished concrete mixer on the prepared frame, you need to mark the holes in advance and drill them exactly in accordance with the marks.

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Concrete mixer with engine

It is most convenient to construct it according to the same principle, and then, instead of a handle, weld a pulley with a belt on one side, to which torque will be transmitted from the engine. In the event that welding accessories are not available or there are no welding skills, you can try to make the design on bolts. The frame in this case is made of a metal corner, and the engine can be taken from an old washing machine or a drill. You can take the engine running on gasoline.

Electric Concrete Mixer Device

The device is a concrete mixer with an electric drive.

For quality workmanship, you need at least 30-40 barrel revolutions per minute. With a strong rotation, the solution will spray out and the load on all the joints will increase significantly. But a lower speed is undesirable, since the quality of mixing will then be compared with manual models and will be low. Such slow engines are not easy to find, therefore most often they use standard ones equipped with gearboxes.

The gearbox is made of belts and pulleys, in the manufacture it is not too complicated. The calculation of this belt transmission is made from the ratio of their speed to diameter. To reduce the rotational speed from 1000 to 40 revolutions per minute, it is necessary that one pulley exceed the other in diameter by 25 times. Although the construction of such a belt drive is not too difficult, the masters recommend constructing a two-link type transmission, making a double calculation.

Another good option is to apply a chain-type transmission, when calculating taking the ratio of large and small gears. For the application of gears, you can use the finished gearbox from the old car. The easiest way to weld the necessary parts to the barrel, but if this is not possible, you can screw them.

Concrete Mixer Drive Diagram

Driving the mixer.

Very good for the engine is suitable steel disc with teeth on the outer edge, which is called the crown. You can find such a part in the engines of old cars, it is made of hardened metal and will cope well with such loads. The motor is usually fixed on the bottom. To do this, turn the barrel and apply a crown to the bottom, having previously found its middle. The location is marked with a core. The crown is removed and made exactly on the marks of the hole with a drill. After that, the crown is bolted.

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Vertical option concrete mixer

For this purpose, a swing frame with a motor is installed on the base. In this case, the barrel will produce rotation on the shaft, relying on additional rollers providing it with rotation. The frame axis can also be brought out and additionally attached to it a steering wheel or handle so that the device can be turned over with greater ease. For this option, a concrete mixer needs to be allocated a place, such as a shed or a garage, to bring all the wiring there without fear for it in case of rain.

The most loaded part of the manufactured device is its frame.

This design must withstand the weight of the barrel filled with concrete, and the increasing load during its rotation. It is possible to apply to production a steel corner from 100 to 130 mm. It is necessary to weld the frame using a welding machine, but in its absence it is possible to use bolts of at least 27 mm, since a smaller diameter cannot cope with the loads.

To unload a vertical type concrete mixer, it is necessary to install a special steering wheel on it. It is possible to use a wheel or an old pulley as a basis for its manufacture, and also to use a section of a thick-walled pipe. At the circumference of the wheel, 6-8 holes are drilled, the diameter of which should not be less than 6 mm. They are threaded and twisted handles. Handles can be made of metal or take instead bolts or threaded rods.

With a pipe cut do the same way. If its diameter is smaller, pens or rods are made with an offset. In case the steering wheel attachment is impossible for some reason, you can remove the ready-made mortar with a shovel when the concrete mixer stops completely.

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