High-quality repair of the construction hair dryer with

With the help of a building hair dryer, you can heat up old varnish or paint to remove them from the surface. During construction, it is used to solder metal, as well as to facilitate the work with plastic pipes. They in a warmed condition well give in to bending. This tool is very whimsical, and in case of improper operation it will have to be repaired, and this is not an easy task.

Scheme of building hair dryer

Scheme of the construction hair dryer.

Let's consider how to make repair of the construction hair dryer with your own hands. A person can always turn to specialized service centers for such a service, but it is not always advisable. In some cases, damage can be diagnosed independently, respectively, and repair the construction dryer itself. Before this, be sure to get acquainted with the device device. Since this is the beginning of the instructions.

The device and its basic principles

If you open the device, you can find a small engine, a heating element and a fan. The heated air exits through the nozzle. Everything is quite simple. Basically the structure does not differ from the ordinary hair dryer. The only difference is the higher power of the device. The performance of the equipment depends on how many liters of air it can pass through itself in 1 minute. Many models of the hair dryer, presented in the modern market, have a number of additional functions. These include:

Use of the building hair dryer

Use of the construction hair dryer.

  • temperature adjustment;
  • air flow adjustment;
  • selection of the desired operating mode;
  • numerous additional nozzles that will significantly simplify the work with this or that material;
  • LED indicator that determines the heating temperature.

Of course, these are not all the options that a building hairdryer can have. There are others. You should always remember that the more there are, the more difficult it will be to repair.

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Major breakdowns and their causes

Breakage of such a tool can occur at any time of its operation. It is especially unpleasant if this happens at the height of construction work. In most cases, this is the fault of the person himself, who is often negligent about the power tool. The main breakdowns are the bending of the power cord, the malfunction of the power button on the tool and the temperature control. Of course, there may be more global breakdowns.

Circuit of the building hair dryer

Circuit construction hairdryer.

For example, a motor or fan could fail. The heating element in this regard is not eternal. Most faults can be diagnosed on their own, but there are those that have to be detected for a long time. In this situation, it is best to contact a specialized service center.

If a person is confident in his abilities, then he can repair the hairdryer himself.

The most complex failures include engine or fan failure. In most cases, they must be replaced, in addition, it is difficult to find the necessary spare parts.

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Repair of the hair dryer: correct diagnosis and treatment

Before starting repair work, it is necessary to inspect the device.

Already at this moment you can reveal most of the trouble. Be sure to pay attention to the buttons on and off the tool, as well as the status of the wiring. Perhaps just the cord was broken in some place or the plug broke. All this can be determined at the preliminary stage of work.

Then you just have to check the hair dryer in different modes of operation. First you need to check whether the heating is on. If not, then the problem lies in the failure of the spiral, that is, the heating element. For a more accurate diagnosis is to use a tester.

Sometimes you have to use different devices and disassemble the device to see its condition inside. If you have to disassemble a hairdryer, and it has a complex structure, then you need to get a quality camera to capture all the stages of disassembly of the unit. Tools such as a screwdriver and a soldering iron may also be needed.

The revision is that it is necessary to analyze the damaged parts, to determine the main centers of corrosion. In some cases, they can serve as prerequisites for the oxidation of contacts. Be sure to inspect all conductors, spiral and fan, which are located in the equipment.

Then you can do the replacement of those parts that are out of order. The spiral can be replaced independently. If a conductor falls off, you will have to take a soldering iron and solder the element into place. The fan can be replaced, but you will have to look for a similar unit. In the case of the engine, everything can be sad. If it is burned, it will not be possible to repair it yourself. We'll have to ask for help from the service center.

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