Electric vibrating plate

This is a universal tool designed for tamping a variety of surfaces. The electric vibrating plate can be made at home by any craftsman.

Vibrating plate layout

Vibrating plate scheme.

Its main advantage is compactness. It gives the opportunity to carry out work in places where it is impossible to apply a standard factory roller. For frequent work vibrating plate with your own hands - the most suitable option.

Before you begin to assemble such a device at home, you need to understand the basis of its principle of operation, how its mechanism is arranged. The plate itself consists of several parts:

  • plate, which can be made of cast iron, sheet metal or cast iron plate;
  • vibromechanism;
  • Electrical engine;
  • frame.

By their appearance, devices are divided into several groups:

  • electrical;
  • diesel;
  • gasoline.
Principle of work of the vibrating plate

The principle of operation of the plate.

They differ in their characteristics, which are both negative and positive.

Electric vibrating plate. A positive feature of this unit can be called a low noise level. During operation, ramming sand, there is no release of toxic substances, no combustion products are formed. However, this device consumes a large amount of electrical energy, it can hardly be called portable because of its large size.

Diesel plate compactor. This device has become popular due to the high power and low consumption of diesel fuel. Typically, such devices are used on an industrial scale. The reason is high performance and large size. However, the cost of such a unit is considerable.

Gasoline plate compactor. The main positive quality of this device was its mobility, achieved thanks to the high compactness. The device is able to work on gasoline of any brand, it creates a minimum level of noise. This allows it to be used for tamping tracks near residential buildings. It is forbidden to work with such a device in areas where there is no ventilation. Gasoline vapors are very toxic. Another disadvantage is the consumption of large amounts of fuel.

Basic indicators of vibrating plates

When developing such a device, it is necessary to consider:

  • vibration force;
  • dimensions of the working space;
  • engine power;
  • Type of fuel.

These indicators determine how dense the tamper will be, how easy it is to control such a unit.

Characteristics of vibrating plates reverse course

Characteristics of vibrating plates reverse course.

Under the force of vibration refers to the power that gives the base of the apparatus. To work with dense coatings, the vibration must reach maximum performance. In case of weak impacts, the ground will not have the required density.

The dimensions of the working surface show the pressure created by the plate on the cultivated land. The smaller the area, the smaller this indicator. Usually the highest value of this indicator reaches 0.3. In other words, to achieve high efficiency, the minimum size of the treated surface is required. The highest rate of vibrating plates with cast iron base. The steel base has a lower coefficient.

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Required tools

Starting the manufacture of a plate by hand, you need to prepare all the necessary tools. Basically, for such work you do not need to have something special, for which you have to pay a lot. So, you need:

Vibrating plate device

Vibrating plate device.

  • welding machine;
  • electrodes;
  • hammer;
  • Bulgarian;
  • spanners;
  • pliers.

In addition, for the manufacture of fixtures will need the following materials:

  1. Vibration engine, working from 220 V. It can be purchased in the store, but you have to pay a lot for it. Therefore, you can use the engine, which has been preserved for a long time. Sometimes they put the electric motor with which Soviet vintage washing machines were equipped. However, it is not possible to adjust the vibration force with this engine.
  2. Steel sheet at least 8 mm thick.
  3. Metal channel.
  4. Pipe with a diameter of 20 mm. The length is chosen in accordance with the height of the person.

In addition, you will need bolts, nuts and engravers.

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Manufacturing technology

First you need to make on a metal sheet at each edge, retreating 10 cm, shallow incisions. Usually enough depth of 5 mm. Works perform the standard grinder. Each edge is bent with a hammer at an angle of 30 °. These bends will help the vibrating plate to glide over the sand, rather than burrowing into it. Each cut is made by electric welding. Work should be carried out in a mask or goggles.

Vibrating plate self-moving

Self-moving vibrating plate: a - with reversing mechanism, b - with tilting vibration exciter.

After that, the prepared segments of the channel are welded across the sheet. This will be the frame for mounting the motor. Placed in advance the place where the bolts will be installed. Bolts are welded to the channel head down. Subsequently, they will be put on the engine. During welding, it is necessary to monitor the deformation of the metal. It is advisable to minimize it, as it affects the quality of the rammer.

Then the electric motor is installed. I must say that the old engines of the brand "IV-98" have special eccentrics. They allow you to debug the force of vibration when you rearrange. The engine sits on the welded bolts, fastens nuts together with engraving washers.

The next step is to mount the handle. This is a very important and difficult moment. Around the world, engineers strive to achieve the quench of vibration when the device is operating. They develop a variety of designs, using modern technology. At home, you also need to resolve this issue. After all, quality is paramount.

One of the ways to fix the handle can be automotive silent blocks. For this, bolts are welded head down to the edges of the folded metal sheet. Silent blocks are put on bolts, on them - a handle.

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Practical recommendations

It is possible to fix the handle on the base of the plate with two bolts. In this case, the handle must be insulated, and the mount must be closed with rubber bushings. To make it easier to work, the handle can be equipped with a rope loop, which you need to hold. As a result, the vibration will weaken.

I must say that the electric vibrating plate, made by hand, is a very specific device. Fully quench the vibration will not succeed, it can only be reduced.

The mass of the electric vibrating plate, made by hand, largely depends on the parts that were used in its manufacture. However, you must always remember that the main purpose of this device is the tamping of the soil. Therefore, the weight of the device should be large enough. To achieve a higher mass, additional weight can be welded.

At the big weight it will be difficult to operate the vibrating plate. The average weight of the device is about 50 kg. It allows you to ram 10 centimeter soil. To lay the foundation, the mass of the slab becomes heavier, the engine power increases.

With a shortage of funds, you can make a vibrating plate yourself. The largest investment will require an electric motor. The final price of the equipment will depend on its value.

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