Circular sawmill

The modern construction market has a large variety of materials offered, with special attention being paid to wood. She continues to hold the leading position, as before. Natural wood helps to erect buildings, revet any surfaces from inside and outside the house. The qualitative indicators of this natural source are determined by the nature of the use in the process of grinding equipment.

Circular sawmill device

Diagram of the disk sawmill.

Cutting the base will be a known option for processing this valuable raw material. To do this, use the frame, tape and disk devices. A circular sawmill with its own hands helps to cut the materials in the most capacious, accurate and short terms. As a result of solid logs obtained boards, timber, slats. They are cut and not cut.

Disk devices are used for further processing of wood after cutting and as a forming base of log material. The equipment of such a plan is distinguished by high rates of productivity, which make it possible to obtain an edge cuts, division and edge grooving.

The disk power-saw bench is an indispensable attribute during the construction of wooden buildings, for work in the joinery production facilities. As a result, any activities are faster, easier, with a minimum investment of their own forces.

Design features of circular sawmill

Scheme homemade sawing installation

Scheme homemade sawing installation.

The considered device is represented by a working machine, allowing to cut wood, its work depends on the electric motor. It consists of two engines, circular saws, a maneuverable operator's cabin, a carriage and a rail track. Such a power-saw bench has the form of a machine, a shaft with a disk is fixed on it, the action of the cutting part is based on the rotation of the main element. Such an elementary device is applicable for domestic use, industrial designs are distinguished by more complex schemes, and the cutting angle of such discs can be periodically changed.

The disk saw is fixed on the machine tool spindle or on the motor shaft. Such equipment can have one or two saws, each of which works from a separate engine.

Disk power-saw benches are most often made of metal pipes, which are fixed by welding. When choosing a rail for the carriage should be careful, preferring only quality samples. Otherwise, they will work intermittently. The carriage is made of iron parts, wheels and rollers must be identical, the same can be said about the frame.

To power the saw, use any of the gasoline engines, you should choose the most powerful. The chain drive from the facility must be excluded, then it will be possible to avoid overheating of the drive.

For the manufacture of power-saw benches often use wood. The only drawback is rotting, especially if the device is located in an open area. But such a basis is easy to handle.

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Features of operation of a disk power-saw bench

Sawmill Adjustment Scheme

The scheme of adjustment of the sawmill.

Disk power-saw benches are used for work in the conditions of industrial scale and on logging, in the open air or under a shed. The cutting is carried out manually in a horizontal way. During processing, you can achieve perfect results, getting a smooth surface.

Angular circular power-saw bench makes a cut in both directions at once: in the longitudinal and transverse position of the log. Such results are achieved due to the use of the special position of the saws, in a perpendicular position relative to each other. The similar machine accepts any wood.

Cutting the tree in the longitudinal and transverse position is done on such devices simultaneously. The movement of the carriages and the portal is carried out by electrical wiring. Speed ​​is coordinated by a chain drive. So power-saw benches do not need to be installed on the site. Here it is important to protect the structure from precipitation.

Required fixtures:

  • goats on a metal or wooden base;
  • boards;
  • metal plates;
  • welded equipment;
  • fasteners (screws, screws, nuts);
  • ax, plane;
  • sharpened;
  • devices that help in working with wood and iron;
  • Electrical engine;
  • circular gear saw.
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The main stages of manufacturing

Circular saw blade design

Circular saw blade design.

Choosing ready-made samples of disk structures, it is worth considering their high cost. To remedy this situation, you can carry out installation of the sawmill with your own hands. Such actions will save money and gain experience in handling such equipment.

To make your machine for woodworking, it is important to have the desire and basic skills of working with tools. To begin, you should explore the basic scheme of the device of the sawmill. To do this, you can use ready-made samples and created independently. A primitive design will be a table, below of which there is a shaft with a saw. The main element performing the cutting of the log, stands above the plane of the table. The movement of the shaft is regulated by a belt-type transmission motor.

To make the main skeleton of the sawmill, metal or wooden goats are taken, which are tightly twisted among themselves with parts of the boards. The iron frame is constructed from any parts that are subsequently bonded by welding. In the upper part of the table is fixed in the form of steel plates, whose width corresponds to 200 mm and thickness - 4 mm. They are fixed with screws and jumpers with each other.

The cutting element for the sawmill is made of steel or duralumin, its thickness should correspond to 3 mm.

The diameter of the main part is 500 mm. The saw should have 2-3 teeth, which greatly facilitates the work with any wood species. This item can be made by yourself. To do this, take a hacksaw for metal with a length of 45 cm and a width of 4 cm, the teeth are cut by the cutting disc of the grinding machine.

Circular Saw Checkout

Circular saw blade inspection scheme.

To achieve their softening is possible by heating the surface with a burner. For shaping apply sharpener. The drive for the cutting device can be a gasoline engine. Working with two saws involves the use of a more powerful device.

Proper operation of the disk sawmill is determined by a clear installation of the cutting teeth. They must have the correct cutting angle and scrupulous balancing. Such elements can be made from a broken drill or a plate consisting of hard alloys. The angle of cutting teeth is equal to 30 degrees. Good balancing will be the key to proper cutting.

To get a given thickness of sawing boards, the base must rise and fall. It is secured with 4 screws and nuts, welded plates, their edges bend.

The guide angles move the saw part along the frame. A distance of 55 cm is observed between the corners. Any structure has an upper and lower roller. Bearings whose cross section corresponds to 2 cm are used as a movable element. The log is clamped by dies.

The sharp element of the sawmill is fixed under the table base so that the disk of the cutting device is located exactly in the middle of the opening, it is made up of plates. Fixed saw on the surface of the table through the openings that are made in advance in the plates themselves and the supporting structure. These gaps in the base from the outer edge are countersinked and fastened with concealed head screws.

Circular saw blade mini sawmill

Circuit mini sawmill.

It is important to take care of the construction of guides. The elementary design is a saddle that repeats the configuration of the letter “P”, it is made of wood according to the shape of the log. This base should not have defects in the form of knots, here you can use a plane. On the saddle is fixed engine and saw. Motor power corresponds to 2 kW.

The finished table is fixed to the frame with screws, the space between the plates is equipped with an insert with holes for the cutting disc. During operation, the stop bar is fastened at the base of the table with clamps. Observing all the listed stages of the production of a disc power-saw bench, you can achieve flawless performance, which will please a long period of regular use.

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Features of care for a disk power-saw bench

Despite the fact that working with such a device is associated with certain difficulties, maintenance does not cause inconvenience. The person working with the circular saw must be placed in a special cabin that moves easily with the sawmill. For the movement of the working machine you need to exercise constant monitoring.

The device must be securely fixed to the base. It is important to remember that the movement of the sawmill in the opposite direction is associated with cutting the log, idle is absent here.

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