Choosing the right concrete mixer

To perform a variety of construction and repair work required concrete mix. To make it of proper quality, you need to use special equipment. An excellent adaptation is a concrete mixer, in which cement-sand mortars of various proportions are mixed.

Electric Concrete Mixer Device

The device is a concrete mixer with an electric drive.

The choice of a concrete mixer is influenced by certain data. This is the purpose of the equipment, the volume of the tank, the type of the motor and the concrete mixer itself. All this is required to take into account - otherwise the purchase will be a waste of time and money.

Concrete Mixer Options

The choice of a concrete mixer should be made taking into account the motor power, operating voltage, equipment class. If the main area of ​​use of a concrete mixer is a cottage, then it is not necessary to choose too powerful equipment. For one-time use, it is enough to purchase equipment whose power will be up to 700 watts.

Use of a concrete mixer on a country site

For small construction works, a periodic mixer, with a capacity of up to 700 watts, will be sufficient.

This value corresponds to a capacity of 130 liters. If you plan to use the mixer permanently, the total load per day will be approximately 12 hours, then it is best to buy equipment with an engine rated for 1000 W. If you plan to load up to 12 hours of continuous operation per day, then you can take a concrete mixer, the engine of which has a capacity of 800 watts. This is quite enough, and the load on the electrical network will be lower.

All professional models are designed to work in a network with a voltage of 380 V. This mainly applies only to those models that are used on large construction sites. If you plan to use for a country house, then it is quite possible to do with the engine, which is designed for 220 V. In this case, diesel fuel and an electrical network can be used as power.

Small concrete mixers are considered more economical. Attention should be paid to whether it is possible to connect to the network. For example, if a house is only being built, then there is not always a completed electrical network. Then the unit must be purchased with an engine that runs on liquid fuel.

Concrete Mixer Selection Parameters

The parameters of the selection of concrete mixers.

All concrete mixers offered today differ in class: these are professional models and household ones. The choice is made depending on the purpose for which the device is purchased. For example, when building a private house or for minor repairs, the mixture consumption is small, so it’s best to buy a unit with a compact capacity.

If the use will be intensive, and mixing the mixture per day ranges from 5-7 cubes, then it is better to prefer a professional model that will provide the necessary quality and power.

Many make a fairly common mistake when buying concrete mixers with high power and volume “just in case”. This is unnecessary, since mixing a cube of a solution in a container designed for mixing per day from 7 cubes is impractical. The consumption of fuel or electricity for work will be too great, and the quality of the mixture may not be as good as it seems. And the cost of professional equipment, which is used only to fill the foundation for a garage, does not justify itself.

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Seasonality of use

Some make the mistake of choosing a concrete mixer without regard to the seasonality of the work.

Gravity Concrete Mixer

When choosing a concrete mixer, it is desirable to give preference to an aggregate with a bright casing.

What is the difference? The main part of the equipment produced today is designed to work in the warm season, starting in the spring and ending with the arrival of autumn. In winter, it is not recommended to knead concrete in the open air, as the quality of the mixture may be low.

If the construction of a house for the dacha will be carried out in the winter, and it’s impossible to wait until the warmer months, then you need to choose the appropriate model. There are special models that allow mixing high-quality concrete at low temperatures.

According to SNiP, the color of rotating, potentially dangerous equipment should be bright. It is best to buy cases that are painted in bright orange, bright red shades.

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Extra options

When choosing equipment, attention should be paid to exactly how the drum is made:

Scheme homemade cement mixers

Scheme homemade cement: 1 - frame, 2 - hook, 3 - gear mechanism, 4 - gear, 5 - engine; 6 - tank, 7 - handle, 8 - bracket, 9 - axis of the concrete mixer.

  1. By means of bending steel cut sheets on rollers. Cases made by rolling, do not have an attractive appearance, welds are present in large quantities. But on the other hand, the drum is made of thick, durable metal, which most positively affects the strength and durability of the equipment. It is possible to work even with heavy mixtures.
  2. Bending sheets for the body on hydraulic presses, while carrying out a deep drawing of the material. The models are attractive, the hulls are smooth, the welds are almost absent. Steel is used thin, the sheet thickness is only 1.5-2 mm.

The presence of such a sensor is an important parameter, although optional. The quality of the mixture is also influenced by the level of loading of the drum. If it is overfilled, the mixing will turn out to be of poor quality, and the load on the engine will become too great. As a result of such a load, the engine may burn out. The overload sensor turns off the engine if the maximum allowable weight of the ingredients is exceeded.

We choose a concrete mixer not only by the parameters already shown, but also by what material it is made of. Today there are various models on the market, they can be not only steel, but also plastic. At the same time, the latter usually act as household models, their weight is small, the foundation or a prepared platform is not required for work, only an even base is needed. Cast-iron concrete mixers are considered the most reliable, but the weight of such equipment is too large, as well as the cost. When deciding how to choose a concrete mixer, attention should be paid to what the loading / unloading system is.. It depends on this comfort, speed of work, which is an important parameter for any construction.

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Varieties of concrete mixers

How to choose a concrete mixer for country and professional works? All modern household and professional concrete mixers can be divided according to the principle of work into:

  • forced mixing equipment;
  • gravity equipment.
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Forced Mixing Concrete Mixer

The first ones are distinguished by the fact that the mixing tank is immobilized, it does not move during the mixing of the solution. In fact, this is a powerful construction mixer, the movable blades of which are located inside the tank, they are connected to the mixer motor.

The design of the drum mixer

The design of the drum mixer.

This unit allows you to knead quality solutions, but there is a big drawback of their use. They cannot work when a coarse fraction is used as a filler.

Therefore, to perform the task, the equipment is connected to the concrete pump, which allows pumping the solution with such fillers to the required distance.

Forced type concrete mixers have one more drawback. They are not very economical in terms of electricity consumption.

To reduce the load, increase the service life, the motors are usually put powerful, they require a lot of electricity.

However, manufacturers offer such equipment options that can be used not only for professional, but also for domestic use. They can be kneaded solutions for floor screed, for the manufacture of lightweight solutions. Such a concrete mixer can be used for a country house, during construction, repair work.

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Gravity Concrete Mixer

This design is most common, it is also called "pear". The principle of the equipment is that the components of the mixture are placed in the drum, it begins to rotate. Under the influence of gravity, the components of the solution begin to mix. The blades are fixed on the walls of the drum motionless, while the solution is turned on, the ingredients of the mixture begin to fall down, the solution is broken by the blades, in order to ensure high-quality mixing.

The type and fraction of the filler in this case do not matter, the concrete mixer perfectly mixes any solutions. This unit allows you to prepare not only light solutions, but also heavy ones. The equipment is perfect for a country house, for mixing mixtures of any type. Experts advise choosing this type of equipment, as the quality of the solutions will be the best. Gravitational concrete mixer provides the preparation of high-quality solutions for pouring the foundation, performing floor screed.

Choosing the right concrete mixer is a crucial process that needs to be approached seriously and carefully. Buy equipment should be based on certain parameters, which include the amount and type of equipment, engine, principle of operation. It is necessary to immediately decide on what exactly the equipment is bought for, how often it will be used, whether there is a possibility of power supply at the site where the concrete mixer will be used.

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