Building level

The construction level is a necessary tool for any construction and repair work. This measuring device serves builders to determine horizontal and vertical planes.

Laser level measurement circuit

Measurement circuit laser level.

It can be used to determine any deviations in the performance of various types of work: installation of tiles, plaster of slopes, pouring cement screed, installation of a gypsum plasterboard construction. Whenever it is important to check how flat the surface or structure is, the building level is applied.

How to choose the right level

The main parameters for choosing this tool include convenience and strength, length, brand and manufacturer and, of course, cost.

This device has several varieties that can complement each other, but can only be used with a certain type of construction work:

Water level measurement circuit

Water level measurement circuit.

  1. Rack - the effect of this level is based on an air bubble in a specially colored liquid. Therefore, its second name is the bubble level. On special marks on the cone the necessary measurements are taken. Three bubbles are designed to control horizontal, vertical lines and angled lines. The tool for home use has a square cross-section of the slats, the professional level has rails, which provides it with strength and prevents deformation if it is damaged or dropped. The tool length can be from 200 mm to 2500 mm. This is quite a popular and accurate device. It may have magnetic inserts, thanks to which it can be fixed to a metal surface for convenience. A subspecies bubble is a pipe - the device, smaller in size and weight, can be foldable and serves mainly when working with pipes. Additionally equipped with accessories for fastening to profiles and pipes.
  2. Hydraulic - level in the form of a transparent tube with cones at the ends filled with water. In other words, it is a water hose with a length of 5-25 cm. You can use this level only together. You must first raise and install the flasks, and then by moving them to achieve, when the position of the water in the second flask indicates the point in the horizon with the initial mark. The cheapest tool. Quite simple to use, but has several disadvantages, the first of which is the need to monitor the absence of bubbles in the water, because they reduce the accuracy of measurements. Do not use the device near heating equipment. The vertical of this level can not be measured.
  3. Laser - the most versatile, accurate and high quality. Requires the purchase of additional equipment: telescopic tripod. The tool is quite compact, but its beam can reach 100 m. The main drawback is the high cost.
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Construction level: operating rules

Rack level

To check the rack level, you must first install it with one side and then with the other - if the readings are the same, then the tool is qualitative.

So, choose the level according to the planned repair work and the relevant technical characteristics - this is the first part of the task. The second part is the ability to adjust and properly use the tool.

In order to adjust the construction level, it is necessary to refer to its instructions, since each individual type of tool has its own settings. Some have special adjustment wheels, others are set up automatically.

But before purchasing, the device can be checked as follows: place it on a flat surface, mark its position, remember to which division the bubble has moved, turn the device and move it to the previously marked place. Check the position of the bubble - the same deviation indicates a good level condition.

Proper operation level depends on its type. Thus, the hydraulic level must be filled with water to zero, without the formation of bubbles. In this case, the water should be at room temperature. Bubble very sensitive, they should not be pressed to the surface, drop, and even dirty. The accuracy of the work of any level should be checked regularly, since it can get lost over time.

The high-quality device is ergonomic, has the minimum error, provides stable accuracy of indications, is simple and undemanding in operation.

The best brands from reputable manufacturers will help you choose a building level: MATRIX, STAYER, STABILO, KAPRO.

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