Build a homemade spray gun

A quick and high-quality painting option is a homemade spray gun, which can be made at home, using a little imagination and ingenuity. A paint brush or brush for a long time, in addition, it is difficult to avoid various stains.

Spray gun at work

The airbrush is irreplaceable for fast and high-quality painting, it creates a thin paint layer without smudges and gaps.

Materials and tools:

  • knife;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • wooden beam;
  • glue;
  • compressor;
  • rubber hose;
  • a pen;
  • metal strips;
  • plastic bottle cap;
  • ball or car wheel;
  • a piece of rubber, plastic or foam.

Spray gun for painting is a fairly simple invention that you can try to do with your own hands using simple tools. A little imagination and time will allow to get a convenient unit. You can build a spray gun in different ways:

  • a spray from a student's handle;
  • airbrush complicated type;
  • sprayer from reverse vacuum cleaner.

Spray from student pen

Scheme of the spray gun from a helium pen

Scheme spray gun from a helium pen.

From the usual student's handle, you can make a small, primitive type of spray gun, which is perfect for painting small surfaces or handicrafts. To create this airbrush, in addition to the pen, you will need a plastic square piece (you can use rubber or foam).

  1. The handle is disassembled and the paste is taken out of it. The end of the handle is unscrewed or cut (if you can not unscrew). It should be a hollow tube through which air can pass without problems. This gun provides work from the thrust created by the person.
  2. It is necessary to cut the tapered part of the tip of the handle to get a wide opening. You can use pens of various diameters (if you wish, you can conduct an experiment, because there are always many non-writing pens in the house).
  3. The paste core that was removed from the handle must also be prepared for operation. From it you need to remove the paste with alcohol. The tip of the rod is ejected, it is not needed for work.
  4. The body is created from a prepared plastic square. An angle is cut from the piece. Holes are punctured along both walls. The hole should hold the rod and tube well. In case they get big, they are smeared with glue.
  5. The rod must be placed in such a way that it slightly goes beyond the opening of the tube.
  6. The resulting design is a finished device for painting.
  7. The spray gun remains to be placed in a container with diluted paint and blow into the straw.
  8. The paint is applied by creating a whirlwind. When the paint is not sprayed, it needs a little more dilution, it is very thick.
  9. Now painting is done.
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More sophisticated spray gun

Scheme of the spray gun from the vacuum cleaner and banks

The scheme of the spray gun from a vacuum cleaner and a can.

If the apartment has a compressor, then it can also be used to create a spray gun. This option is considered very convenient, functional and cheap. Undoubtedly, a large area, for example, a car, cannot be painted with such an aggregate, but it is perfect for other surfaces, it can be used to paint furniture or walls.

The self-made device does not need careful leaving which is required for factory model.

The manufacture of this unit will take approximately 2-3 hours of personal time and a minimum of materials:

  • empty gel pen rods (3 pcs.);
  • handle body (1 pc.);
  • thin hose (about 50 cm);
  • wooden bars (2 pieces);
  • self-tapping screws (7 pieces);
  • plastic bottle cap (1 pc.);
  • metal sheets (3 strips).

The assembly of the spray gun is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. With the help of two self-tapping screws it is necessary to fasten the bottle cap to the edge of the wooden bar. The screws should be placed along the edges of the cover, leaving space in the middle for the hole. The hole in the lid is made with a drill after it is fully fixed to the bar. The diameter of the hole should match the core diameter.
  2. The rod is placed so that it leaves the bar only 2 mm. At the end of the rod is placed the tip of the metal, so that painting is carried out evenly. Other rods are used to extend the main rod.
  3. The body of the handle is connected to the hose and attached to the side of the metal tip of the rod. The tip should protrude above the lower edge of the tapered end of the handle.
  4. To stop the flow of paint for a while, you just need to pinch the hose. To perform this action with one hand, you need to drill two holes in the bar. The hose is passed through the holes, forming a loop (it goes into one hole and goes out into the other). Near the resulting loop should arrange a handle that will not only hold the design, but also help pinch the hose with your fingers.
  5. To operate the spray gun, a can of paint is fastened to the lid and the hose is connected to the compressor.

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The use of reverse vacuum when creating the spray gun

Almost all models of old vacuum cleaners have the function of reverse thrust. Many people do not even suspect why this function is for a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary for blowing air. Modern vacuum cleaners do not have a similar function.

If there is an old vacuum cleaner at home, then it is advisable to search for it and nozzles for the spray gun. If there is no such attachment, you can do it yourself.

Successful work can only be achieved by ensuring constant pressure. To do this, you need to use a receiver in the device, for this purpose a car wheel or ball is used. This design is performed as previously described options.

After the hull construction (to which the paint tank is screwed), it is necessary to connect all the prepared parts (vacuum cleaner and receiver) to each other. Constant pressure is achieved due to the resulting tightness of the entire device. To check the resulting spray gun can be using water-based paint. For example, you can go out and whitewash the trees.

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