A simple homemade gun under construction cartridge

In order to make a homemade pistol for a construction cartridge, you will not need specific materials. Everything can be found in the household, and if necessary, go to the store and buy something that is missing.

Main components of the construction gun

The main components of the construction gun are: 1 - a box with a handle, 2 - a barrel, 3 - a coupling, 4 - a piston, 5 - a shock absorber, 6 - a guide, 7 - a clamp, 8 - a tip assembly.

How to do and what you need to work?

In order to create such a device, you will need the following elements:

  • excavator oil tube;
  • combat spring, which works with the cable car;
  • shutter (it can be made from ordinary shutter);
  • trigger trigger, which can serve as a nail;
  • lever;
  • frame.

A homemade gun is convenient because it is easy to make it yourself. In addition, such a device does not require specialized equipment. During operation, this model of a pistol has the ability to automatically dispose of a used cartridge, since the powder gases return, and this, in turn, facilitates the reloading itself. The process of mitigating recoil is due to the tensioning combat spring, which takes it over.

Construction Gun Charging Sequence

The sequence of charging the construction pistol: a - putting on the tip, b - opening the pistol, c - pushing out the wad, d - inserting a dowel into the bore, d - inserting a cartridge, c - closing the pistol.

So, the process of creating a homemade gun is as follows:

  1. To make the handle, you need a little carnival skill. For her suitable bar made of birch. The handle is made individually for your needs and desired dimensions.
  2. After the handle is ready, it is attached to the frame with screws. On the back of the nail is a corner, for which it is bent.
  3. Next, you need a pipe with a diameter exceeding the barrel by 1-1.5 cm. A slide frame will be made from it. At a short distance from the end, a cross section of 3-4 cm is made. This place will be intended for throwing out an empty cartridge case and charging the mounting cartridge itself. The handle on the bolt should look sideways, otherwise it will interfere with looking into the scope.
  4. Near the firing pin, when the bolt is cocked from the bottom side, it is necessary to make a hole under the trigger. In order for the spring to hold, it is necessary to drill a pair of holes at the end of the tube. And at the beginning of this element it is necessary to make a drink, which will fix the trunk.
  5. Then the barrel is inserted, after which it is securely clamped with two rings and bolts. By the way, one of the rings will play the role of a sight.
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A few moments you might encounter

In this gun the role of the arc is performed by a bent nail. It accounts for most of the recoil when fired. The process of the shot is accompanied by the release of energy from the powder gases, as a result of which the shutter moves to the extreme rear position, and the sleeve at this moment flies out of the pistol. This process brings the spring into tension, which provides cushioning.

The position of the construction pistol and the hands of the operator in the production of a shot

The position of the construction pistol and the hands of the operator during the production of a shot: a - pressing a button, b - installing pistols by marking and pressing the trigger, the dowel is clogged and the pistol is taken away from the plane of the wall.

During such an action, the handle itself beats against this improvised arc, and this is how the shutter stops, and after the gun has gotten rid of the cartridge case, the shutter will return to its original position. So, so that the arc does not deform and does not give a crack on the surface, it is best to use nails 200 for this purpose. It is recommended that you pre-harden the iron.

To provide a more convenient erection of the shutter, it is necessary to install a ring near the arc, on the bolt frame itself. It will support recoil support. It must be installed in the same way as the shutter handle, that is, obliquely, otherwise there will be interference with aiming. At a short distance on both sides of the frame, 7 mm holes are made (2 pieces). They will play the role of patronage, so that you can reload the gun more conveniently and quickly.

Along the entire body of the main frame, it is necessary to cut a semicircular hole, which is intended as a slide frame.

For the manufacture of the trigger nail is bent the letter "h", but only in such a way that the upper right foot was absent. After that, it is necessary to make a hole in the frame under the hairpin, as close as possible to the trigger, and the excess is ground off. A similar aperture is made under the spring, the location of which is the middle of the trigger.

After the trigger is attached to the frame, proceed to fixing the bolt carrier with the barrel. To do this, use metal plates and screws. The first must be in the form of a pistol frame, for which they are deformed accordingly. They are fastened from two sides, as well as in the center of the bolt and main frame.

Charging in such a gun looks like this: first of all, there is a cocking of the bolt to the very stop, and it is charged with a cartridge, followed by a shot. After each procedure, the action must be repeated. In order for the cartridge case to leave the valve freely, it is recommended that each cartridge be slightly lubricated with engine oil.

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The need for an assembly gun

This tool is a great alternative to manual work. With it, the processing of solid surfaces is greatly simplified.

The device piston construction gun

The device is a piston construction and assembly gun.

Such a gun is preferred because:

  1. In the process of driving dowels / nails, there is no need to drill holes for them. This saves not only effort, but also time for construction work.
  2. This gun has no need for power supply. Therefore, they can be used not only indoors, but also outside.

The only thing that requires constant monitoring is the presence of a sufficient number of mounting cartridges.

There are three main types of mounting guns:

  • gas;
  • pneumatic;
  • powder.

But here it is worthwhile to immediately stipulate that the mounting cartridge is used only in the latest model. If we consider its construction in more detail, we can find a lot in common with ordinary firearms. Therefore, the principle of their work is similar.

The type of charge of the mounting cartridge may also be different:

  • manual feed, they are called singly charged;
  • cassette and disc feed, this model is a semi-automatic;
  • cassette feed - fully automatic.
Schemes of construction guns and dowels to them

Schemes of construction guns and dowels to them.

For carrying out serious work, the latter type of gun is used, since their performance has the highest rate - 700 connections per hour.

But depending on the type of construction process, a special design may be needed. It is used in such cases:

  1. In carrying out roofing work.
  2. At installation of a professional flooring or a waterproofing of tunnel pipes.
  3. In work with concrete surfaces.
  4. In the process of interacting with low carbon steels.
  5. Used when attaching various metal gratings.

In such a gun is idle mounting cartridge. But this does not mean that we should forget about the safe operation of this device.

To do this, after every 500 holes, the technician should be disassembled, inspected for damage and cleaned with lubrication of all viscera.

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How does the mounting cartridge

In powder pistols, the dowel clogging process occurs due to the piston, which is operated by breaking the cartridge.

Characteristics of the cartridges for the mounting gun

Characteristics of ammunition for the mounting gun.

This moment is selected in accordance with the working surface, how dense it is. This question can be solved in two ways: 1 - pick up the required power to the cartridge, 2 - pick up the required power to the pistol, or rather its design.

The blank construction cartridge is presented in the form of a sleeve, one of the ends of which is seamed. To be able to determine the power of the cartridge, they are painted in the appropriate colors. Most often, such a cartridge is charged with smokeless powder. After the striker strikes the primer-igniter, ignition and explosion will follow.

But it should immediately be said that the powder model of the pistol is not intended for work with materials such as ceramics, glass, granite, curbstone and cast iron.

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Calibration of mounting cartridges

Each type of tool is designed for its own cartridge, which corresponds to the caliber and power.

If automatic or semi-automatic pistols will be used, then the best caliber option is 6.8x11 and 6.8x18. For single-shot models, the 56x16 chuck is used. There are six primary colors that mark power: green, black, blue, gray, yellow and red. This color is duplicated on the packaging itself.

It is necessary to select power very carefully, as the reliability of the mount itself depends on this. For lighter surfaces, for example, bricks, a power of up to 500 J is suitable, but concrete or steel need to exceed this power.

Such a device easily replaces even a perforator, which will require not only physical labor, but also a certain amount of time to process a concrete wall. A mounting gun with a cartridge makes this task much easier. By the way, if the work will be carried out on vertical surfaces or on the ceiling, then all the construction waste will fly straight into the eyes, which is extremely inconvenient. But the use of this tool will avoid such inconveniences.

In addition, the gun doesn’t care if there is any moisture or dampness on the working surface; weather phenomena themselves do not affect it. How quickly work will take place depends directly on the operator himself, on the speed at which he reloads the gun.

But, of course, it is worth noting that if the installation gun was not made personally, then such a device would be expensive. In addition, the replacement package itself has a fairly high price. Also a very important point, especially in terms of employee safety, is the use of certified cartridges, and not counterfeit.

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