A good unit - a concrete mixer from the barrel with your own

When performing construction work it is impossible to do without cement and concrete. For the preparation of high-quality concrete, it is desirable to have special tools. For several columns, concrete can be kneaded in a trough with an ordinary shovel; for large-scale construction or repair, at least a concrete mixer from the barrel is needed. You can buy it without any problems in the store, but it is cheaper to make it yourself. How and what to make a concrete mixer? The best and fairly widespread option is a metal barrel.

Homemade concrete mixer from the barrel

Self-made concrete mixer is made from a 200-liter barrel.

Concrete mixer can be made in different sizes, with different drives. It can be manual and electric, can have a base on wheels and fixed. In general, the principle of operation of this unit is simple. The container, resembling a barrel, has an axis around which it rotates slowly, mixing all the ingredients, filled in (image No. 1). How to make a concrete mixer at home?

The principle of operation of concrete mixers

In the work of a standard concrete mixer, the following methods of mixing the solution are used:

  • gravitational;
  • mechanical forced;
  • vibration forced;
  • combined gravitational-mechanical.
The principle of operation of the mixer from the barrel

Image 1. The principle of operation of the mixer from the barrel.

The gravitational method is based on the fact that the capacity in which the components of the solution are poured rotates. The solution inside falls on itself and mixes. An installation of this kind is ineffective and does not have a large distribution, although it can be used in a household.

The vibration method assumes that the bucket with the components is stationary, and mixing takes place due to the operation of the mixer-mixer placed inside the tank. The disadvantage of the method is the high cost of electricity due to the use of fairly powerful engines. But the quality of concrete in this case is very high. This concrete is used in the construction of hydroelectric power stations and other similar structures.

Forced mechanical method is usually not applied. Most often combine mechanical and gravitational mixing. The mixer rotates in a horizontal or inclined container. The tub itself can rotate with the blades welded to its walls. Such a concrete mixer with their own hands can be made in the home workshop.

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Materials for work

To work will require:

  • empty barrel with a capacity of 200 liters, it can be kneaded 7-10 solution buckets;
  • metal fittings and corners;
  • suitable engine;
  • several metal bars or large angles, channels;
  • bearings;
  • pipes of different diameter.
Tools necessary for work

Tools necessary for work: hammer, bolts, angle, Bulgarian, shovels, electric drill, tape measure, hacksaw.

From the tools you need to prepare:

  • electric drill;
  • yardstick;
  • piece of fishing line;
  • hammer;
  • grinding machine;
  • Door hinges;
  • hacksaw;
  • screwdrivers;
  • welding unit;
  • spanners;
  • punch;
  • drill;
  • the bolts.

Absolutely all the materials most often can be found in the household of any master. You can start making a concrete mixer from the barrel with your own hands.

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Making concrete mixers

All work consists of several stages:

  1. Markup.
  2. Making legs.
  3. Barrel equipment.
  4. Assembly installation.
Installing a manual concrete mixer from the barrel

Image 2. Installing a manual cement mixer from the barrel.

The markup begins with the selection of a suitable barrel. It should be empty, the bottoms should be in place. In each of them you need to find the center and drill holes. They are needed to install the shaft and flanges. On the side of the container, you need to mark the lid, in which the bucket will freely enter. Its size is about 25 x 30 cm. The cover is cut out with the help of a grinder, welded to it (or attached with bolts and nuts) door hinges and set in place. For its fastening, you can use metal corners, bolts, handles of various types.

Legs resembling the letter “A” are constructed from bars, corners, channels. They are connected to each other by fittings, the length of which is slightly longer than the length of the barrel.

Next, the shaft is welded into the barrel from a piece of pipe, bearings are installed. The blades can be welded to the shaft of any design that will scrape the entire mortar and its components from the walls.

It remains to equip the installation with a manual or electric drive (image No. 2).

In the description there are no exact dimensions of the parts. They may differ significantly from each other. It all depends on the desires and capabilities of each master DIY.

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Safe work rules

  1. During the installation, do not try to get inside the rotating container.
  2. You need to constantly monitor the location and health of the power cord.
  3. Do not allow small children to the unit.
  4. If the design is made in the mobile version, when working under the wheels should be installed stops.
  5. Regularly necessary to monitor and tighten all bolted connections.
  6. It is recommended to work in mittens.
  7. Do not leave the mixer during work unattended.
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Practice Tips

Homemade concrete mixer from the barrel

Image 3. On the container of the barrel, you need to make a couple of through cuts and turn the cylinder into a pear.

  1. For the manufacture of the axis, you can use a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. A crosspiece is welded to it from inside the barrel to mix the solution. The solution is prepared for 8-10 rpm.
  2. The electric motor is usually used single-phase with a block of capacitors. The speed of rotation of the barrel should be approximately 48 revolutions.
  3. Cross, blades can be welded from a corner of 25 x 25 mm.
  4. The capacity of the barrel is recommended to be improved. Make a few through cuts on it and turn the cylinder into a kind of egg or pear (image No. 3).
  5. A gear ring may be necessary for operation of the drive. The crown from the Volga car of any model can fit.
  6. Instead of the usual metal barrel, you can use polyethylene. But its service life will be much less, and work with it may be more.
  7. At the end of the working day, 2-3 buckets of water should be poured into the container and rinsed with a barrel. If tomorrow you have to start the installation to work, do not drain the water.

Concrete mixer from the barrel - a product that can be made at home.

Such a concrete mixer is easy to use, saves significant amounts of money, is an excellent assistant in the implementation of repair and construction works. Most of the components and components for the concrete mixer will be in the inventory of the owner.

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