Various models of homemade tools for sharpening knives

Any hostess knows how important it is to have sharp knives in the kitchen. From how properly sharpened blade, depends not only its ability to cut, but also the duration of operation. These two indicators are dependent on each other. For example, a small sharpening angle provides a high cutting ability, but reduces the strength of the blade. In particular, these properties are clearly manifested during mechanical effects on the blade. Professionals believe, and this is justified by practice, the harder the material used for the blade, the greater the angle required for sharpening it.

Knife Sharpening Tool

The scheme of the device for sharpening knives.

Factory and home-made devices: the differences from each other

Sharpening knives in industrial conditions occurs at a certain angle. For this purpose, special devices are used. They provide the optimal location of the knife when it interacts with the abrasive component of the tool. It is considered that electrical devices for sharpening knives do not give the desired effect, as the abrasive moves at high speed, each time increasing the softness of the material of the knife. In recent years, many have replaced electric ones with mechanical ones, using special tools for sharpening knives — factory-made or hand-made. And do not take the time to make them. It will pay off a hundredfold later, ensuring a high degree of cutting of the blade, its strength and long service life.

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Various models of homemade devices

Home masters invent and implement various models of homemade tools for sharpening knives.

The scheme for calculating the angle of sharpening the knife

The scheme for calculating the angle of sharpening the knife.

For example, it is very convenient to make sharpening, clamping the blade with screws in a vertical position between two bars, which are made of natural wood. This device allows you to hold the processed tool at the desired angle. Wooden bars are processed using jointing and have the form of triangles.

There is another model of sharpening knives, which is easy to make yourself at home and which will serve for a long time. It consists of two abrasive bars, which are fixed in the hole of the base at the required angle. One bar sharpens the blade, and the other polishes its surface. As a disadvantage of this device can be noted the impossibility of smooth adjustment of the bars to change the angle of sharpening.

There is a very simple device. For it, you should take a wooden bar, specially made at the required angle, and place an abrasive on it, which serves to sharpen the blade in a vertical position, which is much more convenient than placing it in a horizontal position. For processing a wooden bar and giving it a smoothness is a joking.

Recently, many housewives use knives that do not require sharpening for quite a long time. We are talking about ceramic knives or knives, which are coated with a special coating. If such tools become blunt, it is best to contact a specialized workshop, but you can also independently perform their sharpening.

To do this, you should build a universal self-made device that will allow you to sharpen a blade of any type using a diamond wheel. Processing is carried out very carefully, first on one side and then on the other. The movement of the circle should be carried out at low speed. Instead of a diamond-coated circle, you can use a stone musat. If the knife is severely damaged and has potholes, it will have to be turned several times. At the end of the work, the grinding bars must be cleaned.

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