Sharpening the saw chain

The sharpening of the electric sawing chain is done almost as independently as the sharpening of any cutting tool. Due to the fact that the teeth of the electric saws have a complex geometry of the structure, it is necessary to choose a suitable set of whetstone. The main difficulty of sharpening is related to the fact that the cutting side and top edges are asymmetrically arranged, the top one has a bevel at a certain angle to the line along which the chain moves. This is what may cause some difficulties.

Electric chain sawing process

Due to the complex structure of the teeth of an electric sawing chain, it is necessary to select the necessary tool for sharpening it.

On how much the limiter is installed, the chip thickness will depend. If electric saws are used very often, it becomes necessary to sharpen the circuit. There are cases when you need to sharpen several times a day. Rapid dulling of the saw occurs during contact with the ground. If the saw touches the ground several times, the process of cutting wood will deteriorate significantly.

Practical recommendations

To control the sharpness of the teeth should be regularly. If the teeth become blunt and the work continues, the large surface of the cutting elements deteriorates, and later the grinding will take longer, you will have to remove the damaged surface. If you sharpen the chain in time, you can extend its life.

File position when sharpening the saw chain

The position of the file when sharpening the chain saws.

In order to determine the quality of the teeth, it is enough to pay attention to the chips. If it comes out only fine, then the chain must be sharpened. Also, this factor can be determined when inserting the saw into the cut, if it enters with a slight effort, everything is normal, the work can be continued. If for this purpose it is necessary to exert great efforts, the chain of the saw became dull. You can also visually assess the condition of the instrument by inspecting all the elements.

A blunt saw not only performs the cut badly, it has a negative effect on the entire tool. Since the cut is carried out with great effort, the voltage diverges throughout the tool. The load on all the nodes in the saw increases, productivity decreases, more energy is consumed, and productivity drops. Such phenomena can harm the instrument and cause it to malfunction as soon as possible.

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The main parameters and elements of the teeth of the chain saws

Cutting Link Design:

  • base;
  • tooth blade;
  • depth stop.

In order to get the maximum result when cutting, all saw teeth must be sharpened at a certain angle. The back corner is formed by a back which falls down at an angle back. This part is responsible for the correct plunging of the blade into the wood. The blade forms the rear corner of the blade. This part of the part is intended for lateral cutting of wood chips.

Electric saw tooth arrangement

Diagram of the power saw tooth.

The end edge of the blade and the sliding surface of the cutting link itself will form the leading angle. Chains of electric saws can have this angle of different sizes. But the average range is 60-85 °. The most important angle is the rear angle, it is he who is responsible for the upper blade. There is no exact degree scale for this angle, but in order for it to be sharpened correctly, the rules described above must be observed.

The angle of sharpening of a power saw can be changed, it depends on a certain case. It is important to adhere to the rule: the higher the sharpening angle, the greater will be the cutting performance, especially when sawing softwood. But despite this, it is necessary that the sharpening angle is in the range of 35-25 °. There is only one exception - this is a longitudinal saw, in which this angle will be equal to 10 °.

The depth stop controls the depth to which the upper blade can enter. On average, this indicator is in the range of 0.5-0.8 mm. If the limiter is installed at a greater depth, then vibrations are possible, also the saw can give recoil. Too low values ​​will result in poor performance.

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Basic rules: how to sharpen a chain

It should immediately be noted that the contour of the internal surface of the tooth is very close in shape to the circumference, so it is worth using a file with a small diameter to sharpen the chain. In addition, the metal from which the teeth are made is soft enough and it is easy to sharpen the chain.

The location of the front angle sharpening chain cutting

The location of the front angle sharpening cutting chain.

It is very important to choose a file in accordance with the size of the chain, because sharpening requires a strict concentration of attention and a solid hand. The tool should protrude by 20% relative to the top face of the tooth when grinding. If sharpening is carried out in a horizontal plane, the file must be held at a right angle. If sharpening is done vertically, the file should be held at an angle of 30 or 10 °.

To perform quality work on sharpening the teeth, you need to use several tools, since using a file alone it is rather difficult to do all the work. For the implementation of such manipulations you need to use a set of tools that comes with an electric saw. If there is no such set, you should purchase it separately in the store, tools can be purchased separately, as long as they fit the size of the chain and teeth.

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Main tools with which sharpening is carried out

The kit for carrying out such work must include:

  • two files: round and flat;
  • special hook with which saws are cleaned from sawdust.

In order to be convenient to use a file of a round shape, it is installed in a special holder. Thanks to it, you can precisely position the file during the work.

The holder should be installed on the sharpened tooth, taking into account all the orientation lines that are on it.

Power Sharpening Tools

Tools for sharpening electric saws: round and flat files, special hook.

During sharpening, the holder itself lies on the stopper and the upper edge of the tooth itself. With this arrangement, the file is under the bottom. Thanks to the holder, the file is located at the required height. Regardless of the type of saw you can pick up the appropriate holder.

The first movements of the file should be carried away from you, and you do not need to push it hard. In order to evenly wear the file during operation, it must be rotated regularly. This will prevent erasing the tool from one side. All teeth are ground on one system. For greater convenience, it is recommended to sharpen the teeth in one direction and then another. When sharpening, it is recommended to make a tool with approximately the same number of movements and observe the same pressing force. This will make all the cutting teeth of the same shape and length.

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Sharpening the chain with the machine: the nuances

There are cases when sharpening using an ordinary file is impossible. Such cases are frequent in the event that when sawing saw was sand, soil or gravel. Further cutting is reduced to a minimum. It will also require the use of a special machine in the event that the chain has been sharpened and not used for a very long time.

The work can be done with a file, but this process will take a lot of time and effort, so the best way out will be to use special machines. Such machines can be electrical or mechanical. If you do not have experience with such a tool, it is best to seek the help of specialists who will complete all the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After reviewing the above, you now know how to sharpen the chain. Good luck!

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