Independent choice of jigsaw

The versatility of the electric jigsaw has long been appreciated by both home craftsmen and professionals. It is an electric powered hand tool. At the same time it weighs absolutely not much and has small sizes. The choice of jigsaw directly depends on the scope of its application.

Diagram of an electric jigsaw

Diagram of the electric jigsaw.

Such an appliance can be shaped, transverse or longitudinal cutting on a different sheet metal. He can perform the following types of work:

  • Curved cuts are made of many materials;
  • You can make a hole in the shape of a rectangle or circle, the diameter of which is independently controlled;
  • You can cut straight into any material: ceramic tile, laminate, drywall, plastic, wood or sheet metal.

The positive side of using electric jigsaw

This popularity of this tool is due to several reasons:

Characteristics table of electric jigsaws

Table of characteristics of electric jigsaws.

  1. At home, rarely there is a need for powerful devices. Therefore, an ordinary jigsaw copes with a variety of everyday tasks.
  2. If necessary, such a tool can qualitatively perform figure cutting materials.
  3. For the operation of such equipment does not need special experience or the availability of specific knowledge of the tool.
  4. For people working with wood, jigsaws become the first thing.

Like any other tool, jigsaw has classes: household and professional. In the first case, such a device is used in domestic production, which means that models are less powerful and the working resource is somewhat lower. There is no reason to equip such a class with additional features, since they simply will not be used at the amateur level.

Household jigsaws are designed for cutting wooden parts with a thickness of not more than 7 cm and steel up to 0.2-0.4 cm. The most popular manufacturers of household models are Poland and China. The working time of such a jigsaw is calculated at about 20 hours per month. Due to such "lowered" technical characteristics, the cost of household models is more acceptable for an ordinary consumer, who can easily make his choice.

Household electric jigsaw

Household jigsaw designed for homework, because it has less power than a professional.

As for professional electric jigsaws, then they put forward more exaggerated requirements, as they perform more complex work. This category of tools has a performance indicator higher than household counterparts. In addition, they are able to withstand high loads, while maintaining the convenience of their use during the work. This jigsaw is able to work with wood with a thickness of 8 to 13.5 cm, steel - up to 2 cm.

Of course, such opportunities leave their mark on the price. The most popular manufacturers of such equipment are Japan, Sweden and Germany, which equip their equipment with all sorts of additional functions.

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Electric jigsaw device

Before you make a choice, you need to know the design of the tool.

Professional electric jigsaw

Professional electric jigsaw capable of withstanding high loads, and is designed for cutting thick materials.

  1. Saw. The cutting of the working material is carried out by a special file, which comes into working condition at the expense of the electric motor. The cutting device moves in the vertical direction with an average frequency of 3500 strokes per 1 minute. Movement are reciprocating.
  2. Platform. Such a tool has a sole or plate, which is the supporting platform for the installation of the mechanism. It directs the angle of the cut in the right direction, and allows you to maintain the desired distance between the working surface and the tool. Some models have the ability to expand its sole to 45 degrees. Plastic, aluminum or steel is used to make this design.
  3. A file with a chain. This element is closed with a protective screen made of organic glass in order to protect the operator during the sawing operations.
  4. A pen. Modern manufacturers make them staples or mushrooms, and the first option is still more common. In each case, the choice is accompanied by personal preferences, but experts note that mushroom-shaped handles are more convenient if the cut is made on inclined surfaces. But the brace is convenient for controlling the cutting line.
  5. Batteries. Rather, it is a separate kind of jigsaw wireless. Such tool gives the chance to work in field conditions. But here it is worth mentioning at once that such models work until the batteries are exhausted. Therefore, this point should always be considered. Moreover, in comparison with wired counterparts, they are somewhat inferior to them in power.
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Additional features

It depends on what purpose a tool is purchased, it may have a number of additional options that will help facilitate the cutting of materials.

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Electric jigsaw heat circuit

Scheme heat electric jigsaw.

Modern jigsaws have a special pendulum multi-stage mechanism. He makes additional messages saw in the horizontal direction, and also carries out a cut only while moving up. This option improves the productivity of work, moreover, it largely affects the service life of the cutting element itself. Although for the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that in some cases it contributes to a lower quality of the cut surface. Therefore, if clean cutting is of paramount importance, then such a function is undesirable.

In the case of cutting solid wood or sheet steel, it is better to disconnect the pendulum or set it to a minimum.

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Stroke frequency control

This option applies to almost all types of material. It can be enabled in two ways:

  • select the required frequency before starting work, that is, before turning on the jigsaw;
  • during work by pressing the special start button, the frequency changes.

This option helps to increase productivity, but at the same time it greatly contributes to the rapid wear of the working web.

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Such a function is convenient when there is not enough light in the workshop. Light provides a specially built-in light in the work area.

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Desktop fret saw

Scheme desktop jigsaw.

During the cutting of materials (especially wood) a sufficient amount of waste is obtained, that is, sawdust. Therefore, most modern models have a powerful cooling fan, which, in addition to its intended purpose, serves as a "blower" of garbage.

Thus, the workplace is cleared, and the work does not stop.

Although you can use and industrial vacuum cleaner, as some have the ability to connect to it. But for this purpose it is necessary to have an additional adapter.

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File change system

If the jigsaw is going to work a lot, then the files will quickly lose their sharpness. This function allows you to quickly change them without interrupting production. For this purpose, a special lever is located on the body, pressing which removes the worn part.

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Turning the file

Such a function is necessary in those works where circles are constantly cut out. A special device makes it possible to unfold the file by 360 degrees.

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Angle lock

With this function, the jigsaw is fixed at angles of 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees.

You can choose additional parts for electric jigsaw, some of which are particularly popular:

Standard electric jigsaw file

Standard saw set for electric jigsaw.

  1. A table with which the equipment can be fixed in the workplace. Convenience is that the position of the tool is not corrected, namely, the working material. It can also be used to work with small details.
  2. Replaceable plate. It is attached to the support sole in order to provide better sliding.
  3. Suitcase. This device is designed to store the appliance with all its spare parts. It may be available initially, but it can be purchased separately. But it should be noted that it is best to buy the company that produced the jigsaw itself.

Additional screwdrivers, interchangeable cutting saws, oil for lubrication, etc. can also be included with the jigsaw.

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How to choose the right tool: practical recommendations

There are several points that will help influence the implementation of the right choice:

Electric jigsaw elements requiring replacement or lubrication

Elements of an electric jigsaw, requiring periodic replacement or lubrication.

  1. Cutting files Depending on the field of application, these parts can be from different materials, have appropriate sizes, and also vary in color and shape of the tail. As for the last parameter, it becomes important when there is a need to replace the file. A rare form is sometimes very difficult to find, therefore, buying a jigsaw, this point should be taken into account. The file material has three classes of designation: HCS, HSS and BIM. In the first case, it is carbon steel, which is applicable with artificial materials or soft wood. The second option is high-speed steel, which is designed for hard materials such as plastic, non-ferrous metal, aluminum or steel. The third class is bimetallic fabrics, which have higher performance properties, besides they are universal and are used even in hard-to-reach places.
  2. The size of the saw blade. The most common use of files with a length of 5 to 10.5 cm. But if necessary, you can find longer ones. According to the purpose of the cut, the files can be for a straight or curved cut. In the second case, the shape will be narrower.
  3. Teeth .This parameter depends on the choice of working material. Because of this, they can be of different sizes, shapes or have a certain step. Usually the manufacturer indicates the destination on the label. If you have to work with glass or ceramic tile, then the file will not have teeth. These types have diamond or carbide coating.
  4. Power apparatus. Probably, this parameter should have been started, because this indicator will indicate exactly how to use the jigsaw. Household models have a power of 350 watts, while professional keep the level of 580-750 watts. It should be remembered that the power jigsaw will directly affect its weight.
  5. The number of moves. From this moment it depends on how clean the saw will be and how fast it will be carried out. The range is quite wide - from 0 to 3100 strokes per minute, but in more professional equipment this parameter reaches the mark of 3500.

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Replacing files

The device itself means fixing this element by screws or special clamping devices. In the latter case, there is no need to think about an additional tool during replacement.

If the jigsaw will be used frequently and with different materials, it is better to think about such a function as adjusting the frequency of the stroke.

Cleaning function As mentioned above, the jigsaw can automatically clean up the resulting debris, and can be connected to a vacuum cleaner. And judging objectively, the second option is still better. It helps keep the workspace clean, and not just removes impurities from the work surfaces.

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Conclusion and debriefing

Regardless of what type of instrument was purchased, you should remember about the correctness of its use.

Do not use the jigsaw for other purposes, otherwise it is fraught with tool breakage. Work with specific materials determines certain requirements. For example, if a steel tree is sawn, then it is better to carry it out at high speeds and high power. While using plastic you can use 1000 strokes per minute, but no less. Again, it is recommended to give the engine time to “catch its breath”, especially if the work is done at a low frequency of the stroke. Otherwise the jigsaw will quickly fail.

It is mandatory to monitor the cleanliness of the tool, regularly lubricating all the metal parts of the mechanisms. Works are carried out only in special clothes and only after reading the instructions for use. Because each model can have its own operation nuances.

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