How to use an electric jigsaw

Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine woodworking without the use of an electric jigsaw - a special tool with which you can cut out the desired shape from various sheet materials (wood, metal, plastic). It is quite difficult for many newcomers in the construction industry to find out how to work with a jigsaw correctly, and the quality of the work performed depends on it. Therefore, in the following it will be considered how to use an electric jigsaw.

Jigsaw device

Electric jigsaw device.

The choice of files and modes of operation of the jigsaw

The quality work of the jigsaw largely depends on the choice of the file and the mode of operation of the tool to perform a particular task. Files have a different shape, tooth pitch, wiring and material. For rough and fast work used saws with large teeth and a divorce, and for a clean cut should be used cutting blades with small teeth without divorce. In the market of construction tools there are also files with variable tooth pitch. From above, they have a small step, and from the bottom - a bit larger. This allows you to achieve high-quality cut at high speed.

Working posture and jigsaw grip during sawing

Working posture and grip jigsaw when sawing: a - sitting; b - standing.

Most of the cutting blades are made of a uniform material, but sometimes bimetallic saws are found, in which the teeth are made of hard metal, and the rest of the web is made from softer ones. Such a saw should be used if it is planned to process hard material. For cutting tiles apply special tiles without teeth. Their surface is coated with an abrasive mixture (diamond or hard alloy coating).

Different materials require the use of certain modes of the jigsaw. This mainly concerns the frequency of the stroke and the inclusion of the pendulum mechanism. Usually, the wood can be cut at the maximum speed of the power tool. An exception is the processing of hard varieties (for example, oak). The choice of the speed of the jigsaw should be made according to this rule: the harder the material, the less should be the speed of the file.

Vyilovochnye tables

Vypilovochny little tables: and - for work sitting; b - for standing work: 1 - base; 2 - stand.

The pendulum mechanism is used when cutting thick wooden blanks. With a workpiece thickness of 30-40 mm, the pendulum regulator is placed in the 1st position, with a thickness of 40-50 mm - in the 2nd, and with a thickness of more than 50 mm - in the 3rd. With smaller workpieces, the pendulum mechanism can be omitted, since it will not give a tangible positive effect, and the quality of work can only deteriorate. That is why this mechanism is not used when working with parquet, laminate and other facing materials with a decorative outer layer.

Cutting plastic and organic glass is best done at a speed of about 35% of the maximum. Processing of metal blanks is made without a pendulum mechanism at a speed below average. When cutting steel sheets, the speed decreases even more (up to 30% of the maximum).

Work with a jigsaw at low speeds are carried out for quite a long time, so you need to make more frequent stops, otherwise it can lead to overheating of the tool and its failure.

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Preparatory work

Hand Jigsaw device

Device manual jigsaw.

Despite the apparent ease of use of the jigsaw, to get a high-quality cut, you need to follow some rules. It is also important to prepare additional materials with the help of which it is possible to greatly facilitate the work performed.

First, you need to have on hand several types of saws, which will differ among themselves in the material of manufacture, shape and number of teeth. Secondly, it is necessary to prepare a workplace, in which quality there can be a special table for fastening a jigsaw. Due to such an adaptation, not the tool, but the workpiece will move in the process of work. Instead of the table, many use other supporting structures. For example, you can install 2 bars for a stable attachment of material and tools.

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How to work with jigsaw?

Typical jigsaw kit for electric jigsaw

A typical set of files for jigsaw includes several saws for wood and metal.

Proper use of electric jigsaw depends on the shape of the cut. Therefore, further will be considered the main types of cutting and methods for their production.

  1. Free sawing. The tool is installed in such a way that its cutting part is almost in contact with the workpiece. Next, you need to turn on the electric jigsaw and slowly introduce the file, without having a strong impact on the tool. Use it smoothly and carefully, constantly making sure that the incision passes strictly along the marked line.
  2. Sawing parallel to the edge. To do this, use a guide ruler, which is placed in the stop edge. At the same time, the jigsaw ski should be placed parallel to the ruler. When the cutting line passes far from the edge for a standard ruler, then you can drive the edge of the ski along a flat rail, pressed, for example, with clamps to the workpiece.
  3. Sawing under the bevel. Instrument ski can be installed at any angle of inclination in each direction within 45 °. To do this, slightly loosen the screws securing the ski and set the desired angle on a scale of inclination, after which the screws should be re-tightened. Directing a tilted jigsaw with your hand is quite difficult even for a specialist, so you can use a guide ruler or rail to facilitate the task.
  4. Curved sawing is easier when there is a large radius. If there are sharp bends, then you need to make steep cuts along the radius to the center. In the process of cutting, these sectors will fall out.
  5. Circular cutting. To create a smooth circle, turn the side guide ruler into a compass, connecting it with the centric, which is included in the tool kit. Strengthen the centrifuge in the middle of the circle and rotate the working jigsaw around it.

With the right choice of files and modes of operation of the electric jigsaw, following all the rules and recommendations for its use, working with such a tool will seem quite simple and pleasant to you, and the result will certainly please you.

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