How to sharpen knives for meat grinder

The meat grinder is an indispensable mechanism for the kitchen. With its help it is easy to grind almost any food from which you can cook delicious dishes. In some cases, a meat grinder may even be more necessary than a blender or food processor.

Meat Grinder Knives

Knives at the meat grinder become dull with time and they need to be sharpened.

But over time, even the highest quality mechanism ceases to please us with its serviceability. This problem does not bypass the meat grinder, in particular, its knives. As a rule, after a sufficiently long use and the most expensive parts become dull. This is due to the fact that a small depression is formed in the place where the grille is pressed against the knife. And in some cases, it itself becomes blunt, if the quality of the blade is not high enough.

Characteristic of knives and the principle of work

Grinder device

Grinder device.

Before proceeding to the consideration of the process, how to sharpen a meat grinder knife, it is advisable to elaborate in more detail on the principle of its operation. Without this knowledge, you can hardly sharpen the mechanism with your own hands.

Any meat grinder works on two knives. The first is stationary. It is a circle in diameter of the hole of the meat grinder, inside which there are a lot of small holes. During operation of the device, this knife remains immovable. The second is a spare part of a smaller diameter, having blades (usually 4 of them). During operation, these blades rotate, due to which food is chopped.

So, the one that rotates provides the quality of cutting food into small pieces. A stationary mechanism through the holes ensures the passage of these pieces, which enables them to grind even more and turn into a single mass.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to sharpening the individual blades of the second type of blades, because without sufficient sharpness the products will not be crushed, which means they will not be able to pass through the holes of the first type knife normally.

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The main methods of sharpening

Sharpening a knife on sandpaper or grindstone

Sharpening a knife on sandpaper or grindstone.

How to sharpen a knife correctly? Before any method of sharpening it is necessary to properly prepare the knives. This is necessary both for better quality of work, and so that the tool for sharpening does not deteriorate immediately. Therefore, before the process it is necessary to lubricate the blades with ordinary sunflower oil and let it dry for 5 minutes. The same should be done with the tool for sharpening. This procedure will additionally save the knife from the formation of splinters due to the possible wrong turn of the blades during operation.

Let us turn to the main process - the sharpening of knives for the meat grinder. There are several ways to do this. So that you can choose the most suitable and convenient method, consider them all in more detail.

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Sharpening on a special machine

Sharpening the knife on the machine

Sharpening the knife on the machine.

The first most convenient method is to use a special machine, which is designed for sharpening the blades for a meat grinder. This mechanism has a very smooth abrasive surface, which in its appearance is very similar to an ordinary disk. How to sharpen a knife on a smooth disk?

The thing is that before sharpening this disc is applied specially designed for this purpose paste, which has in its composition the smallest abrasive particles. It dries pretty quickly, after which the disc becomes rough and ready to work on sharpening.

Then you need to turn on the machine - the circle will begin to rotate. It is necessary to take a knife and gently press it with blades. In this case, grinding is performed in several stages with interruptions so that the metal has time to cool enough and not to overheat.

But this method has two main disadvantages. The first is the difficulty of sharpening with no skills. As a rule, people who have never worked with a knife for a meat grinder before will not be able to sharpen them at the right angle on such a machine. In addition, it may be unsafe. Therefore, for such work you need to seek help from a specialist.

The second disadvantage is the cost of the machine. The design of this type is worth a lot of money, while getting it is not so easy in a regular hardware store. Therefore, before stopping on this method of sharpening, think about whether you need to spend money on a machine for this purpose.

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Use of grindstone

Sharpening round knife

Disc knife needs periodic sharpening, for this it is driven in sandpaper or a grinding stone.

The second method is the use of an ordinary grindstone. Here you can try sharpening in two ways. The first is reduced to the fact that you will need to move the stone, while the second focuses on moving the meat grinder knife. Consider both ways.

The first way is by rotating the knife. To do this, take a grinding stone, the surface area of ​​which is 2-3 times the diameter of the knife. In this case, the fraction should be very small. Otherwise, it will take a very long time to grind, or the work will not work out of sufficient quality.

Put the knife in the middle of the grinding stone so that the blades fit snugly to its surface. Then, holding it in the middle with your finger, make a circular motion with the knife. It is necessary to try to push it with force, gradually increasing the speed of rotation.

In the process of sharpening, check the uniformity of the blades from time to time. When they all become equally homogeneous without visible irregularities and notches, the sharpening can be considered complete. Also note that this sharpening method is ideal for not too dull blades. But it is absolutely useless in severely neglected cases.

The second way - the rotation of the stone. This is a more radical method, which will make it possible to undermine even a very stupid mechanism. Stone for sharpening, too, must be used with a fine fraction of grain. Grinding force will be achieved by friction on the surface. The size of the stone can be taken equal to the size of the knife.

So, you need to wear a hand to protect the mitten and take that knife with this hand. In the other hand, the stone is taken, tightly pressed against the knife and moves in a circle. It will be much more effective to fix the knife, if possible, in order not to hold it on its own, then sharpen it with a piece of stone.

After the procedure, you need to give the knife a little to cool, and then rinse under cold water to remove unnecessary residues of metal. Sharpening can be considered finished. With this method, due to the stronger adhesion of materials, cardinal sharpening occurs.

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Sharpening sandpaper

The third method, how to sharpen a knife, is to use sandpaper. Depending on how thick the knife is, the thickness of the sandpaper is chosen. Thicker metal requires a greater fraction of grains. Small thin knives sharpen well and on the weak paper.

To sharpen a knife like this, take it in one hand and the paper in the other. Then alternately begin to wipe each blade (blade) of the knife with paper until it becomes sharp. It is possible to slightly sharpen a stationary knife of the meat grinder. Perform movements as if you are just wiping the surface with paper.

So, the main methods of sharpening knives for meat grinders are considered.

If you follow these simple tips, you can do the work yourself and use the tool for a long time without resorting to wasting money on new knives.

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