How to sharpen knives at home with a bar

In each kitchen there is always a set of knives. Very often there is a situation when the tools lose their sharpness. If the knife is blunt, you can use another. But we must remember that sooner or later they will all be badly cut, and therefore you will still have to sharpen them. Many do not know how to sharpen knives bar. Why does the blade become dull with time? Regardless of the metal from which it is made, its continuous wear begins during continuous operation.

Kitchen knife

With long-term use of knives, they require timely sharpening.

This occurs as a result of friction against the surface of another object, which contributes to wear on the edge. Often there are situations when the cutting edge breaks off. This is observed at increased lateral load, while the cutting edge begins to bend. The process of tearing the smallest particles of metal occurs unnoticed. If knives are used to cut solid objects at right angles, then the blade is blunted much faster. Let us consider in more detail how the knife sharpening takes place with the help of a bar, the main stages of work.

Varieties of grinding tools

Sharpening a knife with a bar

The simplest option for sharpening a knife at home is sharpening with a bar.

To learn how to sharpen knives, you need to know the basic methods of sharpening. In the household, you can use various accessories and tools:

  • musat
  • grinding bars;
  • electrical and mechanical sharpeners;
  • grinding devices.

Choosing a particular tool, you do not need to save. A quality grinding device will last for many years, while a cheap one can even ruin a blade. To professional tools include grinding machines. They are used in repair shops. In the absence of skills, this method of sharpening is better not to use. The easiest way to sharpen a knife is to purchase a mechanical type of sharpener. It is used to sharpen kitchen tools. If the knife has a thick blade, then this option will not work.

To edit the cutting edge, you can use musats. But they will be useless in a situation where the blade has already become blunt in the process of use. The most popular today are grinding bars. Sharpening knives bar is very simple and cheap. A bar is a stone that consists of abrasive grains. The number and size of them may be different. Bars of foreign manufacture are labeled, on which you can determine the grain.

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Tool sharpening technique

The angle of sharpening of knives depending on their mission

Angle of sharpening of knives depending on their mission.

How to sharpen knives at home? For this you need to know a few basic rules. First, for work you need to have at hand not one, but just two grinding bars. The first should have a coarse-grained structure, and the second - fine-grained. In this case, one bar will be needed for sharpening, and the other - for grinding. Secondly, before sharpening a knife, the blade must be moistened with water or special mineral oil. Thirdly, the angle of inclination of the tool to the grinding bar is of great importance. Fourth, the work is carried out in such a way that the grinding tool lies, and the blade moves on its surface, and not vice versa.

Sharpening angle can be different. It ranges from 15 to 45 degrees. Its optimum value is 20-25 degrees. The angle depends largely on the nature of the material from which the tool blade is made. If the knife is sharpened at a small angle, it will soon become dull again. This is due to the rounding of the cutting edge. How to sharpen a knife, observing constantly the same angle of inclination? It's pretty simple. First, it is recommended to fix the grinding stone on a flat surface. The blade is best positioned transversely. After that, you need to move it around the bar, observing the correct angle of inclination. It is advisable to do this only in one direction, for example, from oneself.

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Moving the blade through the grinder

Moving the knife on the bar

Moving the knife on the bar.

Sharpen the knife should be properly. It is recommended to move the blade along a bar moistened with water or oil. Sharpening is necessary until burrs appear over the length of the metal blade. Sharpening is carried out on both sides. Each time the burrs will be directed in one direction. They are simple enough to determine, for this you need to hold your finger on the back of the tool. At the beginning it is necessary to sharpen the knife with the help of a coarse bar, then a smaller one. This will reduce the size of the burr.

Use fine-grained bar to double. After re-sharpening, a leather product is used, for example, an old belt, the back side of which resembles suede. This will ensure blade grinding. Equally important when carrying out the work are the dimensions of the grinding bar. It is desirable that its width was 5 cm, and the length is 2 times the size of the blade. The tool should be kept smooth.

The blade must be placed across, and the very movement of the blade must be directed towards the cutting surface.

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How to evaluate the sharpness of the tool?

Determination of sharpness of knife sharpening

To determine the sharpness of sharpening a knife, you can use a sheet of paper.

Immediately before and after sharpening, you will need to determine how sharp the blade is. Sharpen the knife until it becomes sharp. It is not recommended to check the sharpness of the blade with your finger, as you can cut yourself. The easiest and safest way is to cut a sheet of paper that is on weight. A sharp blade should easily cut any paper. There is another technique. In this situation, you need to put the blade on the tomato and gently pull it toward you, without exerting much pressure. If the device is sharp, then the blade will enter the vegetable.

Rate sharpness can be with the naked eye. To do this, bring the blade to the light. If it has glare in length, this indicates the presence of blunt areas. The correctness of sharpening can be assessed differently. To do this, take a simple thread, which is fixed in an upright position. If the knife is sharp, then it will easily cut this thread. It must be remembered that the knives are different and the tests in question do not apply to some combat models.

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Conclusion, conclusions, recommendations

Thus, not everyone can sharpen the blade correctly. There are many tools for sharpening. Grinding machines are the most professional, but this method is used only in factories for the manufacture of knives and in workshops. For domestic use, the most optimal solution is a simple grinding block, which is a piece of abrasive material. Sharpen knives should be carefully, observing certain rules.

With one hand you need to hold the handle, and the second to hold the end of the blade. It is recommended to sharpen the tool in one direction. The final stage is grinding. For this purpose, a bar having a fine-grained structure is used. The main task of grinding is to remove burrs. If you have an idea of ​​how to sharpen knives, then this tool will serve faithfully for many years, and you will not have to change it to a new one.

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