How to sharpen band saws

In most cases, band saws are torn due to the fact that their sharpening was done without following a number of rules inherent in this process. To determine whether the tool needs to be sharpened, it is necessary to inspect its cutting walls and teeth. As a rule, the teeth become dumber, and the coating of the walls of the cut is simply getting coarser. This indicates that sharpening band saws should be made soon.

Band Saw

Circuit band saw.

Preparing to sharpen band saws

The selection of the necessary disks in order to sharpen a band saw correctly is carried out on the basis of the type of metal from which the tooth of the instrument is made. So, sharpening the saw, made on the basis of steel, is made with the help of corundum disks. Bimetal tools are sharpened with elbor or diamond discs. Disk configuration is selected based on the type of equipment used. Depending on this, they are profiled, pan-shaped, flat and dish-shaped.

Before starting work, it is necessary to turn the tape inside out and hang it for 12 hours.

Band Saw Blade Profile

Profile saw blade.

Rules that must be followed in the process of sharpening:

  1. Grind teeth as evenly and symmetrically as possible.
  2. Do not press too hard on the disc, otherwise you will burn the treated surface.
  3. Avoid the possibility of excessive grinding of teeth, otherwise they will change their shape and become unsuitable.
  4. Keep cool liquid on hand.
  5. Observe and eliminate burrs.

According to accepted standards, saws should be sharpened as follows: rear and front covers or exclusively front cover. Despite the established standards, the experience of professionals indicates that sharpening band saw can also be qualitatively applied to the back cover, that is, not touching the front one at all. In addition, this process is much easier, it is not so time consuming.

It may seem that a simple tool tread requires following too many rules. But in fact, this procedure is quite simple, and the rules are only a set of recommendations that will increase the productivity and durability of the tool used.

The process of divorce saw teeth

The process of divorce saw teeth.

Saws can be sharpened as hand-held devices, and special devices designed for this. Before proceeding with the procedure, it is recommended to consider the main methods of tool processing:

  • full profile sharpening;
  • sharpening the edges of the tooth.

The first method is considered better. Processing is carried out on an automated machine. To do this, you need to select an Elbor disc of the desired configuration. It is designed to fully treat the spacing between the teeth and the associated coatings. The use of such a disc eliminates the occurrence of irregular shapes in the teeth. The machine has only one drawback: you should always have at hand discs with profiles for various purposes.

The second method is produced both on the machine and independently. Processing is performed with the help of flat-profile disks, which are selected on the basis of the configuration of the saw.

It is extremely important to perform all work in a special mask or goggles.

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Automated sharpening machines and accessories

Simultaneous treatment of band saw ends

Simultaneous processing of the ends of the band saw.

Equipment for full-profile processing of band saws is only automated. The mechanism that holds the elbor circle synchronously moves together with the pusher, which moves the saw a certain distance after processing the interval between the teeth.

There are a variety of different machines designed to handle the coating of band saws in front or behind. As grinding equipment, disks made of high-strength solid structures are mainly used. All machines work according to a single principle, which was described above, with a reservation to some features of each variety.

Machines with an automated mode of operation are considered a special tool that is used mainly for a large amount of grinding work. If you use a band saw for domestic purposes, that is, only at certain times, it is recommended to grind the teeth yourself with the help of a simple wide profile grinding machine. Even an ordinary engraver will do for this. The treatment process can be carried out both on the front and on the back cover.

When processing a tool, it is important to pay attention to the machine itself, especially its disk. Watch out for its uniform location. Before starting work, make sure that it is securely tightened and installed.

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Sharpening band saw with engraver

This type of tool has an impressive speed of rotation, which is ideal for sharpening band saws. The minimum speed of rotation of the engraver is 10 thousand rpm. If you use a disc with a diameter of 2-3 cm, you can provide the tool with a normalized speed of rotation (11-16 m / s). In the process of processing the necessary material you need to follow safety regulations and wear safety glasses. Due to thinning, the disc may be damaged. And the person is always in the zone of damage of the smallest particles, splitting off from the disk during processing.

If you do not have a grinding machine or engraver at home, you can try to sharpen a band saw in a simple and proven way, using a file. Processing of the tape is performed with the help of 3-4 movements on the back and front, or only on the front edge of the teeth. Despite the simplicity of the sharpening process, it can take you a considerable amount of time. But if you have the necessary experience and skills, you can cope with sharpening as soon as possible.

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Recommendations of experts on the correct sharpening

The principle of operation of the band saw

The principle of operation of the band saw.

Qualified specialists recommend monitoring the condition of the machine and its disks constantly. Before starting work, it is imperative to ensure that the grinding disc is in a uniform position. The important point is the elimination of a certain amount of metal from the sinuses, to eliminate the occurrence of minor cracks.

In the case of using a band saw beyond the lifetime established by the manufacturer, the removal of metal from the teeth should be slightly increased. To verify the correctness of the treatment of teeth, you must have on hand a new band saw for comparison. This will help you achieve the highest quality results when processing the tool.

Tooth configuration is an accepted standard that has been developed over the years. Therefore, do not try to change their shape, otherwise the tool will not be able to cut the required surface quickly and efficiently.

Following the recommendations, you can increase the durability of the saw as much as possible. As soon as the size of the teeth loses 35% of the size of its initial state (after a certain number of sharpening cycles), the band saw can be considered unsuitable for work.

Tension knot of a cloth cloth

Knot of a tension of a cloth cloth.

There is a widespread opinion that the removal of burrs after sharpening is a completely optional process that will not affect the quality of the saw. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. The presence of burrs will necessarily lead to the appearance of small cracks, which will cause rapid tool wear.

It is worth remembering that at the end of processing with the tool it is necessary to clean metal filings and resin, otherwise the likelihood of contamination and further clogging of the grinding discs increases several times. Failure to comply with this item will not allow you to sharpen the tool.

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The main mistakes made when sharpening band saws

The most common mistake is excessive pressure on the sharpening disk during saw processing, as a result of which the notches of the teeth burn. This error will entail the speediest blunting of the tool.

The next mistake is considered to be an uneven bias during the turning process, which entails an incorrect configuration of the teeth. This may be due to several reasons. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the equipment in the process of work, since the eccentric can move. Also it is necessary to look closely to the angle of inclination of the machine head, there should not be any deviations in it. In addition, be sure to select the correct size of the grinding disk.

Observing a number of rules from this manual, you can more deeply understand the procedure for sharpening band saws. This will help you to increase the quality and durability of the tool.

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