How to sharpen a knife like a razor with your own hands

The knife is one of the most ancient tools which throughout many centuries does not lose the relevance. A good knife has always been considered one of the most important attributes that a real man should own. In this regard, he must know how to sharpen a knife so that it is like a razor. And if earlier only warriors and hunters should have such a skill, now now it should be possible for every member of the stronger sex.

Sharp knife

Sharpening knives need to be done every few months.

Sharpening a knife is not very difficult, it is not necessary to entrust it to specialists. If you make some effort and strictly follow the instructions, then any knife will be as sharp as a razor. For sharpening can be used a variety of tools:

  1. Electric sharpened.
  2. Bars, but you need to choose several, the grain should be different.
  3. The skin.
Knife Sharpener

For sharpening knives, you can use a special grinding tool.

An experienced person can sharpen a tool even in such conditions, when there is nothing of the above at hand that can be used to sharpen. He can even use a stone whose hardness is greater than the hardness of the knife itself. You can, of course, use special grinding devices that are offered in large quantities on the modern market and whose price range is very different, which allows everyone to make a choice. However, such devices are not always at hand, so manual shaving sharpening at home does not lose its relevance.

How is this process carried out?

Before you sharpen the knife, you need to properly examine it.

Direction for proper sharpening of knives

Direction for proper sharpening knives.

This must be done in order to be able to determine the state of its initial sharpness and the presence of chipping on the blade. If the blade is in absolutely unsuitable condition, then you need to use an electric sharpener, but it is recommended to work with this tool by professionals. If sharpening is done at home, then you can fully use the grinder. This method is reliable and proven, but you should immediately be prepared for the fact that it takes a lot of time. In order to save time, it is recommended to sharpen not the whole knife in this way, but only the part that has become blunt. If there are teeth on one side, then you should sharpen that part of the tool where there are no teeth, and the chamfer is removed. Shaving razor can be done like this: a grinder block is placed on the base (it can be any). It is necessary to use the base so that when sharpening the tabletop is not damaged.

A variety of things can be used as a base: a cutting board, an ordinary newspaper or a piece of linoleum. The knife is taken in the right hand by the handle, then the tool is placed in the bar on the bar, you need to do it at a slight angle. As for the choice of the angle, it is necessary to focus on the angle of the previous sharpening. For reliability, the bar should be held with the left hand, and the right hand performs translational movements. In this case, the blade of the knife should be as tight as possible against the bar. As for the amplitude of movements, everything depends on the length of the blade, the size of the blunt part of the blade can also be taken into account. Such an operation should be carried out on both sides of the knife blade. This is how the basic, what is called, coarse sharpening of a knife, which helps to give the blade an acute angle, is carried out.

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Useful recommendations

Fine-grained skin

Fine-grained skin will help to complete the process of sharpening a knife.

After the knife is sharpened to a fairly tolerable state, it is necessary to move on to another stage of work, which is called “editing.” In order to carry out such a process with maximum efficiency, you need to use a tool with more delicate qualities. In this regard, it is appropriate to use fine-grained pelt, grindstone also fit. In order to effectively rule the knife, it should be swiftly moved along the bar, with both sides of the blade being substituted alternately. And you can just spend a few times a bar across the blade from two sides, also very effective. The case continues in that the tip is perpendicularly applied to the finger after the sharpening process. If the knife is really sharpened to the state of a razor, then the blade somewhat smacks the skin when the tool moves in the direction perpendicular to the blade.

If the question arises how to sharpen a knife to the state of a razor on an electric machine, it is necessary to carry out such a process in special gloves. This is done for security purposes, and this is especially true for those who work with an electric machine for the first time. In order for the knife to really be sharpened like a razor (which is especially important if, for example, we are talking about a tool that is intended for carving wood), then after the sharpening is completed, it is necessary to walk a few more times on it with sandpaper. use different skins, each time reducing its number until it is brought to zero.

At the end, the tool can be edited on a belt that is made of leather. It should be pre-nailed to the bar, which is made of wood. To achieve a greater effect, sanding paste is applied to the leather belt. When sharpening a knife in a block, you can occasionally wet the blade with water or vegetable oil. Thus the process takes place with greater convenience and greater efficiency. Everything, now with such a tool you can cut meat and other products, cut it on wood and even use it as a razor.

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