How to make a homemade device for sharpening knives

Before you begin the process of sharpening knives, pay attention to the angle of sharpening. It has a direct impact on the quality and durability of this tool. So, if the sharpening angle is small, the blade will become sharper. However, cutting such a tool will not be long if it is used primarily for hard surfaces.

Knife Sharpening Tool

The scheme of the device for sharpening knives.

Features sharpening knives

To start, stock up with at least two bars. One is needed for sharpening the blade, and the second - for polishing. Sharpening angle affects the durability and cutting properties of the object.. If you reduce the angle, it will be better to cut the knife, but its strength will decrease. Each knife has a certain angle of sharpening. For tools made of very hard materials it is necessary to increase the angle.

Tools and materials needed to manufacture the device:

Knife Sharpening Techniques

Ways to sharpen knives.

  • fibreboard;
  • bolts and screws;
  • nuts and screws- "thumb";
  • hex nuts;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • metal tube;
  • eye nut (ring);
  • safety washers (flat);
  • studs;
  • rubber;
  • leather;
  • solid metal.

Homemade knife sharpening has several basic elements, which will be discussed in more detail.

Make the device necessary to set the angle. Adjustable angle of 15-20 °. The device is divided into three blocks:

  • regulator;
  • holder;
  • bottom block

There is also a stopper and a restrictive ring.

The direction of movement of the knife when sharpening

The direction of movement of the knife when sharpening.

The movable regulator is a quadrangular prism made of 4 rectangular plates or 2 square. Drill a hole for the clip on one wall of the regulator. The second hole must be made on top and glue the nut into it. Then attach the ring. The lock nut is attached under the eye nut and the other is attached to the regulator.

The holder is a long piece in the form of a letter P. These are three boards, connected by self-tapping screws.

The bottom block is a square fiberboard with 4 holes in the corners. It also has additional holes so that it can be connected to the holder using self-tapping screws.

The basis represents a board (200 mm) for fixture of all other elements.

Make a knife clip from wood and metal strips. The bar is fastened to the base with self-tapping screws, and on top it is pasted over with leather (optional).

Attach the stopper to the clip. Then make a holder-clip for the device.

How to sharpen the necessary object?

So, assemble a homemade device. Then put the knife, pasted over with molar tape. Direct the blade to the side. Bar clamp pads. Using the adjustment pattern and gauge, set the desired angle of the grindstone.

Sharpen knives with various stones, then polish using leather. It is necessary to periodically wipe the bar with a damp cloth to clean it from dirt. Sharpen the knife from both sides. At the end of the work grinding stones must be polished. Polishing is finished if you see that the blade is transparent.

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