How to grind at home pobeditovy drill

And such a strong drill, as pobedit, may eventually become blunt. This manifests itself in the form of a strong heating of the element during operation, a poor result and a strong squeal.

Elements of the victor drill

Elements pobeditovogo drill.

You can fix the situation in two ways: buy a new tool or sharpen an old one on your own. However, the material has its own characteristics that must be considered when performing the process. So how to sharpen pobedit drill?

What is a drill bit?

Hard stone drill bit

The hard stone drill is designed for impact drills and is optimal for drilling concrete.

For the drilling of hard materials, drills are used, on the tips of which soldered plates made of carbide materials. These materials and will win, who gave the name of the work item.

The win is an alloy of tungsten and cobalt in a ratio of 9: 1. It was first received in 1929. During its existence it has been modernized more than once. But all the materials obtained in one way or another, are also called win and differ by brand.

A distinctive feature of pobedit drills is that they do not cut the material, but crush it. That is why you can not use the element for processing wood, plastic and steel. When processing the first 2 materials, the hole turns out uneven and ugly. And to drill steel in this way is not possible. As a rule, pobedit elements are used for processing materials such as concrete, brick, paving slabs, stone, etc.

In connection with the peculiarity of working with a pobedit drill, it becomes clear that during the execution of the process, chips are not formed. Due to the destruction of the material will only form fine crumbs and dust. Therefore, on such drills there are special screw grooves through which the dust is removed from the hole. As a result, processing efficiency is greatly enhanced.

Pozhitovogo sharpening drill on electrosharp

Pobeditovoe drill sharpen pretty quickly, so you need to make sharpening short and smooth touch.

Another feature of the instrument is the possibility of using material of different brands. They differ in their hardness and use. So, for work with materials of high hardness (for example, granite), a drill with a tip from a hard win (or medium) is used. A softer tip of medium or soft hardness is used for materials.

When choosing pozhitovogo drill should pay attention to the manufacturer. The cheapest components are from incomprehensible manufacturers from China. Their quality corresponds to the price, and such drills can break the very first time. Pobeditovy drills from the foreign companies differ in quite high price. And if this is a well-known brand, then such a tool will not be affordable for everyone. The best option is a domestic product. The quality of it is not inferior to foreign counterparts. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to the Russian pobedit drills.

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Sharpening pobedit drill

Universal sharpening machine

Universal sharpening machine suitable for all types of drills, including pobedovyh.

If the drill is still blunt, then sharpen it should be as follows. The first step is to prepare everything you need. To do this, take a blunt drill itself, an electric sharpener or a sharpening machine with a diamond stone and coolant. How all this will be prepared, you can get to work. Initially, you need to check whether sharpening is possible. If the length of the cutting part is not less than 10 mm, then it is possible to sharpen and use such a tool in the future.

Next, take a sharpening machine or electric sharpener. In order to carry out the process better and faster, the number of revolutions per minute must be reduced. This is due to the fact that the harder the material being treated, the slower the speed should be.

The drill should be sharpened with a neat, short touch to the emery stone. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly control the process, since the poorest drill sharpens in a relatively short time.

Special attention should be paid to the uniformity of sharpening. Cutting sides must be the same. Otherwise, the center of the axis will shift, causing the element to malfunction. This is fraught with getting a curved hole. It also requires attention and getting the right ratio of the back and front corners of the cutting edge.

During the work the drill should not heat up. This can lead to delamination or cracking of the upper carbide layers. Therefore, the tool is periodically cooled, for which coolant is used. The simplest version of such a liquid is water.

If the drill is very hot, then immediately put it in cold water is impossible. From a sharp temperature drop, it can crack. Therefore, it must cool in air.

Well, you should immediately warn that you will need to be prepared for a negative result of sharpening.

The win differs in its brands, each of which has its own way of sharpening. As a result, the process may not give a positive effect. In this case, the best option is to buy a new drill. However, it is worth remembering that the quality of the material is also important.

If the winner is of poor quality, the tool will break at the first use. And it will be impossible to restore it. Therefore, you can not save on the purchase of this item. As you know, the miser pays twice, in this case it is fully confirmed.

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