How to determine the angle of sharpening a knife

One of the most important characteristics of this tool is the angle of sharpening. It is very important to correctly determine the angle. You should always sharpen the blade in a certain direction in order to finally get the right characteristic. It is not always easy to measure the angle of sharpening a knife. In some cases, it will be necessary to use available tools due to the absence of one or another tool.

Knife sharpening

When sharpening knives, an important point is to maintain the correct angle of sharpening.

If the angle of sharpening of the knife is reduced, then its cutting properties are improved, but at the same time the strength of the blade itself decreases. This is important to consider when working. This especially affects the mechanical strength when hard objects have to be cut. How to determine the angle of sharpening the knife, you need to learn more.

Angle Standards for Blades

How to measure the angle of sharpening the knife, will be discussed a little later. First you need to define a few standards that are adopted for certain blades:

The angle of sharpening of knives depending on their mission

Angle of sharpening of knives depending on their mission.

  • razors and scalpels - 10-50 °;
  • knives for cutting fillets - from 15 to 20 °;
  • tool for professional chefs - from 20 to 25 °;
  • universal knives have a sharpening angle of 25-30 °;
  • for difficult and hard work, the angle should be 25-40 °.

To determine the angle is quite simple. The main thing is to know for what purpose the tool will be used. For example, if you sharpen the blade at an angle of 50 °, you can easily cut the nails with it. Of course, we are talking only about those tools that are made of viscous high-grade steel. If we talk about fishing or hunting, then often there are situations when people sharpen knives in different parts of the blade at different angles. They make the blade thinner closer to the tip, and where the handle is, there is a larger angle of sharpening. This is done in order to be able to kill prey and chop thick bones. This is a universal tool. However, in most cases, certain angles of sharpening knives are used for this or that activity. How to determine the angle, it is worth talking in more detail.

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Scissors use: recommendations

Determination of angle sharpening scissors

Determination of angle sharpening scissors.

There are many different methods for determining the angle of sharpening a knife. You can use both the most primitive tool and the more complex one. To get started is to understand the simplest methods. Of course, in this series stands out the definition of the angle of sharpening with ordinary scissors. When carrying out work, it is worth considering the fact that the longer they are, the more accurate the results will be.

Knife to determine the angle to be fixed in the scissors. This is done very simply. The knife feeds should be parallel to the shear blades. In order to get more accurate results, it is best to set up the instrument while standing at the window. Here everything will be clearly visible. It is necessary to measure the angle at the bend of the blades.

Next you need to remove the knife from the scissors. When this blade is fixed in a predetermined position. This allows you to accurately measure the angle of sharpening. Fixed scissors must be attached to a sheet of paper. After that they are circled. Next, you need a protractor. This tool must be available to every person. This is not the only method of determination. You can use the tools at hand.

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Using a ruler-gon

Determination of the angle of sharpening a knife with a ruler-gon

To determine the angle of sharpening a knife, you can use a ruler - a square.

In fact, you can use the simplest set of tools to determine the angle with a scissors. It is about using a ruler-gon and a computer. In this situation, the preliminary actions are the same as those described earlier. That is, you need to make measurements with scissors, and then circle the result on a piece of paper. Now you need to pick up the angle. It is applied at a right angle to one of the resulting lines. After that one of the sides of a right triangle is drawn.

It is necessary to make measurements of the sides of a rectangular triangle with the help of an ordinary ruler. Further, the laws of geometry are included in the work. The length of the adjacent leg (that is, the lowest side) is divided by the length of the side of the hypotenuse. If a person is not familiar with geometry and mathematics, then it is worth recalling that the result is a number that is equal to arc cosine. He will determine the angle of sharpening the knife. That is, you need to determine the cosine as a result. This will be the value that is needed.

From arc cosine, a specific value can be obtained using the geometry rules. You can use special computer programs. Currently, with access to the Internet, no one has any problems. Here this value is issued instantly. There are other methods for determining this value. However, no other scissors are used, but other tools.

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Blackboard and paraffin: application features

In this case, the work will need to buy very interesting gadgets. You need to buy paraffin, a large enough board, oil, camera. Now you can proceed to the measurements.

The board, which is used to perform the work, must first be oiled.


In the process of checking the angle of sharpening the knife will need paraffin.

After that, paraffin is applied to it in a molten form. You can buy it or use an ordinary candle. It heats up to a certain temperature, and then the paraffin from it just drips onto the board, pre-lubricated with oil. Need to drip on the edge of the board. It is formed between its plane and the end surface.

First you need to stick a knife blade into the board from the side where paraffin was dripped. First you need to check whether it is completely hardened, that is, frozen. It may take a certain amount of time. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, so the process should not be delayed. Further, paraffin can be safely removed from the board. This is done by hand. If the surface was pre-lubricated, then there should be no problems with this process. Now it can be set with the plane up.

Now comes the camera. It is necessary to use only high-quality equipment so that the picture can then be enlarged without any distortion. So, a photo is taken, and then using the connection to the PC, it is dropped on it. Of course, further it is necessary to increase the image to a certain size, which will allow you to measure as accurately and accurately as possible. Photos can be printed on the printer, but you can take measurements directly on the screen. Basically the angle will be the same everywhere. Now the work is completed, respectively, you can begin to adjust the blade at its discretion.

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So, now everyone knows how to determine the angle of sharpening a knife. There are several methods, each of which has the right to exist. It was presented the two most common ways. Of course, there are many more.

If a person has mastered the two previous methods, then this will already be quite enough for him. In accordance with the data obtained, you can always adjust the blade at a certain angle, which is really necessary. You should always remember to sharpen the knife in accordance with its purpose. Otherwise, the tool will have insufficient strength or sharpness.

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