How to choose a miter saw

The question of how to choose a miter saw is a difficult one, since at the moment there are a large number of models for various purposes, with various characteristics. Choose a miter saw for carving wood or metal? To pick a manual model or electric? How not to make a mistake when choosing? These and many other questions require an unequivocal answer, but in any case, the choice remains with the buyer, who has decided to acquire such a tool.

Diagram of miter saw

Diagram of the miter saw.

How to start choosing a saw?

The trimming design is quite ordinary and does not constitute anything supernatural: a metal base, a swing frame and a rounded plane. In the rear part there is a turning mechanism responsible for the mobility of the device in a vertical arrangement. To drive the rack, its upper part, fixed drive for work, gearbox and engine.

Of course, that different models will have their own characteristics in the structure. This is especially true of protection covers, which, depending on the design, can be lowered when the saw is lifted and open when the control lever is pressed. Some frames have springs that lift the tool when it is released.

Answering the common question, which miter saw is better, amateur or professional, it should be noted that they perform one task. The only difference is that each type is made from a specific material that affects the characteristics of the instrument.

Crosscutting machine

Scheme tortsovochnogo machine.

So, the amateur saw has less durability, than professional. In addition, all the elements in it fit each other insufficiently accurately than in the case of the professional option. The amateur type is not designed for long and daily work, but the second type copes well with that - that is the whole difference.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the engine when it comes to buying an electric type, which will be discussed later. A small engine will overheat quickly, making it difficult to use the unit frequently. But the cost of such saws is less, which determines their popularity. But the high price of the unit, if it is of proper quality, will pay back with interest.

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Device functionality

Choosing a miter saw, it is recommended to examine it carefully. Details must be accurately fixed, there must be no gaps between them.. Attention should be paid to the accuracy of fixing parts at different locations of the apparatus. Not superfluous is the presence of scales of settings that will facilitate the process of work, allowing you to choose the exact angle of cut. The number of revolutions is of paramount importance: the more this indicator is, the cleaner the cut will be performed. For such equipment, a good indicator is from 4,000 to 5,000 turns per minute of the workflow.

An important element is the rapid braking of the unit, which allows, if necessary or the occurrence of an emergency situation, to quickly complete the workflow. The system should be not only with a quick stop, but also smooth, so that the tool does not deteriorate.

Manual miter saw

Manual miter saw.

This also applies to the quick start of the unit. The device must be protected to prevent the saw from being switched on accidentally. Not superfluous is the presence of protection against voltage drop and overheating. It should be noted that some models have cut depth guides, which allows you to cut out parts of strict thickness and other sizes.

It is important to determine the need to purchase the tool. There are various designs: portable and stationary. For the stationary option, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work, which consists in the manufacture of the site for the unit. In this case, you still need to pay attention to what kind of hand a person working at the machine tool uses. For right-handers, the left side of the machine must be three times the right. As for left-handers, the situation is the opposite.

If you need to use a miter saw in different places, you should choose a portable type. Such devices may have a small weight, about 10 kg, but this does not affect their characteristics. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the device's engine.

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Manual equipment

The hand saw has a narrow specialization. It is suitable for short work, when you need to quickly make a cut, but it will not be able to dismiss the boards. You can use it to cut the material into two parts, to align the end, to cut the end of the material at the desired angle.

This does not mean that such tools should be avoided. If initially hand saw is purchased for small work, as an auxiliary element, this is exactly what you need. Its cost is many times lower, but you should not count on a lot of work.

Nevertheless, another advantage of this design is the possibility of using it not only when working with wood, but also with other materials, such as plastic, soft metals and iron, if it is thin sheet.

Work as a face saw

During operation, the end-saw can adjust the inclination of the disc to 47 degrees.

The design of the saw is complex and has two main nodes. The first part is the bed, with which the turntable goes. They always go together and can not be without each other. On the frame is a guide, which allows to ensure the fixation of the workpiece. The table can be rotated within 90 degrees, relative to the location of the guide. This allows you to cut the workpiece, at the same time without rearranging it.

The second important element of this design is the head for the thread. She is on the table, and when he turns, she changes her position with him. On the side of the table, on the bed, there is a scale, which is very convenient, since you can combine a specific value with a label on the table, which will allow you to perform the thread at the desired degree.

In addition, the cutting part of the head has the ability to bend to the right and left, which allows you to set the inclination of the cut. Some devices have a pulling mechanism. Such devices have great functionality and allow you to work with large blanks, compared with the ordinary version.

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Criteria for choosing an electric tool

To choose a miter saw, there are several rules. The first rule includes the purpose of the instrument and the conditions of its use. For home use suitable saw, which has basic equipment. For frequent or more professional use, it is recommended to purchase a device that has advanced functionality. It is also very convenient model, equipped with an additional working table on the head for the thread, in its upper part.

Table of angles of miter saw

Table tilt miter angles.

The next thing worth focusing your attention on is the type of disc selected. Further, this will be discussed in more detail, now it is necessary to dwell on the main points. It is necessary to pay attention to the diameter and thickness of the disk. From these parameters depends on the depth of cut and the impact on the object being processed. A unit with a 20 cm disk is a good candidate for purchase. For professional devices, this value should be 25 cm.

Considerable importance is the safety of operation of the saw. In this regard, it is necessary to establish whether the apparatus has protective covers, which, as mentioned earlier, are lowered during operation, allowing the worker to be protected from injury, whether there are protection systems against accidental starting.

It is necessary to dwell on such a parameter as weight and size. For stationary types this does not matter, but if the device is portable, then this factor has a significant effect on usability. For this reason, the device should not be very heavy. In addition, you should check the ease of use of the saw, and its parts should be easy to move. In this aspect, the cutting head is of considerable importance, since a hard stroke will tire a person using the device. The tool must be comfortable and easy to operate, especially if large volumes of work are planned.

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Select a drive for the device

There are no particular differences in the disks used, but some need to be said about: the type of cutting tooth and the diameter, both external and planting. When choosing a diameter, there will be no particular problems, since in this case the bore hole has a diameter of 2.5 or 3 cm, while another indicator has values ​​of 21, 25, 30.5 cm.

Diagram of miter saw blade

Diagram of the miter saw disk.

Separately there is a question about the teeth of the disk. The cut quality depends on their size. With large teeth, the cut will be coarse, and with small teeth, it will be smoother. In addition, using discs with large cutting parts, it will not be possible to cut painted, varnished or laminated objects. For such purposes, you need to take a disk with small teeth. In addition, these discs are suitable when working with aluminum.

For large volumes of work or if you plan to work with thick material, thin cuts should be located on the disks. In terms of their value, they are close to the so-called temperature compensators, which allow you to maintain the element in good condition during the heating of the disk. Another advantage of this type is noiselessness at work.

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Manufacturer selection

The most popular brands are the following brands that manufacture face saws:

  1. "Corvette".
  2. Bosch.
  3. DeWALT.
  4. Makita.
  5. Metabo.
  6. Hitachi.

Such saws have a small cutting width. In order to fix this, some devices are equipped with a traction function. In such structures, the unit is located on the rods, the number of which in most cases is equal to two. The brand LS0714 of the Makita brand has a similar design.

Some manufacturers of face saws offer their customers basic equipment and an extended table. This is fraught with the need to equip the device with additional supports that are needed to work with large workpieces. Folding coasters are available on the LF1000 brand of the same brand. Such a device can significantly simplify the work.

Miter saw transfer

When repairing or moving the edge saw, make sure that it is unplugged.

On the frame, which has good stability, there is a moving part. This is due to the location on the bed of the round section, necessary to select the desired angle. It is important to pay attention to the material from which the frame is made. The most reliable is magnesium alloy or aluminum. The use of beds made of these materials allows the element to provide not only strength, but also high mobility due to its low mass. It is possible to cite as an example the brand GCM 10 of the Bosch brand, because its weight is 15 kg.

Saws of the Corvette brand are noticeably different from their direct competitors. The device of this unit includes a longitudinal broach, for the correct orientation of the cut there is a laser pointer. In addition to these advantages, the brand "Corvette" increased propyl, this value reaches 43 cm.

Some DeWALT models have XPS systems that are similar in meaning to the previous-brand laser pointers. The system allows you to project a shadow from the disk. This shadow is also lighting, which is convenient when working and helps with great precision to cut.

Some versions of the saws are unable to tilt the cutting head, or this possibility is limited to an angle of 45 degrees. The way out of the situation was found by the manufacturers of the Hitachi brand, which produce devices that can rotate the head by 15-30 degrees (depending on the model). In addition, the weight of such saws does not exceed 30 kg.

Manufacturers of the company Metabo try to keep up with their smart colleagues, so their activities are also aimed at facilitating work when using the saw. Thus, representatives of this brand are equipped with the ability to tilt and rotate the saw blade. Such devices are some kind of disk tools for which there are fasteners in the workplace.

Thus, it is difficult to choose a miter saw, given the large segment of this product. But for the buyer it is important to choose the most appropriate option for him.

For this reason, you need to decide on the purpose of the device, for what purposes it will be needed, and the circle of choice will noticeably narrow.

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