How to choose a grinding machine

How to choose a grinder? To grinding machines include construction tools, in which the main working element is an abrasive attachment. This technique is used at the end of the workflow to strip uneven, rough surfaces and then turn them into a smooth and even surface.

Scheme of peeling grinder

Scheme peeler grinding machine.

Grinding machines began to be used for a long time. The jewelers were the first to use them, using precious metals and stones in processing. As a grinding agent, materials with a hard, rough and uneven surface were used. The prototype sanding paper began to be used as an abrasive by the Chinese, having made it in the XIII century.

How to choose a sander?

They are of several types, it all depends on the work performed.

Before this tool is a simple and unsophisticated task - to help the master without any extra effort to make the work surface to be even. For the first time, this process was made mechanized in 1922 by German scientists and engineers. Grinding machine quickly became popular in sales markets. The main suppliers were the company Ackerman and Schmitt and a global concern known as FLEX ELEKTROWERKZEUGE.

Since the moment when engineers released light models of electric motors, discs and ribbons for grinding, time passed over which a huge number of devices were released. So it is simple to choose a grinder. At the moment there are the following types of machines:

Circuit belt grinder

The scheme of the belt grinder.

  • tape type (LMS);
  • angular view (angle grinder);
  • straight;
  • eccentric type (ESM);
  • vibration type;
  • brush machine view.

Grinding tools are also referred to grinding tools.

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Eccentric model of the angle and straight grinder

These two types are considered to be the same type of machines. The only difference is in the placement of the abrasive nozzle and the axis of the rotating shaft. In a corner machine, the location is at an angle, and in a straight line they coincide.

Over time, an additional rotary gearbox with a protection casing was installed on the machine. Add-ons help protect against flying sparks and debris.

This machine is called "grinder", it is used for grinding and cutting the working material, used for cleaning the edges of metal surfaces of soft metals. The machine can be used when cutting decorative ceramic tiles.

Grinders of direct type have found their application in the work on cleaning seams after welding. It can be used in a narrow space of pipes or in other limited places where other types of machines cannot be applied. Due to the lack of a reducer in this model of the car are allocated with small weight and compact parameters.

Eccentric grinding tools have a round working plane rotating around the center axis. At the same time she moves herself. This type of mechanics helps to prevent scratches, provides high-quality grinding. On the sanding sheets and the plane of the working sole there are exits for removal of dust accumulations. Therefore, the workplace is always clean.

Angle Grinder Scheme

Angle Grinder Scheme.

Each type of grinding machine has its own task. But of all the listed tools, not a single type of grinding tool can qualitatively and, most importantly, quickly clean a surface with a large area.

In this case, use a completely different type of model. This is a belt sanding machine. Convenient in its size and characteristics, it consists of interchangeable, looped abrasive ribbons of different levels of grain, planer and electric drive. This tool is used for grinding wall structures, panels and flooring. It should be borne in mind that the machine of this modification is massive. If you keep the car at a level above the shoulder girdle, then it will not hold for a long time. For convenience, pick a lighter type of grinder.

Models of tape machines are distinguished by the potential tape width and the number of rollers used, on which it is installed. The number of clips is from two to four, depending on the model.

The grinding tool can operate from electric power and battery.

The latter type is more convenient because it is not tied to the wiring and electricity. But with this use of power is lost and limited working time.

The belt-type grinder is used to remove a large layer of the rough surface being processed, and is used in large-scale construction work.

Surface grinding machine types (PSM) are based on the orbital or vibration method of work. Scraping the surface occurs while the device is moving together with a flat sole, with a small amplitude and an overestimated frequency.

Eccentric Grinding Machine

Eccentric grinding machine.

The working grinding platform is triangular in shape or in the form of the letter “delta”, due to which such machines are called delta grinding. They are used for stripping corners where no one type of machine can fit.

The width of the abrasive sheet is from 60 to 145 mm. There are models with a much smaller grinding surface, but they are not used in construction or repair work. They are used for fine grinding. Work from the accumulator and an electric network. The kit includes a dust collector for removal of dirt and dust.

Grinding brushes are a tool with high working efficiency. The kit includes a large assortment of additional equipment, with the help of which the list of works being done is significantly increased. The brushing machine is used for polishing, grinding, cleaning rust, paint and scale, as well as for other types of work.

The production of grinding machines is launched by popular manufacturers such as ATLAS COPCO, BOSCH, METABO, FIOLENT.

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AEG Production: Instrument Features

This is a company that offers a wide range of angle grinders. This model is used when cutting and grinding work surfaces made of stone or metal. The compact machine with a beautiful design is used for work in hard-to-reach places.

The functions of the machine include nanoelectronics, providing control of the speed mode, while the operation of the instrument is virtually silent. The installed system unit of increased speeds with a working load independently selects the speed mode for specific types of metal.

On the model of the machine there is a limiting starting current system.

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ATLAS COPCO: is it worth choosing a machine?

The Swedish development of the grinder is in demand on the world market. The tool has a high-speed adjustment of the sanding belt feed; a turbop Vacuum cleaner and a dust collector are built into the model. Due to its low weight, it is possible to work close to the edges of the surface.

The eccentric grinding machine of the ATLAS COPCO company of the ROS 150E model has an oscillating motion, possesses automatic braking and prevents grinding.

Circular Grinding Machine

Circular grinding machine.

The system of the machine includes additional options: electronic control and adjustment of vibrations, fixed velcro for changing sanding paper or tape. Angle polished machines are produced in series.

The model of the machine is made of a monolithic FIXTEC design with a nut clutch of safety for the possibility of changing surface grinding discs without the use of tools.

Models with a stronger engine have an integrated electronic system that maintains speed. There is a relay that prevents spontaneous shutdown when the voltage drops, and a rotation speed regulator for various types of working material.

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BOSCH: German quality

To choose the right grinder, you need to know that there is a German company that produces a number of grinding machines for both domestic and professional use.

Model "GBR 14 CA" is used for grinding on concrete, mosaic flooring, surfaces of granite. The model system includes a display controlling secondary activation. The leading electronic system allows you to control the speed of rotation of the tape and the quote roller for the highest quality surface treatment. Removable handle allows you to grind the edges of parts.

Vibration grinders of “GSS 16 A”, “GSS 230 AE” and “GSS 280 AE” models have built-in handles. They are superimposed lining of rubber, which perform a softening function and provide a strong fixation of the sanding sheets.

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The brand "METABO"

The German brand for the production of building electric tools offers an assortment of eccentric machines like SX. A distinctive feature is the application of a rubber coating on the body, which makes it possible to absorb vibration during operation. So choose a grinding machine such manufacturer is.

Model "DSE 300" refers to the type of delta grinding machines that are used for precision machining. Apply at cleaning of surfaces from a various type of paints and various varnishes.

In this type of model, a grinding disk made of polyurethane with a supporting plate made of light metal is used. This gives the grinding disc a snug fit to the scrubbing surface. The low profile housing makes it possible to carry out grinding work in places inaccessible to other models.

We must remember that there is no universal grinding machine that performs all types of work. Professionals usually have at least angular and belt types of grinding machines. Finishing artists use ESHM and vibration grinders. Specialists who have worked with the brush model will definitely want to purchase it due to their efficiency in work. If you decide to purchase such a construction tool, contact the experts. Choose only the best. Good luck!

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