How do homemade emery

How to make homemade emery? Emery is an indispensable item in the household. With it, you can sharpen knives, drills, scissors, various tools for cutting, which must be periodically sharpened.

Emery do it yourself

Using sandpaper, you can sharpen knives, scissors, drills and tools for cutting.

The cost of grinding tools in hardware stores is very high. Therefore, you can make electric sandpaper with their own hands.

How to make a homemade emery

Materials and tools:

  • electric motor from the washing machine;
  • nozzles;
  • switch;
  • capacitor;
  • wiring;
  • insulating tape.

The house master can make electric homemade emery out of improvised tools that are in the house. For the assembly of the device use any electric motor. The necessary attachments are mounted on its shaft to fix the emery wheel.

If you have an engine in the house from an old washing machine "Vyatka", "Siberia", then it can be used to make sharpeners. These electric motors have great power. Also from the washing machine you can take the switch, equipped with a special starter.

Emery Device Diagram

Diagram of the device emery.

However, it is rather difficult to make a sharpener from such an electric motor. Problems will arise when it is necessary to put a grindstone on the motor shaft. The fact is that the engine is not always threaded. In addition, the diameter of the hole of the stone may differ from the diameter of the shaft.

The work will need a certain exact detail, thanks to which these problems will be solved.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the device, it is necessary to determine its future parameters. To make a homemade emery, usually an electric induction motor is used for an electric sharpener.

An electric motor with a speed of 3000 rpm is suitable for this device. If the rotational speed is too high, the grindstone may break. Therefore, in the home workshop is better to use the device with an engine that has 1000-1500 rev / min.

If you still decide to put the engine with a speed of 3000 rpm, then you need to put a grinding stone of high strength and high-quality flange. Such emery can be successfully used for polishing wood.

Motor power should be up to 400 watts. Devices with a power of 100-200 W can also be used, only they have a small number of revolutions.

Electric motors can be used not only single-phase, but also three-phase. Both types can be connected to a regular network, only a three-phase device is connected using a capacitor.

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Flange manufacturing

In order to connect the motor and the grinding stone, it is necessary to turn a special flange. To do this, you can order the work of a turner, providing him with drawings of sharpening, the dimensions of the cross section of the shaft and the diameter of the hole of the grinding stone.

You also need to grind the following parts:

Drawing of the manufacture of flange for emery

Drawing manufacturing flange for emery.

  • flange, worn on the shaft axis;
  • bolt;
  • nut;
  • washer with left-side cutting.

On the flange and the nut it is necessary to cut the thread, depending on which way the engine rotates. If the shaft rotates clockwise - cutting should be left-handed. If counterclockwise - cutting right-sided.

This is necessary so that during the processing of the tools, the emery nut will self-tighten. If the nut unwinds, the stone may fall. During operation, it is very dangerous to others.

If you could not make the sleeve of the desired diameter, you can use pieces of pipes of the same diameter. In this case, it is possible to fill the gaps between the shaft and the sleeves by winding a fabric insulating tape.

The sleeve is made of a pipe with a diameter of 32 mm. It should correspond to the diameter of the circle emery. An emery wheel is installed on it so that it sits close together.

This system of sleeves should sit tight on the shaft. Be sure to mount with a bolt and washer.

You can independently cut the thread with a tap, for this you need to clamp the shaft in a vice. It is important to correctly determine the diameter of the hole for a given thread.

The circuit homemade mini sandpaper

Scheme homemade mini emery.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the device, it is necessary to clarify the direction of rotation of the rotor. For example, a motor from a washing machine is asynchronous. This means that the direction of rotation can be changed by switching the windings.

In the engine of the washing machine is usually 3-4 output. Thus, in the presence of 4 conclusions it is possible to change the direction of rotation easily.

To do this, using a tester to determine the working and starting windings. Most often, the resistance level of the working winding is 12 ohms. At the starting winding this figure is 30 ohms.

The working winding of the motor is included in the 220 W power supply network. Starting winding include the first end to the output coil, and the other end you need to quickly touch the second output and then tear it from her. A relay is used for this operation.

If a capacitor motor is installed, the device wiring diagram will be different.

This means that during work the sharpener will spin in a certain direction. If you then rearrange the leads of the starting winding from place to place, the device will begin to rotate in the other direction.

You can not use the trigger coil. Then, after connecting the device to the network, it will be necessary to twist the grindstone in the right direction, then the device will start working.

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Assembly of the device and safety measures

After assembling the device structure, the device must be installed on the workbench This can be done through the bracket from the washing machine. It must be attached to the workbench with bolts.

On the other hand, the engine rests on an angle to support it horizontally. This corner has a special cutout that matches the shape of the engine.

It is possible to reduce the vibration of the device during operation. To do this, put on the corner a special edging, made of a piece of rubber hose.

To comply with safety measures during sharpening, it is necessary to make a metal casing for the device. It is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 2-2.5 mm. To do this, cut a metal strip and turn it into a semiring.

Under the abrasive stone, you need to install a piece of galvanized sheet metal that will protect the workbench from sparks during the operation of the device.

Work on sharpening tools on a homemade emery should be done in protective glasses and observe all necessary safety measures.

You can make special tools for sharpening. It is necessary to prepare plexiglas 5 mm thick. To attach it hinges to the motor housing. This glass should recline 180 °.

For the convenience of the work necessary to make a handcuff. It is necessary to stop the machined tool.

If you follow these instructions, you can independently make electric emery, which will successfully process the necessary tools and will last for a very long time. When operating the device must comply with safety measures.

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