How can i make a sandpaper with my own hands

In his household, any master should have such equipment as sandpaper. Making sandpaper with your own hands is not difficult. The main task is to choose the right electric motor. It can be taken, for example, from a washing machine or other equipment.

Purchase emery

Emery is a tool that is used for sharpening tools and grinding surfaces.

The house has a lot of work, which is much easier and faster to do with sandpaper. You can buy ready-made emery in the store. But its value will not please anyone, so many people are interested in the question: how to make emery independently, what are the features of its manufacture?

Emery is used for sharpening not only knives, other piercing and cutting tools, but also drills. If you change the circle on the specified tool, then with its help you can not only carry out the sharpening of various objects, but also carry out grinding. For a homemade grinding machine, an electric motor from a washing machine or another similar engine is sufficient.

To improve the sharpening machine, it is best to make it two-sided, while on the one hand it should be rough, and on the other - finishing circle. It is very convenient when it is possible to control the speed of rotation of the circle, then sharpening is carried out at high speed, fine-tuning is done at low speed. For homemade emery enough engine from the washing machine.

Features of motor selection

To create this equipment, an engine from any household appliances, for example, from a washing machine, is put on an emery wheel on the shaft of which with the help of special nozzles.

Washing machine engine

To build sandpaper will need the engine from the washing machine.

The optimal and affordable option for a home-made sharpening machine is to use an electric motor from an old washing machine, for example, "Riga", "Vyatka", etc. They have a rather high power. From the same machines can be taken and starters.

The main difficulty in creating such equipment with your own hands is to install an emery wheel on the shaft. To do this, make a special detail that allows you to connect the shaft and the circle. Usually they have different seating diameters.

It is best to turn the engine around 1000-1500 revolutions per minute. They should not exceed 3000 revolutions, as this may lead to the rupture of an emery stone. If the engine is high-speed, then you need to take a very strong stone and make a high-quality flange. At high speeds perform polishing, rather than grinding parts.

If we talk about the power of the electric motor, then you do not need too much: there is enough power in 100-200 W, which allows using the engine from the washing machine. To perform more complex tasks it is necessary to use an engine with a power of 400 watts.

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Flange manufacturing

Drawing of the manufacture of flange for emery

Drawing manufacturing flange for emery.

To make a reliable connection of the motor shaft and emery stone, you need to make a flange. You need to remove the dimensions of the shaft and the mounting hole of the stone, turn to a professional turner, if you do not have the skills and ability to do the turning work yourself.

The flange is fixed to the shaft with a bolt. To fix the stone must be carving and washer. If the shaft rotates clockwise, it is necessary that the thread for fixing the circle was left-sided (and vice versa).

If it is not possible to make the sleeve on the machine, you can use a piece of pipe of suitable diameter. The circle should be worn tightly on the sleeve, and in order that the sleeve fits tightly on the shaft, you can use fabric electrical tape, only wind it evenly to avoid beating. To the shaft sleeve is attached with a bolt.

Emery Device Diagram

Diagram of the device emery.

If you use the engine from the washing machine, then it is asynchronous. Depending on which windings will be connected, you can choose the direction of rotation of the shaft.

To determine the starting and working winding, you must use a tester. Start winding resistance will be greater. Now the working winding is connected to the network, and one end of the starting winding is connected to the coil terminal. With the help of the relay, the second end is closed for a short time to the output of the winding, the engine is started.

In order to change the direction of rotation of the engine, it is necessary to swap the ends on the starting winding. If there is no start relay, then the engine can be started without it. To do this, just spin the emery stone in the right direction.

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Installation Features

To attach the sharpening machine, you can use the bracket from the same washing machine. To reduce vibration, a rubber lining can be installed at the corner of the table.

For such equipment to work safely, it must have a protective casing. For its manufacture it is necessary to use metal with a thickness of 2-2.5 mm. To protect the table from sparks under the working circle it is necessary to fasten a sheet of metal. All work must be done with glasses and gloves. To make it easier to work, you can make a special emphasis for the part that will be sharpened.

If you have a working electric motor from household appliances, then in a short time you will be able to make a sharpening machine, which in its characteristics will not yield anything to factory models.

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