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With modern decorating, various construction tools are used. Grinders are no exception.

Grinding device

The device is a grinding machine.

Due to frequent use, any tool can fail. And in order to repair the grinding machine with your own hands, you need to have an idea about its components and possible causes of failure. Since the angle grinder is the most demanded, the following repair will be considered on its example.

General view of the grinder

General view of the grinder.

According to the constructive and external characteristics of this machine is a grinder, as it consists of the same parts.

Grinder consists of:

  • protective casing;
  • air vent;
  • push button switch;
  • side grip;
  • spindle lock.

Repair grinders should be done carefully and without haste, as the consequences of repairing power and electronic units can turn minor damage to the unsuitability of the device.

It will take a lot of tools to repair a sander:

  • soldering iron;
  • tester;
  • screwdriver.

Components of the device mechanism

Greased bearing grinder

A greased bearing is a common cause of damage to the grinder.

The machine has internal components and mechanisms, the device which also needs to be sorted out;

  1. Anchor. This is one of the internal elements of the electric motor, which makes rotational movements during operation of the device, the speed of which is regulated. The power parameters of the tool determine the rotation speed of the armature, the higher it is, the more powerful the device. During normal operation, the anchor should rotate easily and freely, nothing should prevent its rotation;
  2. Collector. This element has the form of a separate anchor platform and power and control windings are displayed on it. The collector performs the function of giving signals to the engine and control unit. To see it, you need to remove the case, it has the form of polished contact plates with significant dimensions;
  3. Electro brushes. It plays the role of a conductor for conducting current from the power cable to the collector. If this element functions normally, then sparks will be weak and uniform, they can be observed through the ventilation holes in the device case;
  4. Gearbox. It is a mechanical device located in front of the machine. Its purpose is to transfer the mechanical energy of a rotating armature to a rotating disk. At the same time, the revolutions of the rotating disk and their development of speed are also adjusted;
  5. Stator This is an element of the electric motor in which the anchor is set in motion. It is the most difficult element, since the windings in it must be strictly pressed in exactly. It is not recommended to rewind the stator independently; it is better to entrust this work to the master.

When repairing, it is recommended to rely on the layout and electrical diagrams, to have on hand the instructions that were attached to this particular model of the grinding machine. But many models do not receive such instructions, in this case it is most reasonable not to carry out repairs on their own, but to ask for help in service.

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Grinder repair: recommendations

When repairing any equipment must be followed sequence. Simple faults are:

  1. The device abruptly stopped working.

The first step is to check the electrical brushes, as there is a possibility that they are not receiving current from the power supply.

Disassembled Reducer Grinder

To replace the bearing is required to remove the horseshoe clamp.

Specifically, the problem may lie in the power plug or in the wire itself, and the Start button may also not work. To resolve the problem, the housing is disassembled and the wiring is rung out using a tester for an open circuit. In frequent cases, the problem is in the wiring, and after it is replaced, the grinder will work again;

  1. After checking the wires and the plug are intact, and the device does not give working signs. In this case, the starting block is disassembled, and the elements to be removed are marked, since if the assemblies are incorrectly connected, this may lead to a winding burning or it may jam the anchor. Replaces the button with a similar model;
  2. Start button and power cable work, and the machine refuses to work. In this case, it is recommended to examine the brush holder. The most common problem is the contact plates of the collector, which, after stripping, will start to give a spark and an even hum. If these signs are not given, then brushes are subject to replacement, as their service life is limited. If many models are made with a solder joint of brushes, then in this case it is necessary to unsolder and change in a set, since partial replacement is not performed;
  3. After changing the electric brushes, they should be carefully inspected, if the wear is uneven - this is a sign of the displacement of the center of gravity or the internal moving parts. If such a problem occurs, it is recommended to contact a specialized service, as it is impossible to adjust the balance with your own hands.

Repair of brushes is a minor repair when troubleshooting, but it is better to entrust more serious damage to specialists.

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Additional recommendations

Also to prevent malfunctions, it is recommended to follow the elementary rules of operation:

  • it is not necessary to remove the cover over the abrasive wheel, and if you cannot do without it, you should not allow the tool to touch it;
  • the machine needs to be held tightly in the hands, if the disk is jammed, the device can break free of hands, therefore the machine can be seriously damaged and cause injuries;
  • during the work of a grinder sparks are formed, it is necessary to avoid their hit on wires and similar flammable materials;
  • sanding part is important to firmly secure.

In addition, you can not press on the parts to speed up the work. Abrasive wheels work on the principle of removing the top layer, and therefore do not require clamping.

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