Grinding machine selection criteria

When planning to purchase a grinding machine, it is necessary to use the golden rule of all joiners performing woodworking, namely “measure seven times and cut once”. This rule describes the process of selecting a grinding machine as well as possible, because at present there are more than one hundred devices of this class present on the market, therefore it is quite difficult to “immediately” choose the best option in terms of quality, technical characteristics and usability.

Scheme of peeling grinder

Scheme peeler grinding machine.

That is why before buying the device it is worth comparing the characteristics of many of the models presented and only then to make a choice.

Technical characteristics of high-quality grinding machine

All grinding machines, regardless of the technical characteristics, are intended solely for grinding various surfaces, including wood and metal. When it comes to the choice of grinding machine, you need to use the main principles of choosing any construction tool, that is, to consider the technical characteristics of a particular tool, and then compare them with the characteristics of tools of the same class. When choosing a grinding machine, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • functionality;
  • engine power;
  • size of the sole;
  • engine speed
Angle Grinder Scheme

Angle Grinder Scheme.

So, all these main characteristics need to be considered in more detail. Functionality is an important parameter that includes the possibility of using a grinder and the quality of a putty. In this case, the machine must contain special fasteners, which can be in the form of clamps or stickies. Clips are considered the most convenient option, as they allow to attach to the sole not only the skin for grinding, but also any other abrasive tape, which significantly increases the functionality of the tool. In addition, in order for the grinder to be used for sanding plastered walls, an abrasive mesh will need to be attached to it. Velcro as a fastener significantly reduce the functionality of the tools, and in addition, the Velcro often fails.

Engine power is an extremely important point that you should pay attention to when choosing a grinding machine. Indicators of engine power in different models from different manufacturers are in the range from 200 to 450 watts. The best are those units that have the highest motor power. The higher the engine power, the better the unit will cope with grinding the surface, and with a high engine power, not only is the quality of the grinding better, but also the speed of the work. In addition, units with high engine power have a longer service life, as they are less susceptible to loads.

Circular Grinding Machine

Circular grinding machine.

The size of the sole is also a very important point that you should pay attention to when buying a unit. Most models of grinding machines have a standard sole size of 187x90 mm. However, there are models, the size of the sole of which is 125x90 mm, as well as 150x90 mm. In addition, in the model range of some manufacturers there are very exotic models, the grinding sole of which is only 90x80 mm.

The number of revolutions of the engine is an equally important parameter, since the speed at which the work is carried out depends on this characteristic. In this case, one should pay attention to the qualification of the person who will work with the tool, because the higher the engine speed, the more often the unit makes translational movements, therefore it is necessary to move it faster on the treated surface.

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What nuances you should pay attention to when choosing a grinding machine?

When buying a grinding machine it is very important to immediately pay attention to the method of dust removal. Most units have a nozzle for removing dust. A special bag or a removable type adapter for connecting to a vacuum cleaner may be suitable for this nozzle. The best option is a removable adapter, since when filling the bag the quality of dust collection is significantly reduced. It should be noted that each of these options has its drawbacks, so many people prefer to use a respirator during polishing, which allows to protect the respiratory tract from harmful dust.

In addition, you should pay attention to the presence of an additional handle, which in most cases is located opposite the main one. Units that have an extra handle are much easier to use, so you should give preference to them.

In addition, you should pay attention to the movable bushings that connect the unit with a moving sole.

These sleeves can be made of both dense rubber and plastic. The plastic compound of the sole is more susceptible to deformation, therefore, as a rule, the presence of such sleeves is a true indicator of cheap household tools.

Preference should be given to rubber bushings, as they are more resistant to mechanical vibration damage.

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