Device for self sharpening chainsaw chains

In order to work effectively with a chainsaw, its chain must be constantly sharp. The device for sharpening chains of chainsaws will help you with this.

Chain teeth settings

The parameters of the chain teeth: 1 - base of the link, 2 - tooth blade, 3 - depth stop, 4 - end blade, 5 - upper blade.

How and when should you sharpen the chain?

A sharp chain will ensure that you are not only faster and easier to do the job, but also safer. Professionals argue that the sharpness of the chain is even more important than the power of the chainsaw, so the process of sharpening the working tool must be given special attention. To do this work with their own hands can any home master.

In order to understand when the tool has become blunt and it needs to be sharpened, one must pay attention to the main features:

  • there is a significant reduction in the speed of the chainsaw;
  • during operation, the saw starts to drive to the side;
  • You need to pay attention to sawdust - chips in the form of fine dust and needles.

It is impossible to say exactly after what specific time it is necessary to carry out such an operation as sharpening the chains. Everything will depend on how often you use a chainsaw and which tree species you work with.

The position of the file when sharpening the chainsaw chain

The position of the file when sharpening the chainsaw chain.

Experts recommend that before starting work, a little undermining the cutting tool.

You just need to carefully monitor the condition of their saws, and from the characteristic features described above, you can understand that the need for sharpening has arisen.

In order to sharpen the teeth, you do not need to have special knowledge, but there must be special tools. Some complexity is that the shape of the tooth is complicated. It has side and beveled cutting edges, this must be taken into account during the sharpening process.

To perform the work, depending on the chosen method, you will need:

  • file;
  • clamp;
  • curve;
  • manual or automated machine;
  • Bulgarian.
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File sharpening

You will only need to purchase a file of a certain diameter, it will depend on the size of the chain:

Chainsaw Chain Pitch

Chainsaw chain step.

  • if the size is 1.3 mm, then the file must be taken with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • if 1.6 mm, then the file - with a diameter of 5.2 mm;
  • in order to remove from the teeth "limiters", use a flat file.

During the work, the processing angle must be observed. Each tooth has a special notch, it limits the maximum angle of sharpening. In order to prevent teeth from entering deep into the wood, there are limiters. Sharpen them need much less. This is done in the case when the height of the tooth has decreased and the chain penetrates the tree to an insufficient depth.

In order to facilitate the sharpening process with a file, you can use a clamp. With it, you can fix the tire, and if it is securely fastened, it greatly simplifies and speeds up the sharpening process, as well as improves its quality.

To perform this work, you can still use such a device as a piece. It is mounted on the tire and has the ability to move. After you have determined the optimum angle of sharpening, you fix it with the help of a piece and then just drive a file in the slot of the piece. In this case, the risk of incorrect sharpening is minimized, all teeth are sharpened evenly, the process is simplified and accelerated.

This method is cheap, but it takes quite a lot of time and quite often buying a new file.

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Sharpening with manual and automatic machine

If there is significant wear on the chain, then it will be difficult to sharpen it with a file. In such cases, you can use a manual machine. This is a more accurate and less time consuming method.

The process of sharpening using a machine:

  • loosen the screw with which the chain clamp is adjusted;
  • directing saw links in the direction of the grinding stone;
  • set the required angle.

You can consistently sharpen the teeth, only change the polarity, and you can sharpen the right-side teeth first, and then the left-side teeth. In this case, the work is carried out through one tooth and there is no need to change the polarity.

In determining the optimal degree of sharpening, it is necessary to focus on the most worn tooth. Deep sharpening is not recommended, as in this case, the strength of the teeth decreases and they wear out faster. After you have done this work, the chain must be well cleaned, for this it is blown with compressed air and well lubricated (put in oil for a couple of hours).

This method allows you to accurately and quickly perform the sharpening, but requires a lot of time and labor.

You can perform this work on automated machines. In this case, the saw is inserted into the machine, fixed and the machine is closed. After that, the chainsaw is started at full power, and during movement the chain is ground on the grinding stone installed inside the machine.

This is a very simple and fast method, it takes 1-2 minutes to apply it. But you will have to purchase special equipment, and the chains must be of the same manufacturer as the machine.

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Grinding using grinders

Some craftsmen perform this work with the help of grinders. Some people believe that this way you can harm the chainsaw, but despite this, this method is very popular.

Grinding using a grinder is difficult, and if you do not have enough experience, you can do more harm than help.

It is not necessary to remove the chain from the saw; for work, use a disk with a diameter of 2.5 mm, which already worked. This is necessary so that its edges are rounded. The angle of grinding is chosen visually. If you do everything correctly and accurately, then the chain will work normally for 4-7 sharpening.

This is a very simple and cheap way, it requires a little time and effort, but you need to have experience and skills of such work.

To perform chain sharpening, you can choose any of the methods described, but in any case, safety precautions must be followed. It is necessary to perform work only in goggles and mittens.

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