Best books for civil service prelims

Best books for civil service prelims

Here we will discuss step by step guide about reading how to select the best books for civil service prelims. We know that civil service examination is divided into 3 equal parts

Which is widely termed as preliminary examinations
Civil Service main examinations
An interview section

All the above information for health step by step and one must clear the first exam to enter in the second and so on.

The most important thing is selecting the UPSC book

When we start preparation the most important thing to be keep in mind is selecting the best books for civil service examinations.

When you start your preparation wait at least for 1 week to understand the complete syllabus. When you start reading the books keep highlighting the parts and just go through the parts you have vi highlighted and see if you were able to collect a recall. Go to the various practice test and test your knowledge about your growth. When you see something new in the book market and search in search engines like Google or you can also search through various dictionaries which are available on Play store or any physical dictionary.

Make short notes on those things and stick them to prevent pages. When you start preparation keep in mind that you and you are preparing for anything you must not forget what you studied.

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