As he prepares to take
up the bill on black
money in Parliament, Arun
Jaitley has reportedly been
under pressure from the
industry and a few MPs
to refer the bill to the
Standing Committee—a
move that will delay its
passage. But Jaitley was
adamant and got the legis-
lation declared a financial
bill: it cannot then be held
up by the Rajya Sabha,
where the government
lacks majority. He
is also hoping
that MPs will
find it difficult
to publicly
oppose the bill


While a farmer’s suicide in Delhi brought agrarian distre¬ss to the centre stage in Parliament, a din over the issue also got the chair in both Houses in a spot. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan was cornered for cautioning MPs against dragging PM Modi into the discussion. The Opposition enquired if a mention of the PM or his reference through ‘Mann ki Baat’was also unparliamentary. Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman PJ. Kurien objected to SP MP Jaya Bachchan’s behaviour as “irresponsible” when she sought more time for a Shiv Sena MP to speak. He later got the word expunged.


Does pedigree count in politics? Punjab Congress chief Partap
Bajwa apparently believes it does. Replying to a query from a
Ludhiana reporter on April 25, Bajwa said: “Rahul Gandhiji not only
has an unmatchable political lineage, but is a young and dynamic
leader who has now also proved that he is physically up to the chal-
lenge ahead by trekking to Kedarnath.” Without naming either Rahul
or PM Modi, Bajwa said, “There is an obvious difference between an
Arabi ghoda (Arab steed) and a desi khachhar (homegrown mule).”


BJPMPSakshi Maha- raj’s claim, that Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Kedarnath triggered the earthquake in Nepal, seems to have silenced even the loudest motor- mouths. Lalu Prasad, who once blamed Bihar’s drought on Nitish Kumar eating biscuit during solar eclipse, has not yet shared his irrepressible thoughts on the earth¬quake. BJPMPGiriraj Singh, known for having an opinion on everything, is another leader who is so far tight-lipped.
ports may be the latest buzzword for Gujarati politicians to capture the imagination of the youth. Days after media reports speculated that PM Narendra Modi wants India to organise the 2024 Olympics in Ahmedabad, CM Anandiben Patel also seems to be eyeing a ride on the bandwagon. On April 27, she launched a specially designed mobile fitness bus to tour the state to select sports persons in 13 different disciplines for the state’s annual Olympics, Khel Mahakumbh. Is she trying to run in Modi’s footsteps?

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