5 Best Umbrella under 250 Rs

5 Best Umbrella under 250 Rs

An umbrella is a shield to offer protection during rain or unbearable hot weather conditions. Being an essential item for all seasons, you must carry an umbrella with you. It is best to go for folded umbrellas due to their adjustable nature. Choose from the below range for buying Umbrella online available under 250 Rs-

  1. Skycandle 3 Fold Umbrella: This black colored umbrella is designed in 4 CM *24 CM size, convenient to carry in your handbag. It is 3 folded, unisex umbrella, you can enjoy any season with this. It is durably made of quality materials with a strong handle, helps you to keep a grip in case of extreme weather conditions.
  2. Fendo Brown Polyester 2 Fold Umbrella: This is a 2 folded umbrella designed in brown color. Because of its tiny size, it will be conveniently fit into your purse. The durability of the material is guaranteed as it is made from good polyester material and won’t get torn out easily in extreme rain or when strong winds are blowing. It is worth buying this product.
  3.  Imported Black Polyester 3 Fold Umbrella For Men: Specially designed for men, this umbrella is 3 folded and designed in black colored. A durable Polyester material is used to prepare this product and it comes at an affordable price. Since it is 3 folded, it can be adjusted anywhere in your bag.
  4. Arip Black Polyester Umbrella for Men: A premium quality umbrella with a very attractive print. It works in all weather conditions due to the quality materials used in manufacturing the product. It comes with a strong handle for gripping and that indicates its comfortability.
  5.  Zasmina Turquoise Polyester Umbrella: A well-designed turquoise colored umbrella made for all the seasons. The quality of this product is well defined by its polyester cover. Because of its 2 folded design, you can carry it along whenever you step out of your home.

Thus, an umbrella is a must have item in your bag. You can buy online umbrella from all the leading brands. Compare the prices, design and color, if you expect to avail a good umbrella in low price.

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